Thursday, November 28, 2013

10 Reason Why every house should have Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

Bio Velocity Sleep Mate has been concurring market since last year.

It is a new product, yet has provided a lot of testimonies to people out there.

What is Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)?

This mattress cover is specially tailored to your individual needs. 
The BV Sleep Mate helps to correct disharmonic vibration frequencies, counter and negate this pathology wave whilst amplifying the positive physiological waves which build up a healthy aura in our body.

Now, let me brief you 10 reasons why every house should have Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (BVSM)

1. Safe and save

No use of electric to charge. No need to plug in! You can recharge by placing it under the sun from 7 am to 10 am

2. Easy Peasy Usage

By sleeping on it! InsyaAllah, the pain and sickness will be gone.

3. Handy

It is light weighted. You can carry it wherever you go.

Even when you are in a long journey, you can place the bvsm on your back to improve blood circulation, reduce back pain and of course increase your energy.

4. Reduce Radiation

Did you know that we're surrounded with so many sources of radiation? TV, your cellphone, laptop, ipad, tablet, etc.  BVSM can reduce the radiation from going through your body

5. For our kids safety

Our kids have been exposed to radiation as early as newborn! Do you notice that?
By having BVSM at home, you are keeping your kids in a safe environment.

6. Stabilize emotion

By having a positive wave from BVSM, it will stabilize our emotion. and definitely will reduce stress level.

7. No more Insomnia

Yes, you will sleep really well with the help from BVSM. 

8. Improve Life Quality

How? By getting a good rest, though with very short period of sleeping duration, your body will regain the energy, which in a way you're gonna have better life quality.

9. Improve Health Quality

Nowadays people are having all kinds of sickness, be it gout, menstrual pain, high blood pressure, heart problem, athma, difficulty to conceive, stroke, sinus etc. 

BVSM has proven positive effects and more testimonies based on people with above conditions. 

10. Immediate effect

You can feel the immediate effect as short as 10 seconds. Trust me.

There you go! 
More reasons to own a Bio Velocity Sleep Mate (bvsm).

We are having promotion til end of December 2013.
do contact me for demo and promo.

Let's make our living a healthy one.



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