Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party

Hello All!
We had a blast last Sunday at Dear Hanis Haizi Chanel Party held at Cineplex The Curve, Damansara.
It was a high tea party with about 200 guests turned up.
On our way to Damansara
Me, ready to party!

Snap gambar dulu before going

The party setting

The lobby while waiting for the party to start

The Platinum Room

We enjoyed the party, mingling with others

Me, posed la konon..hehe

The husbands, My man and Duan, my leader's

Look alike Karl Lagerfeld

The photoshoot booth

Hanis Haizi, announcing the winner of Dear Hanis Haizi Contest

The second winner, it is a Chanel pouch

The Grand winner is....

Drooling over this more than RM15k Chanel Handbag
The Grand Prize winner : Shera Begum
Congrates dear!

The food

Us, the lovely couple, Wink!

Delicious cupcake!

My husband with Razali Zain, Hanis's

Us, dreaming of a Chanel Handbag!

Mr Husband, sporting!

Me and the lovely Hanis Haizi

Me with Naa Kamaruddin, one of the CDM

My husband with Asyraf, Naa's wife, who was my ex-Purdue guys. tak sangka jumpa kat sini :)

Me, Hanis & Shaliza Aziz
Both my leaders, very dedicated

Involve in this business, i never thought of anything other than money freedom. but Thank God, by doing this business, i get more than i ever expected. I get to know a lot of people, many positive and proactive businessminded people, true friends, get to join this type of event which i will never had a chance to join in my current company, learn how to dress up, enjoy spending time with my lovely husband..
and i know this is just a beginning..
after this, i'm going to venture more fun things which scheduled to come.
more time freedom with family and kids.
Pray for me, all..


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chanel Party!

We are gonna join Hanis Haizi Chanel Party, uolls!
Wow excited!!
This is the time when we can melaram our best and be a Hollywood celeb look alike! hahaha
Tribute to the main celebrity : Hanis Haizi

After the Viral Fever..

After down with viral fever for 5 days, i'm back!!
Punya la seksa duduk rumah bile demam.. not feeling a break pun. i was either sleeping or high on pill (flu pills does make me useless) day and night since last tuesday til saturday. kepala pun weng jeik..
now since im back and recovering from flu, of course the first thing on my mind was VACATION! yes, we need it. plus, my husband and i have been promised my sis that we're gonna sponsor their first honeymoon. So again, we choose for Cameron Highland.. The cool weather, the sweet yummy tea, the delicious strawberry, all those thinigs do attract us to go have a visit to Cameron Highland.
It has also been a default vacation spot for us since we were honeymooners ourselves..auuuww ;)
Tak sabar nyeeer!!! another 1 week plus to go, you all!!

Actually, we just went for a weekend getaway on 12th Jan 2013. We went to KL and visit Petrosains. Afterward we have a great nice stay at De Palma Hotel Ampang. I never tot that the hotel would be very nice and elegant that way. Wait til my next entry and i'll upload the room and make longer review.

till then!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Shanghai, Here we come!

New Fully sponsored trip announced by company this year : it is Shanghai!!

Currently the package opens starting from this month to April 2013.

Shanghai is the largest city by population in the People's Republic of China (PRC)and the largest city proper by population in the world. It is one of the four province-level municipalities of the PRC, with a total population of over 23 million as of 2010. It is a global city, with influence in commerce, culture, finance, media, fashion, technology, and transport. It is a major financial centerand the busiest container port in the world. - quoted by En.wikipedia (click here to read more)
When i said FULLY Sponsored means that FREE Flight ticket (Always a non-budget airlines), FREE stay at 5 stars hotel, FREE meals (cover the whole trip). 

So anyone wants to follow me? Let's pm me and i'll show you how you can earn a free trip!

FB : Airin Diana

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It is time to say GoodBye

Morning All

Today will be a gloomy day for us.
It is because it will be the last couple of days for our beloved boss.
Finally i met a great boss who never fail to guide and encourage. and yet, he left us for a better future.
like my colleague said : "Yang datang pasti akan pergi"
For me, he is the BEST english speaking Kelantanese. I never thought he is a kelantanese until he talked on the phone to his uncle one day. He portrayed a great leadership and i admired him for that.
with that, i wish the best for him.
it is time to say Good Bye

now it is time for us to undergo a new experience with other boss.
suffer? it is a possibility..

When i see this trend of good people leaving our company, i bet one day i myself will do the same. but for me, right now, i have better priority. which is to be a good mom, to spend more time with kids. So if I move to a new company. i never know the environment would be.. i might as well stay and make the best out of it.

