Monday, December 30, 2013

The Launching of, Petals and ZZ by RR collection Fashion Show

Salam all

We had a great time last saturday.
I've received an invitation from my leader, CDM Shaliza Aziz, who has been a loyal client of Rizman Ruzaini, the talented duo.
The event was the launching of the, the fashion show collaboration with Ziana Zain, ZZ by RR and also the introduction of the Petals collection with Izara Aishah as the face of it. It was held at Black Box, The Publika, Solaris Dutamas.
Now, enjoy the pix ;)

Getting ready at Ieja's place

Yes i am ready!

Another selfie :)
Me and Ieja's biz partner, Olyn on the ride.

and the ride is a BMW.

We arrived at the Black Box The Publika quite early.
We get ourselves some photo shot by RR photographer
Terasa GLAM sangat time!

Me, CDM Ieja and Olyn
The other side were another glampreneurs, including Farouk Haron, a young teacher from JB

Another snap of us under the light.

and the event started.
It is a collaboration of web design from Hunny media, who had done Lady Gaga and many other's websites.

Also launching of ZZ by RR, a collaboration design from Ziana Zain and Rizman Ruzaini

The fashion show started and we were all in awe mode

Black and white theme
Love this jacket!!

So Ziana Zain design with all the ruffles. very exclusive

Executive look

Gorgeous dress!!!

Love the flow of the skirt.

The rest of the models for ZZ by RR collections
And there she is!
Ziana Zain in flesh! so lovely and beautiful

This is the emcee of the day. He is a friend of RR. Dino Omar namanye
Sangat fluent in both English and Malay. He did mixed both languages without kedengaran sumbang pun

He announced another collection, which are Petals


The details are awesome
Cantik kan peplum dia? but the model looks so scary kan?

Simple yet elegant

Sesuai time raya

This one sangat cantik

and then suddenly there was a guy costume.
If you know him, slalu dalam drama.

A simple peplum
This is definitely my choice!!

And the RR face, Izara Aishah for the Petals Collections

The ribbon cutting ceremony for the launch of, ZZ by RR collections and Petals Colelctions

She is the legend! Rohana Jalil, sangat peramah
and the friendly daughter, Kila Fairy
Nice meeting you, kila.

With the gorgeous and petite Izara Aishah

Do you who she is? She is Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim
Her skin is so flawless!! and she's friendly too

Selfie with Ziana Zain.
Oh i love her so much!!
She also was very super friendly
She told us how she started the idea to start the zz by rr collection.
Always thought about her fans. to have a Ready-To-Wear with ZZ inspiration at an affordable price.

and here we are again, Selfie with Ruzaini. and he is indeed a very nice person to meet

Here is Dino Omar, the emcee

Me with Izara Aishah

The three of us with both talented Rizman and Ruzaini

Us with Ruzaini

The three of us, mak orang with this young teacher and glampreneur, Farouk

Me with Ryzal Jaafar and Kila

with the lovely Ziana Zain
Slim giler okay!

Us, the GLAMpreneurs

The door gift

You may visit and start pre-order these beautiful collections. If im not mistaken, you'll receive your dress in March 2014.
First, choose your dress
Then you have to key in your measurement here

There is also a video showing how to measure.
This website will be so user friendly and it'll show how the dress will look like, live!

Going back home, feels like a cinderella. Being in that kind of event, been with all the successful, talented and out of ordinary people, when going home, seems like going back to reality. being ordinary. ngee. like a Cinderella story plak. all the glam of the event vanished once we get back home. lol!
Anyone of you who watched Melodi yesterday (which i didnt get a chance), we were in TV!
Look at the circled person. It was me! super excited plaks.
A great thanks to my CDM, Shaliza Aziz for giving me an opportunity which no one else could ever experience. Like she said, it is always a first time when we are in this business.
First time been make up by Rozita Che Wan Make up artist.
First time been in a fashion show as a guest.
First time travel to Korea, and it was for FREE.
First time being a leader in a team in Pink Diamonds of The Diamond Circle
First time have business partners all over Malaysia
and there are gonna be more first times for me and husband.

It is all worth it my First time step into the business, because there are so much more first times which will be so worth it from my first step.
So anyone of you out there who feel so afraid to take your first step in business, go for it! and you'll enjoy the rest of the journey.
trust me.


shaliza aziz said...

from first times u gonna rawk the world!! :) btw that night was super awesome kan.

Airin Diana Anuar said...

Cant wait for the moment to rawk the world!!

Yeah, super duper awesome!!
thanks so much ieja for the opportunity
dpt la masuk sipi dlm!!

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