Thursday, January 10, 2013

It is time to say GoodBye

Morning All

Today will be a gloomy day for us.
It is because it will be the last couple of days for our beloved boss.
Finally i met a great boss who never fail to guide and encourage. and yet, he left us for a better future.
like my colleague said : "Yang datang pasti akan pergi"
For me, he is the BEST english speaking Kelantanese. I never thought he is a kelantanese until he talked on the phone to his uncle one day. He portrayed a great leadership and i admired him for that.
with that, i wish the best for him.
it is time to say Good Bye

now it is time for us to undergo a new experience with other boss.
suffer? it is a possibility..

When i see this trend of good people leaving our company, i bet one day i myself will do the same. but for me, right now, i have better priority. which is to be a good mom, to spend more time with kids. So if I move to a new company. i never know the environment would be.. i might as well stay and make the best out of it.

Anyway, life must go on. 

My aim, dreams and hopes must move along to achieve success.
I choose happiness.
what about you?


Nadine said...

Ingatkan Airin yg nak leave the company..suspense! :)

Airin Diana Anuar said...

haha, Nad!

saje jeik ek nak buat suspense..

my time will come..soon! hihihihi

mommyNadia said...

En Hatta is it? I heard Pn Sherry pun dah immediate transfer to PTM kan. So whats ur next plan if we need to transfer Plant? Jual kueh lah Nadia!hahahha

Airin Diana Anuar said...

en Hatta dah lama kena transfer to manufacturing stationed at PTM
Pn Sherry pun skrg ni 3 hari PONSB, 2 hari PTM..
this one is En Wan Muhd. my direct superior..sedey tau...kitorg ni dok bmuram durja je.. esok last day dia.. :(

my plan.. of course jadi full time mumprenuer..hehe
dah mmg target by 2014 paling lmbat.
skrg pun dah nampak hala tuju bisnes. later berkembang pesat, bleh tolong partners plak. so..insyaAllah. doakan ek nadia

eh nadia tak ikut ke klu kena transfer?
ur hubby confirm kan kena g sana later2..sbb dia mmg deal dgn manufacturing kan?

mommyNadia said...

No no no!!
Will share to u sooooooon =)

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