Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Restaurants and Cafe Owner

To all Restaurants and Cafe Owner,

We have a GREAT Deal for you

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high net profit and income

Promotion FREE Premium Beautiful Short Bra

Salam All!
premium beautiful free

I'd like to announce one very SPECIAL PROMOTION for PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL Corset

With a purchase of one set Premium Beautiful Corset
You will receive FREE Premium Beautiful SHORT BRA!!!

Short Bra Premium Beautiful
 You may view the description of each piece of the corset HERE

Many have tested and agree with the comfort of this bra.
One of it from my leader, sha khalid. 
Read the full article HERE
And from the cdm celebrity, Hanis Haizi who is pregnant right now and obviously cant wear the Long Bra. 
She's wearing Premium Beautiful Short Bra now to give fully support and comfy.
So what are you waiting for?

with the Super Brand Award (the only Corset that received the certification), with LIFETIME Warranty, for beauty and health..

Now with the promotion, you get more!!!

This promotion valid until 31st October 2013.

Hurry up!
Within this Limited Time ONLY.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Brunei, here we come!


Now GLAM has expanded to Brunei Darussalam.
brunei map
Brunei's map
Let me brief about Brunei a lil bit

Brunei, officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace (MalayNegara Brunei Darussalam), is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia. Apart from its coastline with the South China Sea, it is completely surrounded by the state of SarawakMalaysia; and it is separated into two parts by the Sarawak district of Limbang. It is the only sovereign state completely on the island of Borneo. The remainder of the island's territory is divided between the nations of Malaysia and IndonesiaBrunei's population was 408,786 in July 2012.

Brunei is a very beautiful country, practice Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB).and one of the country that on my wish list.

It is a great opportunity for Brunei people to explore the business as apart of Glampreneurs.

My leader, Hanis Haizi and husband, Razali Zain had an opportunity to visit the country to conduct a Business Preview at Batu Satu, Brunei along with their business partner from Brunei itself.

More than 30 people sign up to be glampreneurs on that day in view of our products, the stable company and of course a great team to be with, Green leaders academy malaysia (GLAM).

It is a great honor to have GLAM Brunei and open opportunity for people in Brunei to venture in this business.

glam brunei
GLAM expanded more globally. #glamexpansion


I am proud to be a Glampreneur.

Anyone of you interested to know more about GLAM, how to be a Glampreneur, about the products, company or how we run the team, do not hesitate to contact me:


Picture credit to :
Read the full story of GLAM Brunei Talk Event HERE

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Dynamic Entrepreneurship Program

Hi All!

We have attended a dynamic Entrepreneurship Program last 2 weeks.
I am thrilled since this is my 2nd time attending the program and i was surprised of the knowledge received during the program. You'll never get tired of learning, right?

Who is the speaker?
Mr Winston Wong.
He was former President of MBF Holdings Berhad and President of Malaysia Paper MErchant's Association.
Mr Winston Wong, a corporate figure who turned to Network Marketing Industry for so many reasons.
One of the reason he told us was this is the industry who made him a human being. In the corporate world, dogs eating dogs world, he used to only care about himself. He never think about other people when he was appointed to lay off workers, he never thought what they are going to eat without job.
but in network marketing, he learned to be emotion towards people's, more to help others.

In Network Marketing, we build human capital. the value of people always appreciate. We offer freedom to others, both financial and time freedom.

He mentioned that in this industry, everybody can turn to be SOMEBODY. It doesnt matter you are a housewife (like Hanis Haizi), an engineer (like Sha Khalid), a teacher, an executive, a supervisor, professionals or supporting, a clerk. You have equal chances to be successful. The choice is yours. 

Now let me share the story of our journey that day. 13.10.13.

It was on sunday morning.
What usually i did before i was in this business?
Still in bed, tarik selimut and tidur.
But not now.
Being an entrepreneur, you've got to change. to a positive you.

