Thursday, September 27, 2012

Breakfast at The Loaf, Empire

We had our breakfast on last Saturday morning at Empire. Since Lissa's playclass at Kizsports started at 12 noon, we arrived there approx 11 am to get something to eat. This marked the earliest day we've arrived Empire. Usually exactly at 12 sampai. terkejar2 naik escallator.huhu
I've been meaning to go to this bakery. The buns look delicious. So there we go, The Loaf at Empire Subang.
the Loaf Empire Subang
The yummy Tuna Mayo, croissant and sugar bun
(alamak, tiba2 craving for the tuna mayo..seriously sedap gile!)
The super thick creamy mushroom soup
Hot Latte and Hot, where's my cappucino? sudah kena curi ka
Posted this pix at FB, they said Lissa did the Korean posed. perasan la plak gadis korea.ahaha
Amboi, sibuk makan x hingat dah kat org yg tukang amik gambar ni
(Lissa : Cubit sket abah nye tuna mayo ni)
Hmm yummy Hot chocolate!
Hanie : Yeay! finished the croissant by my own!
The sleepy head.. pagi2 kena bangun kejut g breakfast..hihi
Overall breakfast experience at The Loaf : Satisfying and definitely a must-go visit for breakfast!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Women & Their Obsessions

Some women obsessed with designers handbags.

Some with designers clothing.

Some women, or I'd say moms, thrill to have Branded strollers (me, one of them..maclaren, graco to name a few. Just tak mampu je lagi..huhu), branded equipments for babies (avent, medela...erm pureen was sooo out of the list, okay.. but i know it is bcoz they are good)
branded babies clothing (bcoz they are sooo nice to wear, and of coz tahan lama, okay)
Some want to have good brand of make ups,. Ie MAC

And even some of us demands good electronic products, ie the new Samsung S3, or Samsung Notes 10.1, or the Tab 2 10.1..(eh all the lists on samsung jeik...hehe.. not a great fan of iPhone ye..sorry)
But why the obsessions? For me it is all about the satisfaction. When u use a good great branded clothing, it lasts long, it feels good, it wont sweat u down..
If it is the equipment, it serves good quality of products. U can use the strollers from generation to generations..hehe
So, when it comes to our health.. can we spend that much? When it comes to our body, are we willing to?
That was what i asked myself when i looked into the mirror that day. And i know after having 2 kids, my body deserves the "treatment". So i looked around for great product, which can shaped up my body..i found Premium Beautiful, the modern corset..and it comes with extra bonus with Far Infra Red which can improves blood circulation, regulate our menstrual cycle, corrects our uterus position, and many mores.

That's when i started wearing the product and feels the positive effects. Initially, the vaginal discharged lessen.. then the menstrual circulation stabled.. and the most obvious effect is from almost an L sized uniform to definitely M sized in less than 1 month! now can move to S x beranila pakai S kan, too short for me..sopan sket, M is just nice :-)  It shows a 30% beauty and 70% health effect.
Since I cant make sufficient time for exercising, but i know i eat a lot and i cant resist on food (my obsession is FOOD, okay! hihi).. so i need something that can control my eating habit, my bad lifestyle..Premium Beautiful is the answer.. Now, i gain the freedom of health and body..
So, ask urself, can u sacrifice for a few ringgits for once, a body investment for life? It has lifetime warranty.. later after we deliver 3rd..4th babies, it can still be used.. if rosak or torn, it can be sent for repair which will look like new. It is sooo worth it ;)

If you want to know more about Premium Beautiful product or how we make money in a very happy and cheerful environment, contact me 017-6511966 From part time to full time, from 4 to 6 figures income monthly.. Senang dan berbaloi!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Confession of a working mom

Bear with me..
I need to channel my rungutan and bebelan here
It has been few days that i need to stay back at office to finish up some jobs and to answer certain hot hangat issues to our bosses.. i need a break!!  and knowing that the announced salary increment yg sgt2 ciput..sgt tak berbaloi! then balik rumah, all my kids dah tido pun :( sad sad sadddd....! kesian kat diorang x merasa kasih sayang.. dah la hari2 awal2 pagi as 6:30 am dah kena tinggal kat day care and babysitter.. then balik pun dijemput around 7 pm ++. harung heavy traffic for like an hour, sampai tertido2 dalam kereta.. then sampai rumah, flat.. tido.. tak sempat main2 dgn mak dia yg busy sgt bekerja day and night.. errghhh! so tak worth it la... stress stresss!! 
Tuesday's pix right after I arrived home. both sleeping til the other day :(
I really envy my friend, ieja yg right now a full time biz woman. within 1 year dah boleh resign and gain enough income (i think more than she expected cos it is somewhere around rm20k monthly!).. so i target i have to be like her. ade time pagi2 g jogging dulu (mcm la i rajin ek nak g jogging..haha) then g pasar, gi masak utk amik anak from skool... then update here and there with biz partner..jumpa client kejap2.. oh, so great!!  keje fun, takde stress, xde boss.. kite yg boss.. then bile sudah time, g travel around the world, for FREE okay! 5 stars trip.. fun fun!! plus working with all the positive minded people who support one another. then dapat plak kete for free.. and it is not kancil okay.. it is either BMW, Mercedes, or you name it. the company gives you the allowance.. you choose!
I have to set my goal. i have to be like her.. from part time to full time. from 4 digits salary to 6 digits. Go go, Airin.. now my determination has been set. I've been given trainings by mentors, support and motivation from leaders and other members... I can do it! Wish me luck, people!
and if you wanna know how, come pm me.. i'll share with you. ramai dah berjaya.. seorang surirumah seperti Hanis dah berjaya within 3 years dah jadi millionaire.. kite bile lagi? plus it is a Halal job, okay! InsyaAllah....
tak sabar nak jadi full time biz woman, bley bawa kanak2 ribena ni main puas2 kat kizsport  :)
If you want to know more how we make money in a very happy and cheerful environment, contact me 017-6511966 From part time to full time, from 4 to 6 figures income monthly.. Senang dan berbaloi! I'm serious.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lissa dan Al-kisah Giant

I dont know when but lately Lissa keeps on admiring Giant Supermarket soo much.

