Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bio~Ever Plus, The New Anti-Aging Cream

Woot woot! Good News to women out there!

A new revolutionary anti-aging cream is here.. and it works immediately.

Introducing the Bio~Ever Plus, an anti-aging cream.

What are the functions? a lot!!
#1 : Anti-aging
It removes the fine lines, naikkan your skin especially on the face. Immediate effect tau!

#2 : Runcingkan dagu
Nak buang lelemak bawah dagu? runcingkan lagi dagu bila sapu this cream.

#3 : Firm Breast
Say no more to mushy breast. Firming your breast at that instant. People say, lebih mantap ;)

#4 : Firmer thigh
No More lembik-lembik on your thigh

#5 : Kurangkan Bengkak susu
Yes, for breastfeeding mommies, no more rasa bengkak susu. Flow susu lebih smooth. tak la rasa sakit lagi kan?

Those were few of the benefits. I'll definitely gonna share more soon :)

On introductory price now for 50 gram a bottle, can last many months depends on usage

Text me 0176511966 to order. limited stock available now


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