Friday, December 13, 2013

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Im planning to go to Big Bad Wolf book sale tonight! along with my bestie Nurul Aizan (nama penuh hokay!)
big bad wolf book sale

Sangat tak sabar okay
Heard about the sale since last year but didnt have a chance to go there.
It is 24 hours sale and we're gonna go crazyy!!!
This time the book sale will be held at MIECC, Mines Seri Kembangan which will end this coming weekend.

Confirm nak borong books for kids and definitely my bekalan for novels. yeayyy!!

Marilah kita menanam minat membaca. cewah!! macam banyak sangat masa je nak membaca ni. but this time around have to make time for at least 1 hour per week (erk? sket nye? hehe)

Jom ramai-ramai. 
C ya there!!

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