Thursday, February 6, 2014

Johor, we are here again!

Hye All!

We have planned to go to Johor Bahru this coming weekend for a very short getaway cum business appointments.

I have total of 4 appointments in Johor Bahru this weekend, and before we go away for a week to Gold Coast next week, lets settle the whole appointments and meet new friends.

This time we'll be staying at Silka Hotel Johor Bahru. This is the second time we'll stay there. before this we were there during the JPO visit last 2 years.
This hotel was very nice and serene.
The room was comfy.

Last time we booked this superior room. mmg comfy and spacious
This time around, we'll make time to go to the swimming pool.
While I'm having the appointment at the hotel's cafe, kiddos can spend the time play in the pool.
Kali ni, sunday morning bangun awal to hit the gym bley tak?
Kalau la!

I'm going to have an appointment here.
With a new friend i just knew. Cant wait to meet her, an ambitious young mom.
Other than Plentong, I'll also have appointments at Johor Bahru, Perling and Kulai.

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See ya, JB!!


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shaliza aziz said...

Luas & cantik. Next time boleh try, selalu di Thistle je

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