Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Lissa..

Happy Birthday, Lissa..
Sorry mama couldnt update your birthday party report earlier.
Now mama can only illustrate a lil bit around your 1st birthday party (oh, i just hope i could have more time)

First of all, i would like to say big thanks to my friends who were able to squeeze their busy schedule of attending all the open houses to attend Lissa's party.
Secondly, i would like to convey gratitude to my family, especially my mom and my lovely sis for working so hard to make sure the event was successfully launched.
Thirdly, of course to my beloved hubby, or i could say my banker for the day, who had been splashing it all for our daughter's first birthday.

Still, i havent upload pix from my camcorder to the pc. these are the only 2 pix i got from my friends :)

Sing along, dear.. Happy Birthday to me!
(oh the angel wing was abah's idea, not mama's, ok?)

with her friend, Anas (my officemate's son, Dayang)

I'll update later on, when i have the opportunity..

To my baby, Lissa..
i always pray for your health, for your safety, to be a good and solehah daughter's to mama and abah.
always, always, be a good girl, and insyaAllah, will be a good elder sister to ur coming soon adik ;)
ur mama~


suria said...

happy bday lissa!

airin diana said...

Tq Auntie Su!


cepat la update picture..
nak tgk more picture Lissa!!

Thara said...

aww happy birthday lissa! ask ur mama to update more about the birthday pls! birthday entries are always the best! :)

m@Ri@ said...

oo dah terlewat..apepun hepi belated besday lissa..

airin diana said...

tengah try find time ni..huhu
Lissa,"alamak,mama, update cepat!"
Lissa,"thank you auntie!"

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