Anyway, life must go on. 

My aim, dreams and hopes must move along to achieve success.
I choose happiness.
what about you?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A great sharing experience

Let me share with you an experience from my leader.
she has been in the business for more than a year, but she has achieve more than she ever expected. Now her mission is to make sure her business partners get as what she has experienced and get to travel along with her.
Lets read her entry (click here for full article)

Pejam celik, pejam celik, dah lebih setahun ieja dalam biznes ni .. Dah almost 6 bulan juga jadi full time mumpreneur .. cepat sungguh masa berlalu :) Hari ni ieja just nak share pengalaman ieja dalam biznes ni .. Mungkin ade di kalangan kawan2 lalui perkara yang sama seperti ieja ..

Sebelum ieja berada dalam biznes ni, ieja ingat biznes ni susah & nak kena cari ramai orang .. Then ieja fikir yang income besar & qualify melancong tu mesti kena jual banyak .. All this just my own assumption .. Sedangkan tak pernah dengar biznes plan pun lagi .. Masa tu nak approach any agents rasa takut kena paksa join biznes, so buatlah assumption sendiri .. Ni yang tak betul, coz bersangka buruk dengan orang .. Yup memang ada yang jenis memaksa tapi tak semua .. Alhamdulillah jodoh ieja dengan Green Leaders Group & Sha Khalid, sedikit tak paksa ieja .. (I have the same assumptions at first. luckily i took the opportunity to know the biz plan and learn that it wasnt that hard to qualify for a trip. it wasnt to recruit a whole Malaysia to be in the leading position)

After a few months ieja follow blog Hanis Haizi & Sha Khalid, rasa terpanggil untuk ieja try Premium Beautiful korset tuh .. Masa tu berat badan naik & memang kalau nak pakai baju tak de cutting lansung .. sedih!! Dah cuba pergi gym tapi tak boleh nak disiplin .. Balik kerja penat & kalau dah sampai rumah, nak keluar balik punyalah malas .. End up rugi RM2k++ .. (tak payah cakap la kan try gym ni. i tried before nak kawin dulu. tp takde hasil pun..kesan nye is pocket yg berlubang every month..hehe)

So dah di takdirkan jodoh jumpalah Sha Khalid untuk fitting Premium Beautiful .. Even masa try pakai pun dah nampak immediate shaping .. Memang happy lah, terus decide untuk beli .. After try tuh, sempat ieja tanye Sha macam mana die buat biznes ni secara part time, sedangkan kerja beliau sebagai engineer selalu busy .. Apetah lagi dengan 2 orang anak .. Plus, ieja kagum dengan achievement Sha ni, tak sampai setahun dengan biznes dah tukar kereta dari Viva ke Mercedes .. Ikutkan kita semua mesti ada kereta impian masing-masing kan ;) 

Di situlah bermulanya ieja di dalam biznes ni .. Masa ieja mula biznes ni, ieja ade letak own target .. Apart of extra income, Ieja nak qualify trip melancong ke Holland & Belgium .. Of course la nak sangat since kami tak pernah ke Europe .. Kalau holiday pun dalam Malaysia jer .. huhu .. Then nak dapat macam Sha, iaitu kereta impian before Hari Raya .. Dah terbayang masa tu mesti mak ayah bangga tengok kami balik dengan bimmer .. hehe .. Our kereta impian masa tu BMW, memang tak pernah bayangkan dapat capai by age of 30 ..

Sebelum ni ieja selalu buat assumption, hanya orang yang dah lama dalam biznes boleh capai semua tu .. Sebenarnya tidak .. If ada cara yang betul, confirm kita akan dapat yang sama seperti our leader .. Contoh ieja & Sha Khalid .. ieja follow Sha, Sha just follow Hanis Haizi .. Tapi kalau kerja, ieja follow boss ieja, adakah ieja dapat gaji or pangkat sama macam boss ieja? Boleh tak share pangkat? Boleh dapat income yang sama? But in this business boleh .. Yang penting kita usaha dengan konsisten & percaya dengan apa yang kita usahakan .. Usaha pun secara TEAMWORK!! Bertambah jadi mudah kan :)

Dari pengalaman ieja sendiri, biznes ni banyak mengubah kehidupan kawan-kawan .. Mostly yang buat biznes ni bukanlah orang kaya, tapi masing-masing ada impian besar & nak jadi kaya .. Of course bila kita ade lebih, lebih juga dapat share bersama keluarga .. Lagipun nowadays, without side income gaji hanya cukup-cukup makan .. 