Woke up at 6 am, get ready, and off we go to Setia City Convention Center, along with my business partner, Eda Edros who came all the way from Kedah y'all!

Sorry, picture a bit blurry because we were on the move.

Terus grabbed my leader, Shaliza Aziz and snapped selfie with her
Notice our shawl? Yup, all the wayy from Korea!

Here we go!

The tix ready for my business partners

My business partner, Afizah from shah alam and Eda from kedah
My earliest business partners. On the right is Elisma from Klang

Yes, although you graduated from Engineering or medical, or any major, do not let that stops you from learning other things.

There, my GLAM Lelaki, Zulidzham Arif, an engineer from Seremban. Young and single.
Being an electrical engineer, he never limit himself to business.

Before we start the program, we sang our group song together.
Terasa Aura Glampreneurs!

And Mr Winston Wong started..
Exactly. Make a Decision.

Then there were workshop to train new business partners on how glampreneurs run business.

She is a General Manager at one of GLC, but seing this business as opportunity to get time freedom with her kids, she make a move.
Though already driving an Audi, she never refuse to unlearn and relearn.

A Glam Lelaki shared his experience in the business.
This business is not only meant for ladies. guys also are venturing the opportunity nowadays.
Elisma, another engineer at one of biggest factory in Shah Alam.

Me and Zulidzham
Me and the mastermind, CDM Hanis Haizi

Lakonan semula. what to do and what NOT to do.

Me with other sidelines in the business. We work together in a team
Me with lovely leader, Sha Khalid. She was an IT engineer at IBM. Now working fulltime as entrepreneur.
My business partners with our CDM Hanis Haizi.
From left back, Afizah Glam Shah Alam & Johor, urs truly Glam Shah Alam & Nilai, our beloved CDM Hanis Haizi, Eda Edros Glam Utara, Kedah & Penang; Elis Glam Klang.
In front, Zulidzham Glam Negeri Sembilan, Seremban, Senawang and Ampangan

My team with two dedicated leaders, Shaliza Aziz & Sha Khalid
Both from different background, shaliza was former banker and sha was engineer.
but we work together and sync!

The whole GLAMpreneurs with our speaker of the day, Mr Winston Wong

We wished the photographer a Happy Birthday!
and this is the birthday boy!
Right after the seminar, all my business partners are pumped!
Many of us got a few appointments and getting closer to Gold Coast.

Wish us luck.

and you also can be apart of us.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another bimmer in the group!

Congratulations to Najiha for her new baby bimmer!

She's another glampreneurs who got her dream car.

young and rich impian jadi kenyataan
Her dream comes true
Through the business you are given a lot of opportunities. A lot of benefits. which i personally believe only in the business, you;ll get the rewards these much. Not only through company, through the group as glampreneurs. With the Free trips back to back, fund for dream car, unlimited bonus through performance by group.. with the group, our hanis haizi never fail to motivate her business partners, with the 100G rewards, DDM level, Car fund achiever and many more. Rewards of emilio pucci, kate spade, chanel, prada and many designers handbags, ipad cover, pouch, wristlets, watches for men and many many others.

Cant wait for the time when i achieve the rewards.

Dream Car
It is not only the luxury that counts, it is the reward for your hard work paid off.

Now, lets work for it. Together in a team we can achieve more.


Tips for Parents or Parents-to-be

This is interesting

Stumbled into this article on how to train your kids, especially on the right brain.

tip melatih anak

It is in Malays. Somehow if you need the translation, just let me know :)

1. Sewaktu anak nak tidur atau tidur-tidur ayam, cakap kat die sepenuh hati dan sejujurnya yang kita sayang kat dia, dia budak baik, dia anak soleh, dia budak kuat, tak sakit, dia budak pandai dan sebagainya.  Sebab masa tidur-tidur ayam ni otak kanan sedang bekerja, otak kiri dah tidur dah, tapi kena buat seikhlas hati. Kalau tengah marah, tak jadi. kalau anak korang tu dah tidur, ramas-ramas jari atau tangan dia, macam picitlah supaya dia kembali berada dalam tidur2 ayam punya situation. Aku buat kat anak aku sebab die bangun pagi lambat pas tu siap melalak-lalak lagi, aku cakap hari-hari kat dia, dia budak baik, dia suka pergi sekolah, dia budak sihat, dia nak bangun awal....sekarang 6.30 dah bukak mata termasuk Sabtu dan Ahad.

