Monday, December 28, 2015

Want to burn off 900 calories in One Hour?

By jogging, you'll only burn off 350 calories per half an hour. but by wearing Premium Beautiful, you'll burn off 900 calories per hour!

Wow! That's a really good thing for us.

How it does that?

Far Infra-Red rays will react towards water molecules inside our body through vibrations. While vibrating, energy will generate thus created heat which will improves blood circulation inside our body. Then the cells will be getting more active and increased the metabolism rate.

Who should wear Premium Beautiful?

1. Those who want to slim down the body, or reshape it, without extra dieting. Premium Beautiful will definitely control the quantity of what you eat.

2. Those who want to conceive. It is true, insyaAllah, Premium Beautiful will balance off the hormones and position our uterus back. InsyaAllah, kita hanya berusaha, everything else will be decided by Allah.

3. Those who just delivered baby and wants back their body shape. During confinement, we dont have to wear those bengkung lilit or bengkung jawa. just wear PB, and in short time we'll get back our body shape, and also improve blood circulation which means increase our breast milk supply.

4. Those who breastfeed her baby. A lot of testimonies showed that they have abundant supply of breastmilk while wearing PB.

5. Those who has backbone problem, yes, including guys. Definitely wear only the waist nipper for guys.

6. Those who has migraine. PB improves blood circulation, increase oxygen level and ensure it arrives our brain.

7. Those who wants to loose all the stretch mark.

8. Those who has gout.
A lot of testimonies been received throughout these years.

Definitely Premium Beautiful has proven that it works effectively. Perhaps it has lifetime warranty.

Too expensive? Not if you think as a lifetime body investment. Just calculate how much you spent for a beauty product, slimming product just to get back your shape. but using Premium Beautiful, you can use it throughout your life..

1st baby, 2nd baby...many babies to go ;)

I can be reached at or 017-6511966.

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