Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Lissa's Diary : Lissa's School Story

Situation 1
Teacher Aqilah : Airin, Lissa now has a new name.
Mom : What is it?
Teacher Aqilah : It's Baby. These kids like to call her Baby and some of the boys looove to call her Baby with manja style.
Mom : Ha? No wonder la at home she throws tantrum whenever she didnt get what she wants. she used to get all the attentions and been pampered here..eish eish..
Me : (Smile - oh, signature smile - senget smile)
Situation 2
Nenek : Hari ni masa nenek pickup Lissa from school, she was playing outside. right when i came, this one boy held her hand and walked her to the front. 
Mom : Wah! kecik2 lagi dah ade boyfriend ye Lissa. (while turned to Lissa) Nama kawan kakak sape?
Me : (mumbling some name- actually mom doesnt get the name bcoz i want it to keep it as secret..hihihii)
Me with current and forever boyfriend


mommyNadia said...

hahaha...Adam pun ada gf jgak..yg mana satu ntah lah..asyik tukar je hahahah ;)

baby tu..amboii kakak..jadik kakak baby lah lepas ni ;)

airin diana said...

Amboi adam..player ni. tukar2 gf ;) ikut perangai sape tu.....hehe

aah, kakak baby..confused tak? haha. bile panggil dia baby, tau plak tersipu2 sengeh2.. lawak tul la

Nadine said...

hehehe...cheeky!! :)

airin diana said...

Nad, mmg very very cheeky, esp since start schooling.. mcm2 peel baru..
tak kira lagi petah dia cakap, minta macam2... ponat nak layan

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