Sunday, October 25, 2009

Motherhood : A New Chapter

Yes, i'm still on maternity leave. Countdown to 24th day - still have 36 days to go. My daily schedule most likely not different from the other day. Wake up in the morning around 7 or 8 am, take a warm bath, prepare cloth for my baby when my mom/my sister/my husband take her for a bath, nurse/breastfed my baby, eat either bfast or brunch before she wakes up for another session of nursing, watch tv or try to sleep which usually i failed to, nurse her every 2 hour, take a warm bath some time around 7 pm, nurse her again before i had my dinner, have dinner, watch tv, then sleep. yup, i have to wake up every 2 or 3 hours (very lucky of i had a full 4 hours sleep) to nurse her, change her diapers, then try to sleep which will take me almost 1 hr before i get my eyes to shut completely. total sleeping hours maximum was around 3 hours per night.

Now i know how difficult it is to be a mother. Now i appreciate and adore my mom more than before! Nursing and breastfeeding really requires commitment and sacrifice. it's all about the swollen, the soreness, the pain. if somehow i couldn't stand the pain, it will probably lead to frustration and the end of the breastfeeding. but thinking about my baby, all the nutrition n antibody received from the beast milk, i have to be strong. and a plus for me, my husband has been so supportive that he always give me massage on my shoulder after some tired sessions of nursing. he even told me that after my confinement, he'll bring me to spa for relaxation trip. I'm so lucky to have him as my husband even after some stressful and intense moments.

Sometimes I really want to get back to work. Getting bored day by day. However, when I think about my baby, time to let her go and send her to a nursery, my heart breaks. I can't stand the fact that she'll be left with some strangers. come to think about it, i rather stay at home for even a year! A question about to be a stay home mom sometimes cross my mind. Come to think about it, there will be a big benefit for my baby, however, how could i waste my 4 years of engineering degree i did at Purdue University. hmm.. again sacrifice? for now, I'm not ready for that big sacrifice. i hope i could manage time as a working mom, and still spend quality time with my baby and my husband, and also cope with house chores. Pray and pray.. hoping everything's gonna be alrite. amin..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meaning of Our Daughter's Name

Here are meaning of the name of our daughter :

Nur : Light (in Malay: Cahaya)
Adriana : Fraction (in Malay: Nisbah) -InsyaAllah, will be bright in Math
Lissa : Devoted to God (in Malay: Taat kepada Tuhan)
Maisarah : richness, happiness (in Malay: kekayaan, kegembiraan, kesenangan)

InsyaAllah, she'll be someone who is loving, bring light of happiness in our lives, devoted to God and be very clever and bright in everything

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meet Our New Born : Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah binti Rosman

Picture after 1 hour she was born:

Assalamualaikum and Good Evening to all


I delivered my baby safely at 13:52 on 2nd Oct 2009 at Shah Alam Specialist Hospital. And it is fortunately as my obg expected : A Girl!! She was 2.47 kg in weight and healthy. i delivered normally.
The episode started at 5 am that morning. my hubby was working on night shift and i was accompanied by my fren, Saniah. I felt sort of 'period pain' like and saw what people called a 'bloody show'. a bit panic, but still could regain my composure. Saniah luckily already woke up since she had to finish a report asked by my boss. Called my husband around 6, asked him to send me to the hospital. and adding drama to it, he didnt pick up the phone. and i knew he was sleeping and didnt hear the ringing. Saniah called my husband's co-worker, Zizi, asked him to wake my husband up. He clumsily woke up and rushed to our apt. He took a bath and around 6.30 am, we arrived at the hospital. We went upstairs to the labor room, the staff nurse checked me and said that i wasnt near to the time yet.. but she asked me to wait for the doctor at 9 am to reconfirm. Three of us went to Maisha Restaurant to have breakfast. i even had nasi lemak!
Around 9.30 am, Saniah went back and both of us went inside to meet the doctor. We waited almost 30 mins for the doctor. They placed me in the Labor room 2 and the doctor checked me at 10 am and confirm that i could deliver today. what a relieve! She asked me to go poo-poo first, gave some medicine to go to the toilet. i were brought to the room at Anggerik Suite, Room 230. waited around 10 mins, and i went to the toilet. some time around 10.30 am, i went to the labor room 2. the doctor told me that she was going to break the amnoic fluid. and luckily it wasnt that bad.. a feeling of excitement to meet my baby mixed with afraid what was in store for me..they put me into Pictoxin, some medication that'll fasten the contraction.i was dilated 3 cm that time. they expected 1 cm per hour - which i had another 7 cm to go.which will take approximately another 5-6 hours for me.
Around 1 pm, my husband went out for a while (which i thought for a while). he even thought of going to Solat Jumaat. some time around 1:35 pm i was about to deliver..dilated around 8 cm.. all the nurses were in chaos since they thought that i'll deliver later around 4 pm. but somehow, i was a bit early, which was a relieve for me since i dont have to suffer that long. the nurse called my husbnd and asked him to come. as he arrived, so did the doctor. i was ready, and they asked my husband to support my back. "Push" they told me.. 4 times, and there she was.. crying loudly. and alhamdulillah, thank God everything went smoothly..

Now, our family is complete..

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