Situation 1
Nenek was surprised when Lissa picked up a different sandal when she came to Lissa's school to pick her up.
Nenek : Heish, Selipar sape tu Lissa amik?
Lissa : Eh, ni selipar kakak la.
Nenek : Bila masa plak beli selipar tu?
Lissa : Ni selipar kakak. Abah beli. Abah beli kat GIANT.... (She stressed on the word Giant)
Fact : No, the selipar she was talking about tak beli kat Giant pun, beli somewhere at Johor, Batu Pahat Mall.

Situation 2
Maksu : Lissa, Lissa sayang maksu tak?
Lissa : Sayangggg
Maksu : Sayang sampai mana?
Lissa : Sayang sampai pintu!
Maksu : Pintu mana?
Lissa : Pintu GIANNTTT

Situation 3

In a car

Lissa : Mama! GIANTTT!
Me : Ha ye la... (ignoring je sbb tak nampak pun Giant somewhere nearer)
Fact : As we were moving, yes, i saw a Giant signboard, which we werent seeing before! My husband pun quite surprised. memang jauh dari tempat awal masa Lissa sebut. And ape yang lagi surprised was she saw Giant signboard instead of McDonald's though that was her fav restaurant.

Eish eish.. pengaruh Giant...

Situation 4

Maksu : Lissa, Lissa sayang maksu tak?
Lissa : Sayangggg
Maksu : Sayang sampai mana?
Lissa : Sayang sampai pintu!
Maksu : Pintu mana?
Lissa : Pintu GIANNTTT
Maksu : Asek pintu Giant je..
Lissa : Ha tak, Pintu Tesco!

Alamak, now Tesco? How much royalty did Tesco gave that couldnt be bided by Giant? haha..just kidding!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anugerah SM/SSM 2012 (Part II)

As promised, here are more pictures from the Anugerah SM/SSM 2012 
The Stage
The Man
who has been my backbone (sorry gambar degil tak moh berputar arah jam)
The Beautiful Ladies
Posing sakan before the event
The ladies plus da man (paling tinggi di atas)
Minah bergambar masing2 ni..hehe
With our mentor, Hanis Haizi

With CDM Sha Khalid

Guys in the group
Me in Pink.. malu2 sket..hehe
Lelaki pun boleh buat business Premium Beautiful and berjaya
A teacher cum bizwoman
Me with mentor CDM Hanis Haizi
The fabulous Lady, CDM Hanis Haizi
My man and Ieja's man ;)
The running package and offer right now is FREE FIVE stars trip to Paris and London or Umrah . Menarik kan? everything free!
During discussion with Ieja
Lelaki pun boleh buat. Jual pakaian dalam wanita, dan berjaya.. CDM Said. Bujang dan kaya
CDM Said during the tips sharing with all of us
Ramai yang dah berjaya dalam business ni, rata2 amik approximately 1 year. Selain income yang tinggi, Free trip to oversea 3 times yearly, duit kereta monthly dan juga freedom of time. Semua ada guidance. buat dlm group. kalau kite buat sorang2, mesti lama2 down kan. tapi in this biz everything will be guided and pulangan modal tu confirm. As for me, within 4 months, modal dah dapat balik. sekarang ni kutip untung dan bonus dari company. Spent 2 jam sehari cukupla.. insyaAllah.. jangan jadikan segala kekangan yang kita dapat, halangan untuk kita berjaya. to share with you, this lady, CDM Salha, yang dah berjaya pun dari seorang surirumah. now she's one of top leader in business. Like i shared her story from her blog in Facebook, here, i wanna share again : Change Your life now or never (click here Happy reading!)
If you want to know more how we make money in a very happy and cheerful environment, contact me 017-6511966 From part time to full time, from 4 to 6 figures income monthly.. Senang dan berbaloi!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Anugerah SM/SSM 2012

Yes, I made it! Alhamdulillah, this is my first step *big step tau in my life! Never thought that I'll be going for a businesswoman title :) Happy plus excited. 
Last Saturday 8th September 2012, I received an award from my business company, Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd for Sales Manager (correct, manager tau! just joined, i got pangkat manager. kalau keje makan gaji, boleh ke dpt manager? dah 7 thn keje, jadi kuli manager ade la..uhuk)
Since all pictures i left at home, just enjoy first picture from my inspiring fabulous leader, CDM Hanis Haizi (CDM stands for Crown Diamond Manager-the highest position in the biz. There are 5 levels only in the biz)
We had a great time meeting all friends and positive people. The fun thing is everything we do in group. if stock xde, bley pinjam2 dulu. no such thing as enemy. I enjoy every moment. Keje yg seronok kite buat, mmg satisfying ;) Makin buat, makin dapat, like Ieja said. Retired Young and Rich is our goal right now! The benefits?
1. Monthly bonus 4 to 6 digits
2. Car Fund 
3. Free Oversea 5 stars trip - 3 times per year
4. Freedom of Time and Money
 If you want to know more how we make money in a very happy and cheerful environment, contact me 017-6511966 From part time to full time, from 4 to 6 figures income monthly.. Senang dan berbaloi!
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