Thursday, November 28, 2013

10 Reason Why every house should have Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate has been concurring market since last year.

It is a new product, yet has provided a lot of testimonies to people out there.

What is Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)?

This mattress cover is specially tailored to your individual needs. 
The BV Sleep Mate helps to correct disharmonic vibration frequencies, counter and negate this pathology wave whilst amplifying the positive physiological waves which build up a healthy aura in our body.

Now, let me brief you 10 reasons why every house should have Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

1. Safe and save

No use of electric to charge. No need to plug in! You can recharge by placing it under the sun from 7 am to 10 am

2. Easy Peasy Usage

By sleeping on it! InsyaAllah, the pain and sickness will be gone.

3. Handy

It is light weighted. You can carry it wherever you go.

Even when you are in a long journey, you can place the bvsm on your back to improve blood circulation, reduce back pain and of course increase your energy.

4. Reduce Radiation

Did you know that we're surrounded with so many sources of radiation? TV, your cellphone, laptop, ipad, tablet, etc.  BVSM can reduce the radiation from going through your body

5. For our kids safety

Our kids have been exposed to radiation as early as newborn! Do you notice that?
By having BVSM at home, you are keeping your kids in a safe environment.

6. Stabilize emotion

By having a positive wave from BVSM, it will stabilize our emotion. and definitely will reduce stress level.

7. No more Insomnia

Yes, you will sleep really well with the help from BVSM. 

8. Improve Life Quality

How? By getting a good rest, though with very short period of sleeping duration, your body will regain the energy, which in a way you're gonna have better life quality.

9. Improve Health Quality

Nowadays people are having all kinds of sickness, be it gout, menstrual pain, high blood pressure, heart problem, athma, difficulty to conceive, stroke, sinus etc. 

BVSM has proven positive effects and more testimonies based on people with above conditions. 

10. Immediate effect

You can feel the immediate effect as short as 10 seconds. Trust me.

There you go! 
More reasons to own a Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (bvsm).

We are having promotion til end of December 2013.
do contact me for demo and promo.

Let's make our living a healthy one.



Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday : Trip to Krabi (Teaser)

elephant ride

krabi thailand


beach ao nang

island tour hopping krabi

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Win a ticket to Beauty Day with GLAM

Hye All!

We've got an exciting event this coming December 2013.

It is... 


Save the date : 

7th December 2013
2 pm to 6 pm
Vivatel Hotel

beauty day with glam
We are going to have a LOT of interesting things during that day.
We're gonna have Lucky draw. Hi-Tea event, candy buffet, fashion show, beauty products demo and special discounts.

beauty day with glam
Also demo on beauty products
Premium Beautiful Elegance, BBPlus Collagen, Bio Ever Nano Cream, Marine Essence and Luminez Skin care Series.

rizman ruzaini fashion show
Fashion show from Rizman Ruzaini, the famous designers.

beauty day with glam
FREE Fitting for Premium Beautiful Elegance Corset with special discounts offered!!
Want to be my guests??
Want to win the ticket for the hi-tea and fashion show?

Pm me by 29th November 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Assalamualaikum all!
Salam Jumaat

Thank God it's Friday!!
Just cant wait for the whole week to be over.
So stressed out with work and the loads.

And the thing that excite me more is...


Sooo cant wait!!

and of course this time we'll convoy together with our leader, Shaliza Aziz and her family.
erm.. inspira vs 3 series BMW.. boleh la.. lol!

till then!

happy working
have a goood weekend!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tips Menjadi Isteri Mithali

Hari ni nak share tips which i got from this one blog.
Credit to Ummie Hanie, one of mom blogger.

How to be a good wife, isteri mithali, here it is :

Peliharalah sepuluh sifat ini terhadapnya, tentu ia akan menjadi perbendaharaan yang baik untukmu.

Pertama dan kedua, berkhidmat dengan rasa puas serta taat dengan baik kepadanya.

Ketiga dan keempat, memerhatikan tempat pandangan matanya dan bau yang diciumnya. Jangan sampai matanya memandangyang buruk daripadamu dan jangan sampai dia mencium kecuali yang harum daripadamu.

Kelima dan keenam, memerhatikan waktu tidur dan waktu makannya, kerana lapar yang berlarutan dan tidur yang terganggu dapat menimbulkan rasa marah.

Ketujuh dan kelapan, menjaga hartanya dan memelihara kehormatan serta keluarganya. Perkara pokok dalam masalah harta adalah membuat anggaran dan perkara pokok dalam keluarga adalah pengurusan yang baik.

