Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jovian Mandagie + Nina Ismail Sabri = Jovianina

Everyone knows who is Jovian Mandagie, right?

Jovian Mandagie

He is the famous fashion designer not only in Malaysia but going international with his fashion shows held at Paris for few times now.
He has created a wave of Jovian branding especially during Eid celebration, collaboration with Lisa Surihani where the collections named LS for Jovian. 

People are queuing to get his latest collections. Now with the new hijab collections featuring jHijab, it has created a trend.
and I am one of them ;)
During Private Hi Tea Glam with Jovian Mandagie
(Read HERE)

Nina Sabrina Ismail Sabri

She's a petite and sweet girl. A daughter to one of Malaysian government cabinet's member. She's sister to singer Dafi.
Viewing her instagram @ninaismailsabri, i am amazed on how positive her posts are, how lovely her voice are and how wonderful she's with children. I believe she owned a kindergarten named Peterana Kindergarten (you may view the website HERE).


So what's with this jovianina or how people are crazy hashtagging #jovianina?

It is obviously a combination of jovian + nina. duhh!

They are getting married this coming 14th December 2013.
A big congratulations to both of them! 
Personally i found both of them very loving and such a sweet couple.

Now let's just enjoy pictures both of them..
Jovian Mandagie and Nina Ismail Sabri

May they have a happy married life together and have a very happy ending.


bibi yusof said...

airin.. if i'm not mistaken their akad nikah on 11.12.2013

adianiez AIDA said...

yes. nikah today.

Airin Diana Anuar said...

yup. the wedding reception yg over the weekend :)

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