Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seoul, Here we come : Day 2 Part 3 The Nights Out


It was a looonggg day for Day 2.

We started off by going to the Premium Outlet at Paju and Amethyst Factory

Then spend the rest of the day to the Lotte World Theme Park

And after a long day, we arrived at the hotel and have a quick rest, for about an hour, then we gathered at the lobby for the nights out
Mr hubby ready to rawk! Nope, we are not going to take that black taxi which they said will definitely cost us more than twice the normal rate. The taxi was the VIP type of taxi.
So we decided to walk. It wasnt far from hotel to Dondaemon Street. and since it was their Thanksgiving day, the street nearby was empty!
Walking like the streets were ours!
Hello kakak, hello hanie. hihi. just acting.
Oh, if you asked if i ever missed my babies? definitely! we never failed to talk and video call using We Chat. Thank God the technology is advanced. Kalau dulu nak guna line video call, confirm thousands on our phone bill!
And the bus stop. Once we approached the main street, the crowd was increasing, the environment "happening"
Stopped by to buy a sugar cane drink. memang yummy and it costs us 2,500Won! RM8 per cup ye :)
Sekali sedut, dah habis.hikhik
The Lotte Fitin Mall at Dondaemon Street.
It opened til 3 am
By the way, we were very disciplined once we arrived. we have to cross the road using the traffic light system. If not, we might get summoned.
It was approaching 1 am but the night seemed young to them
If you asked the temperature, it was about 20 degree C. Cool and refreshing!
Look at what my husband carried. Our catch of the night at the night market. Tho it wasn't that cheap as compared to Malaysia, but the products were not available in Malaysia. The cheapest price starting from 10,000 Won, equals to RM32. 
Hello? Nak jugak!
It's a wrap! for real!
Kepenatan melanda.
We slept for about less than 4 hours before we continued the next day. Stay tuned for our "lompat bintang" of the year!! LOL!!

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