2. Start guna kad untuk ajar anak. Aku ajar ABC-Z guna card seminggu je,sekarang dah kenal semua huruf dah siap boleh eja perkataan pendek-pendek. Buat card banyak-banyak dan tunjuk kat dia orang
cepat-cepat..macam..a..b..c..d..e, insya Allah cepat die dapat sebab bila kita tunjuk kad laju-laju atau cepat-cepat otak kanan die bekerja keras untuk tangkap apa benda yang kite tunjuk tu...kita boleh buat card 1,2,3, gambar-gambar...potonglah gambar kat mana-mana dsb.

3. Gerak kerja tangan adalah hasil dari otak kanan, so ajar anak korang main tanah liat, main water colour, melukis, gunting kertas, origami dsb. Memang le kite yang kene mengemas tapi takpe....satu lagi cuba korang lukis gambar, contohnye rama2, tapi sebelah sahaja dan suruh die orang sambung lukis
ikut apa yg korang lukis tu kat sebelah lagi...ini pun dapat mengaktifkan penggunaan otak kanan....Korang tau kenapa cine, ngan jepun pandai-pandai....sebab depa makan guna chopstik...chopstik tu mengaktifkan kerja tangan and as well gerakkan otak kanan.

4. Jgn marah-marah atau tengking anak .sebab depa boleh simpan semuanya dalam otak kiri. Kalau termarah depa, pi balik kat cara no 1 tadi, and mintak maaf kat die.

5. Satu lagi develop they all punya imagination by start bercerita kat die orang dan suruh depa sambung cerite tu, walaupun cerita tu memang lah merapu takpa, .kita pun bukan tak biasa merapu.

6. Main teka-teki ngan they all, taruk satu barang dalam kotak tissue and suruh depa teka apa benda tu. First few times boleh bagi option macam bagi tau colour, bunyi, lama-lama depa boleh develop six sence by concentrating depa boleh teka apa benda dlm kotak tissue tu. Ni semua utk aktifkan otak sebelah kanan. Tapi ingat, semua game yg hangpa nak buat ngan dia tu cuma boleh buat setengah jam sehari, tak payah lama-lama.

You can read the whole entry over HERE

Thanks to the writer.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Starting your small business

Hi all!

Interested to start a business of your own?

but still looking for what to sell and how to?

We are offering a small business package for you.

A very high demand product

small business

start business with mineral coffee
You can start as small as RM500 or more.

This package is suitable for:

** Students
** Housewives
** Anyone who have passion and dreams

PM me to know how.

This is the right timing

Selling and distribution of products will be taught and guided.
TEAMWork is the KEY.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Gold Coast, Australia

It is like a dream comes true.
Back to back sponsored vacation.

Next vacation is to GOLD COAST, Australia!
The Gold Coast Map. Oh, tak jauh je nak ke Brisbane :)
Now is the right timing for the survey.
survey sket what's available at Gold Coast..
*mode excited*

The white sandy beach!
Imagining walking hand by hand with Mr Love ;)
and of course the SEA World!
definitely the roller coasters!!
The excitement at the wet and wild!
Oh, my husband and his partner Mr Razali Zain gonna love this!

Alhamdulillah been given the chance in this business.
kalau nak pegi sendiri, yes, i might. but with a 5-star treatment? i dont think so.

Want to know how?

Contact me:

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