Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013. Thank you. 2014. Welcome!

Thank you 2013 for the lovely years you've been with me

I have so many sweet memories throughout this year.
Rasanya terlalu banyak untuk recap. 
But the sweetest memory ever would be my first sponsored trip to Korea

My New year Resolution in 2013?

Yes, i have achieved it.


You may read my first entry in 2013 HERE

The 2013 Resolutions:
1. To aim bigger saving.- on going.InsyaAllah

2. To be able to have at least a weekend getaway once per month
Alhamdulillah. more than once per month pun ada :)

3. To qualify FREE trip to Shanghai by June/July this year
Yup. done in September 2013

4. To be able to spend Quality time with family
Yup. Progressing very well

5. To be able to change to a new car 

Alhamdulillah done. previous entry here

And what's for 2014?



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