Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pandora : Bracelets, charms? Guideline for a beginner

People used to say to me, dont ever get involve in Pandora, bracelet and the charms.
I was like, what is it about this pandora?

At first, i was a bit in a blurie mode. takde la special sangat, gelang silver je pun...


until today..

I was sooo in LOVE with the design and how it can customize to what ever dangling charms you want.


Who introduce me to this pandora, memang lah!

I was thinking to get orders if anyone interested to get it from Australia since i heard it was about 15% to 20% cheaper than in KL.

Now, im stuck!!

Who can resist this??

Or this??

Well, to those who are new in this "arena", here are some basic knowledge for you to learn (me, as a newbie in this Pandora thingy, trying to understand it myself.ngeee)

What is PANDORA?

Pandora is a brand name for jewellery accessories. It offers multiple range of bracelet, charms, rings, earing, necklace etc.

What is PANDORA Bracelet?

It is a bracelet made of either sterling silver, 14 carat solid gold, leather or textile to mix and match with PANDORA charms. The bracelets are very high-quality charm bracelets for women which the user builds herself by first choosing an unadorned bracelet, then by filling up the bracelet with charms. 


There are hundreds and hundreds of charms available for the Pandora bracelet, which ensures that any woman can find some that suit her personality well. Charms are available in 14K and 18K gold, white gold, sterlingsilver, duotone, woodenamelMurano glass, with and without precious stones, and with stones in pave.

OK, now, rambang mata tak nak pilih?

When you know what to get, what to choose for the charms, then it'll come out as your own personality. A woman can create a Pandora bracelet that perfectly expresses her personality, even her mood, by selecting and purchasing charms that reflect her interests and favourite things.
That's the great thing about Pandora. the bracelet is totally different from other person. and when you have extra extra money, you can buy charm and add to your collection ;) easy peasy right?

This is one of the combination bracelet and charms

I was thinking to get something like this for me. just not that heavy.
Any pandora that caught your eyes??

Do let me know if you want to order it from Australia. It'll be about 15-20% cheaper than in KL.

Whatsapp me which code number you want, which design, which bracelet, and i'll get it fresh from Australia next week.
I'll be taking order with payment until end of Friday, 14th February, by 5 pm.

Happy PANDORA all!!


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