Monday, September 10, 2012

Anugerah SM/SSM 2012

Yes, I made it! Alhamdulillah, this is my first step *big step tau in my life! Never thought that I'll be going for a businesswoman title :) Happy plus excited. 
Last Saturday 8th September 2012, I received an award from my business company, Hai O Marketing Sdn Bhd for Sales Manager (correct, manager tau! just joined, i got pangkat manager. kalau keje makan gaji, boleh ke dpt manager? dah 7 thn keje, jadi kuli manager ade la..uhuk)
Since all pictures i left at home, just enjoy first picture from my inspiring fabulous leader, CDM Hanis Haizi (CDM stands for Crown Diamond Manager-the highest position in the biz. There are 5 levels only in the biz)
We had a great time meeting all friends and positive people. The fun thing is everything we do in group. if stock xde, bley pinjam2 dulu. no such thing as enemy. I enjoy every moment. Keje yg seronok kite buat, mmg satisfying ;) Makin buat, makin dapat, like Ieja said. Retired Young and Rich is our goal right now! The benefits?
1. Monthly bonus 4 to 6 digits
2. Car Fund 
3. Free Oversea 5 stars trip - 3 times per year
4. Freedom of Time and Money
 If you want to know more how we make money in a very happy and cheerful environment, contact me 017-6511966 From part time to full time, from 4 to 6 figures income monthly.. Senang dan berbaloi!

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shalizaaziz said...

Retire young & rich :)

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