Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gold Coast, Here We Come : Outrigger Surfers Paradise Hotel review

My review on Outrigger Surfers Paradise Hotel?


Strategic location - within walking distance to the main attraction in Gold Coast and of course to the Surfers Paradise Beach

Breathtaking view of the ocean and the town

Spacious and comfortable room

Great Bathtub

Delicious Breakfast

Should I say more?
gold coast australia hotel
The walkway once entering the room
gold coast australia hotel
Very Spacious
gold coast australia hotel
Terus ada!!
gold coast australia hotel
With a "nice" view of the restroom area!
Please cover the blind before you go doing your no 1 or 2!!

gold coast australia hotel
With a Welcome note and your name on it!

the luxury of bathtub

This is Afizah's room. Since she's going single, partner with another glampreneur, they have the super single bed each

Also very comfy 

the Coffee and Tea provided


You can also sign up for any paid movies. either the Latest Box Office or the Adult Movie! a No-No!!
The view from the balcony-overlooking the town

and the swimming pool

This is view from Afizah's room. nampak terus beach

The right side of the room, you can see the tall buildings of Gold Coast

And the view in the morning is just breathtaking.

On our last day at Gold Coast. Sad, but back to reality.

To Outrigger Surfers Paradise, we really enjoy our stay
Might be able to come back!

To all of you looking for the hotal to stay in Gold Coast Australia, take a look on their hotel, book your date ASAP cause their rooms are like hot selling cakes!

The rate per night?
Approximately around AUD 175 ++

You wont regret the stay, trust me!!

You may go to their website here for booking:

To read more on our journey at Gold Coast, you may view here



Nurulaizanhusin said...

amboi kelas hotel ko Jah :)
klu aku tak mmpu nie hehe

Airin Diana Anuar said...

sib bek dapat free. kalau nak kuarkan duit, confirm berkira2.
tapi seriously mmg puas hati hotel ni. terbaek!!

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