Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From Lissa's Diary : My 4-year-old Graduation Day

Hye All!

It has been a while since my last post. Mama just couldnt give me the space to write, and in fact i am pretty busy with my daily routine. Well, you know, going to school is tough one, let alone attending the swimming class, plus with the baby sister tagging along. fuuhh.
Thank God, the 4-year-old me has completed the year. And in fact, during the report card day, teacher told me and my mom that I am the best in the class. Alhamdulillah. My being serious in the class, been very focus, paid off. Teacher Diya told my mom that I am the Number One, Top student in my class. 
End of last month was the concert day cum graduation day for My Little Impian Little House School. I participated in all 4-year-old show. The concert was held same as last year at Cahaya SPK Resort.
The hall been decorated with theme of the year : LOVE!
All pinky and sweet

When mama asked Hanie to take the stage for a pix, she refused. Being Hanie, she's shy and couldnt take the spotlight

The pictures of 6 year old students graduating their kindie.
Another step in school next

The itinerary of the event made out of Mickey mouse shape 
I'm getting ready for the event. Siap pakai foundation lagi, okay
Thanks to Teacher Diya :)

I'm done!

With my baby sister, Hanie. She couldnt leave home without any bekal, ie Roti!
Our principal, Teacher Siti gave her opening speech
The 6 year old started the concert with a LOVE song

And then it was my turn!!
I sang my heart out loud!
We sang the Tofa Tafa song.
Til now, my mom told me the song kept on lingering in her head.
"Im gonna reach out high and sing along.
Im gonna jump and clap...
Hang about..hang about
Arms out.. arms out
Tofa Tafa Tofa Tafa"

Then the 5 year old turn to sing

The choral speaking by the 6 year old.
My mom told me that when she was in high school, they participated in the choral speaking and won the District!
Just done the second song.

Teacher showed the parents on the activities done in the school.
One of it was the Kinder Cooking where we baked cookies together.

And the last song from all of us. the Love song.
And the most anticipated event, the prize giving ceremony.
I was standing last in the row. Teacher instructed me to do so

Teacher said, the last 3 was being Big clap, Bigger Clap and me as Biggest Clap.
The three of us are bff. Alissa Kaisarah, Arissa and Lissa Maisarah. See how closed our names are and we are best friends! Top 3 of the class.

Then i understand that I got the first place in the class.
Me and Teacher Diya.
My mom hugged me and say congratulations.
I am so proud to make it this far being a 4 year old

Me, Teacher Ros and Hanie

That's a wrap!!
My mom did told me that "rakan sebaya" or our bff determined our progress. Having friends that can lead and compete positively made me a better student.
May next year be a better year for me as i'll be in 5 year old class!!
How time flies. I still remember being a baby and toddler, having a very minimal vocab (Click HERE to recall), or my muncung mode as my trademark, or during outing with Maksu when i was still baby.

Cant wait for next year school.

Till we meet again

Lissa Maisarah

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