Kesembilan dan kesepuluh, jangan membangkang perintahnya dan jangan membuka rahsianya. Apabila kamu tidak mentaati perintahnya, bererti kamu melukai hatinya. Apabila kamu membuka rahsianya kamu tidak akan aman daripada pengkhianatannya.
Kemudian janganlah kamu bergembira di hadapannya ketika dia bersedih atau bersedih di hadapannya ketika dia bergembira. Jadilah kamu orang yang sangat menghormatinya, tentu dia akan sangat memuliakanmu.
Jadilah kamu orang yang selalu sepakat dengannya, tentu dia akan sangat belas kasihan dan sayang kepadamu.
Ketahuilah, sesungguhnya kamu tidak akan dapat apa yang kamu inginkan sehingga kamu mendahulukan keredaannya daripada keredaanmu, dan mendahulukan kesenangannya daripada kesenanganmu, baik dalam hal yang kamu sukai atau yang kamu benci dan Allah akan memberkatimu.”
Moga apa yang saya share today, sedikit sebanyak membantu kita, mommies, wives out there to be a better person to our other half.

To abang,
I'm trying to be good to you
make you happy
make you smile
Forgive me what wrongs that ive done before
for the voice that i raised in front of you
for the house yang macam tongkang pecah
and among other things.
Love you always..

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Seoul, Here We Come : Day 3 Part 2 Han River Lunch Cruise

Remember my previous entry on Day 3 of Seoul Trip to Lotte World Duty Free?
Now let me continue our trip on Day 3 to Han River Cruise
What is Han River?
The Han River is a major river in South Korea and the fourth longest river on the Korean peninsula after the Amnok, Duman, and Nakdong rivers. Along the banks of the river, especially in Seoul, pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths are available on both sides of the river. Various restaurants and cafes are located on these paths. While most bridges crossing the Han are for motor vehicles or subways only, citizens may cross select bridges on foot or by bicycle. In the Han River Park, the Han River Business Division rents 1-seater and two-seater bikes at affordable prices.
The Han River and its surrounding area played an important role in Korean history. The Three Kingdoms of Korea strove to take control of this land, where the river was used as a trade route to China (via the Yellow Sea). However, the river is no longer actively used for navigation, because its estuary is located at the borders of the two Koreas, barred for entrance by any civilian.
Ok, now lets enjoy our journey to Han River.
Off we go to the Han River.
Perut pun dah lapar, time to fuel up with meal and Lunch Cruise does sound sooo good!!

Yeay! we are finally at the Han River

Okay, activity biasa, taking pictures!

Love the scenery

oh, it is really warm that day

Let's STAR JUMP!!! The fun part
Note : This is one of the best pix. punyalah banyak shot melompat sampai!!

Erm, haruslah posing gedik masing2!

Killing time while waiting for the lunch cruise

Mr Hubby. I am thankful that in this business, i finally can achieve my dream, bringing husband along with the trip also a satisfactory moment
Here we go!

Boarding gate for the cruise

I am super excited

Enjoying the sun, yes it is hot!!

Going down the stair

The view. very nice

and partial of the food

All food served are halal and seafood based.

Leader, CDM Ieja. we are lucky to have a leader and mentor like her.
The scenery along the river

Farouk and Ain, both different background, Farouk is a teacher and Ain is an engineer, but we get along so well in this business

The other ship 

Full of glampreneurs!!

The Salad bar

Practice with the piano

Us. having fun, eating!

After the lunch, we have fun posing in the cruise

The Ship

With our lovely CDM Hanis Haizi

Outside of the ship

Cover perut? hehe

Eh seriously this is candid!
Before we left, the chef and sous chef queuing up for us

Ha, siap tunjuk hormat lagi.
Just outside the cruise

Catching up with CDM Razali Zain, CDM Hanis's husband, the master mind of GLAM

Oh, ada plak extra co-curicullar by the Han River side
Cuba teka, CDM Raz baling ni masuk tak?

Hehehe. missed it!

And again.

Slightly missed it!! better luck next time, Cdm Raz!

Oh now, berjongkang jongket plak with bakal DDM Ridhuan, CDM Ieja's hubby
Cute jeik couple berdua ni


Perut kenyang, suka hati

Opss, ada lagi?

Snapping group photo with all glampreneurs. partial here, partial lagi sibuk posed tempat lain.

And of course, the Gangnam style video spot here

Me too! tak ketinggalan
The lovely husband

and here it is, exactly where Psy stood.
The main thing is that we manage to reach this Han River which has been features in Gangnam style music video. wehuuu!!
Stay tuned for updated on Part 3 of Day 3 for this GLAMJourney to Seoul.
See ya!!
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