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Gold Coast, Here We Come : Day 2 Sea World Gold Coast Australia

Hi All

Been quite tight up with Hanie not feeling well since Monday. Til now, i'm still working from home, business home based. Luckily doing this online business, my shop never close. :)

Alrite, as promised from previous entry Day 2 to Paradise Jet Boating (Click HERE), here is the continuation to Sea World Gold Coast Australia, Day 2.

After being tanned from the jet boating ride, we went to the Sea World, located just about 5-10 minutes drive from the Marine Town.

Sampai je, terus bergambar berdua. Takut ramai pulak orang

And yes, both of us were wearing the same t-shirt we bought the other night.

Snapping pictures with (from right) cik cidam jat and ain

Cant wait to meet the dolphins

Me and business partner, Fiza.
Both were excited nak jadi kiddos.hehe

Us, the E2 bus group

The Diamond Circle team under CDM Shaliza Aziz

Opps, missing Fiza on the previous pix

Hello Penguin!

The ladies
This is the Monorail station which can bring us around the park

The dino center

Oh yeah, the heli ride. Since we havent had plenty of time, we didnt have a chance to ride one. Plus, mr hubby was afraid of height. so simpan niat je la dulu

First, we went to watch the Sea lion show,

It was about a detective who was looking for a robber

We had fun laughing during the show, and the sea lion was very very well trained!

We went to see the Polar Bear. super duper huge!

Me, Yong and Fatin. Both from Utara, both very young at the early of 20s. Young and successful!

It was just a shark bay. i believe no shark to be found.

And we reached the Penguin Point
The penguins were so small and cute! They were feeding the penguins with fish

More pictures

Sian photographer, always have very little photos of him

While waiting for the Dolphin show to start
The dolphin show!

Us. among the mat salehs

Biggest dolphins ive ever saw

The talented dolphins

Another jump
After the show, we waited outside for the tour guide to bring us for lunch

We arrived at the Sea World Resort.
Memang mewah sangat sape yang tinggal kat sini. I cant imagine how much the rate per night

We were brought to the Shoreline Restaurant for the lunch buffet, and it was chartered only for glampreneurs.

The suntanned me :)

It was fish and chips with salad buffet!
Makan fish and chips sampai kenyang, okay!

and of course, the free flow vanilla icecream!

After the lunch, with the heavy stomach, we were thinking of waiting for the monorail to go to the main attraction. 

But after waiting for almost 10 minutes, we decided to walk. look at the path going down. penat gak

When we were about to do another jumping, the monorail came.
And off we ran, as fast as we could (note: with the heavy stomach), going up the ramp!
Pix on the train. kepenatan berlari!


We are ready to watch the Water Stunt Show
Panas, okay!

The Jet ski

The girls started with a dance. memang cun2 diorg ni. especially the brunettes ;)

and the show begun. they are all really skillful and talented

Some of them have won many times the world championship.

This one i'm not really sure what it's called

Tapi memang cool la kalau boleh naik bende ni. mcm spiderman 3 movie.hehe

It was freaking hot! but nak bergambar punya pasal..haha

After the show, we went to take this ride. At first, i asked my husband to tag along. dia cakap okay, but by the time we arrived at the ride to queue, he was nowhere to be found. eeee!
This ride, Storm was just opened to public in December 2013. memang baru lagi.
It was 28 meters tall. masa naik ni, memang seram!

Duan, or Pakngah, siap jerit, "Airin tipu!!!" when the ride went down about 70 kmh.
Semua dah menjerit macam hujung!

This was another group, my business partner afizah. dari tak naik ape2 roller coaster, terjebak naik!

And the splash!! habis lencun baju and of course seluar. luckily seluar hitam, x nampak sangat. tapi siap boleh perah la!!

masing2 kebasahan

Alang2 basah, we took another ride yg membasahkan jugak.haha

and pakngah this time dah happy, tak takut lagi. this is what people called, conquer your fear!

Jom naik sampan

Macam kanak-kanak riang!

Pakngah excited. tak takut lagi
Aini, an engineer.
Yong, a fulltime glampreneur.
Fiza, a manager.
All with different background but with same mission. Time and Money Freedom.

Next is the Jet Ski Rescue.
Memang merempit!!

We ride it twice!
turun je terus beratur balik
Memang syok layan lap.hahaha

It was super fast. Dah nak sampai, baru poyo angkat tangan. lol!

Okay, after berextreme ride, we watched this 3D SpongeBob
This one, husband join skali. sbb utk kanak-kanak!

Both of us love Spongebob.
Yong siap bagitau lagi, dr dulu mmg tgk spongebob

Masa dlm dewan, kami beramai2 dok nyanyi sama2 lagu spongebob. mmg lawak gile.
hubby? geleng kepala tgk kanak-kanak riang ni.hjahaha

seagull memang banyak sangat. seronok tgk

They have plenty of souvenir shop

In front of the jet ski show

and as promised to both of my kiddos at home, 2 big dolphins for them

Orang sume tanya, how are you going to bring back those 2 dugongs? haha my trick? quarter of the bag from home. so that 3rd quarter of it can be stuffed with these dolphins

It's a wrap!!
A really fun day at Sea World Gold Coast

Off to the hotel.
The parachute at the Surfers Paradise Beach

Hello red!

We got a chance to drop by the store nearby the hotel to buy the beach hat for the Gala Dinner
OKay, that's it for now. We get ready for the Gala Dinner.
Will update you soon on the super fantastic, happening dinner ever!!

see ya!



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