Thursday, October 3, 2013

Testimonies Bio Velocity Sleep Mate

Last weekend we have given a chance to meet up with people who have improved health condition after using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate.

Testimony : Jangkitan Virus Tibi ke Tulang Belakang

Have been given an OKU card by doctor stating that Steven was permanently disabled.. Can you imagine how would the parents feel?
I almost dropped a tear when the parents told back the history of Steven
And after only 1 week, Steven's leg suddenly can move.
And now he has been in school and just like other normal kids! imagine that.
 Testimony : Semput / Athma
She has athma since like forever.
After 1 week using BVSM, she no longer depends on inhaler.
Testimony : Lumpuh dan Arthritis

Perkongsian oleh anak beliau, Doctor Hasbi.
He cant walk for more than 1 year.
If you still remember this. Since he was the tok kadi, when he was warded, the bride and groom had to go to hospital just to get married.
The result from doctor
but after using bvsm for only 3 days, he can stand up and even walk without any support
Testimony : Cerebral Palsy (Kecacatan Otak)

A video of this kid who can sit without support anymore
Suasana pilu dan terharu. *held tears*
This is an alternative solution. Kita hanya boleh ikhtiar, but yang menyembuhkan masih Yang Maha Esa.

I'll share more testimonies in another entry.

To know more about this product, you can contact me for special demo

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