Thursday, April 5, 2012

Premium Beautiful by Airin Diana

Today marked the second day i wear Premium Beautiful Corset. Surprisingly since yesterday,i didnt feel any heat from wearing it.Just imagine my working environment in a foundry factory (foundry = melting steel scrap at 1500°C)..I didnt feel hot at all! Thanks to the material..same as people who go scuba diving and astronaut. Maybe it sounds so cheesy,but the fact is it is true.  im telling it from my experience.

Why i wear it?

Many reasons why.. but mainly becoz i want to reshape back my body figure which has gone sooo out-of-shape after my second baby.

Secondly, after wearing IUCD last 2 weeks,I keeps on having v.discharged. Since I heard this PB can reduce it, i really want to see the result.

Though people would claim that this corset is too are some of facts that we need to keep in mind..

first,this product is lifetime warranty! u can wear it til lifetime. if u r about to get married,yes reshaping ur body is like the absolute objective.using this pb,definitely can help u.then u can wear it through ur berpantang more bengkung lilit jawa yg sgt seksa tu (trust me, it was a terrible experience!)

so if u need further not hesitate to contact me. i can be reached through:

email :

facebook : airindiana

cellphone : 017-6511966

You can also browsed through my leader Shaliza Aziz's website for more info.

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mommyNadia said...

Dah lama nak tny pasal ni..
dia satu set sampai bra ke??tak susah ken time nak pump and nak bf nanti??
Soalan agak klakar sket, tapi dah lama nak tny hehehe ;)

airin diana said...

One completeset consists of 3 pieces.Long bra, Long girdle & waist nipper.
Memang sgt senang utk pumping session or bf.Bra biasa kan susah nak bf kan? Tapi PB ni senang and best sbb lace cup dia lembut, and kita boleh lipat bra bile nk bf.Also if anyone risau takut nampak kesan nipple, sbnrnye no need to worry.mmg x nampak. tak mcm certain bf bra bleh nampak..
Soklan tu pun the same thing that came across my mindms tgh survey dulu. Last skali bile try baru tau. sgt comfortable, and rasa badan fit. takla gelebeh sana maklumla dah anak dua.hihi
Nadia nak tau detail,bleh la contact airin ye.. try dulu pun takpe. tak semestinya kena beli. bile dh pakai br rasa different. palig penting body reshaping n buang strechmark. and a bonus, it improves blood circulation,byk reduce migrain,period x stable or discharged..etc

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