Tuesday, January 22, 2013

After the Viral Fever..

After down with viral fever for 5 days, i'm back!!
Punya la seksa duduk rumah bile demam.. not feeling a break pun. i was either sleeping or high on pill (flu pills does make me useless) day and night since last tuesday til saturday. kepala pun weng jeik..
now since im back and recovering from flu, of course the first thing on my mind was VACATION! yes, we need it. plus, my husband and i have been promised my sis that we're gonna sponsor their first honeymoon. So again, we choose for Cameron Highland.. The cool weather, the sweet yummy tea, the delicious strawberry, all those thinigs do attract us to go have a visit to Cameron Highland.
It has also been a default vacation spot for us since we were honeymooners ourselves..auuuww ;)
Tak sabar nyeeer!!! another 1 week plus to go, you all!!

Actually, we just went for a weekend getaway on 12th Jan 2013. We went to KL and visit Petrosains. Afterward we have a great nice stay at De Palma Hotel Ampang. I never tot that the hotel would be very nice and elegant that way. Wait til my next entry and i'll upload the room and make longer review.

till then!

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