Kalau ieja dulu, gaji hanya cukup-cukup bayar hutang .. Savings memang tak ada .. Bagi duit pada mak ayah pun bukan selalu .. Malu pada mereka, sedangkan mak ayah dulu berusaha nak bagi yang terbaik pada kita .. Kita pulak bagi setakat bagi RM100-200 .. Agak-agak cukup berapa lama tu? Rasanya 2-3x pergi pasar pun dah habis .. 

My family & ieja is the eldest .. besar tanggungjawab kan :)

Bila tengah bulan jer ieja stress, sebab duit tak cukup .. Bila di kenangkan masa  tu, memang rasa perit .. Syukur Allah lorongkan ieja dalam biznes ni .. Dapat bantu mak, ayah, hubby & of course dapat beri yang terbaik buat Fariz ..

Ieja nak share perubahan a few people dalam biznes ni:

Hanis Haizi, dari seorang housewife, sekarang income bulanan 6 angka .. Founder of GLAM (Green Leaders Academy Malaysia) & dah lahirkan ramai usahawan with income 5-6 angka .. Bila terbaca kisah Hanis, dulu beliau sendiri bukan senang .. Tapi buat biznes ni untuk anak-anak .. Malah hanis pernah rasa rendah diri dulu bila mostly kawan-kawan dah bergelar engineer, tapi beliau hanya seorang housewife .. Tapi dengan biznes ni, beliau betul-betul berubah .. Dulu as housewife pernah Hanis imagine untuk capai seperti sekarang? Kita hanya perlu mulakan langkah pertama & berani .. Then usaha & capai step by step ..

Sha Khalid, anak Felda yang sekarang income RM40k++ Sha pernah share dengan ieja, even bekerja sebagai engineer, income still rasa tak cukup .. Loan PTPTN, loan rumah, loan kereta & pelbagai loan lah .. Even nowadays education untuk anak-anak pun bukan murah kan .. Jadi untuk bantu keluarga, agak terbatas .. Alhamdulillah skang tak ada masalah, dapat beri yang terbaik untuk anak-anak & family ..

Nurul Ain @ Yong, anak buah hubby ieja .. dari income hanya RM500-700 sebulan, kini  hampir 5 angka .. Yong pun dulu pun selalu orang pandang rendah dengan kemampuan beliau .. Yong bairpun masih anak dara tapi buat biznes ni sebab nak bantu family .. Bukan sahaja Yong berubah dari segi income, malah lebih konfiden dengan diri sendiri .. Congrats Yong!!

Actually ramai lagi kawan-kawan biznes yang cerita lebih kurang di atas .. Sebab kita susahlah, kita perlu bertindak & berubah .. Kesenangan tak akan datang bergolek .. Unless kalau kita di lahirkan kaya raya .. Tapi kalau kaya dari usaha sendiri lagi bangga kan :) Duit setinggi gunung, kalau di tarah tetap akan habis .. So if kita memang dah senang, why not generate more income from there .. 

Apa yang kita buat hari ini ialah back up untuk future kita since nilai duit semakin kecil & cost of living pula semakin naik .. Cuba lihat diri kita sekarang, adakah cukup apa yang kita ada? Adakah cukup apa yang kita beri pada mak ayah? 

Inspiring, right? we are all came from not a very rich family background. we want to make a different. we want to share how we do it in order for all of us enjoying the pleasure and freedom of financial and also time.
If you are intrigue to know the business plan, contact me. Explore and get to know the plan. you'll be surprised.

Mobile : 017-6511966
Email :

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013. A New Beginning, indeed!

Happy New Year All!
Hopefully Im not too late wishing you all.

Anyway, quick updates this time (due to kerja hakiki which took up most of my times) but luckily my business went surprisingly smoother and progressing very very well than expected. (yup, online biz can apply almost anywhere anytime)

My New Year Resolutions :
1. To aim bigger saving..aim for Haj or Umrah some time next year...(pray for us, k)

2. To be able to have at least a weekend getaway once per month
planning for a weekend getaway to either Cameron Highland (our fav place ever!), Genting, Fraser hill or Bukit Tinggi.. note all "sejuk" places ye :)

3. To qualify FREE trip to Shanghai by June/July this year
The plan is working really well. and my business partners are working progressively. InsyaAllah, we will be going together.

4. To be able to spend Quality time with family

5. To be able to change to a new car 

still looking, and still calculating..

6. sat..pikey sat..hehehe (to be continue...)

Plan your Act
Act your Plan


hopefully i can update soonest possible. but anyway, lets pray for our dreams and aim this year will come true. Lets make it happen, y'all!


A solid 4 to 6 figures income can become possible.
Contact me for further information
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