Friday, January 29, 2010

Tommy, Lissa and the Poses!

For today, i'm just going to update on pix taken thru out this month. So, enjoy!!

Lissa was watching the Tommy dancing i got from instructor from one of the training i attended early this month. she was so excited that she focussed on the video no matter what happened around her.

suka la tu meniarap! one of her pix with meniarap senget..hehe..

After so many minutes of holding her head up, it's time to rest!

Dah jumpa jari, there u go!!nyenyak tido!

whenever i get her undressed either for bath time or for jalan2, she will smile all along. suka betul half-naked, anak mama nie.

This was the time when we went to Sunway Pyramid and have dinner at Papa John (Yes, i am a Papa John's fan!! - have to admit. this month alone, we already went twice). Just look at them, posing la konon tu, nyek..

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lissa's First Laughs

This is the first video and the second time of Lissa's laugh! Enjoy!

Work work work (tak habis-habis..)

Work work work.. (translated to one of the song: Lalala Kerjalah by Meet Uncle Hussain)

La la la
Hari hari kerja..
La la la
Bosan dengan kerja
La la la
Hidup harus kerja…kerja…

Ulang * 2x

Tak puas lagi beradu…mengantuk~…
Subuh hingga senja…
Hari hari sama saja…

Ahh..nak bancuh kopi..
Tapi gulanya tak ada…
Minum saja…
Kerja bagai nak gila..
Sama sahaja…

Ulang * 2x

Gelisah..ku gelisah..
Mengenangkan masa depan…
Ku harus kerja..
Ohhh mesti kerja..
Tiada ada apa yg percuma…
Jika tiada kerja..
Ohhh, papa kedana

Soo hectic that i couldnt even have time to sit and breathe! believe it or not, my boss and bosses were really squeezing me out that i'm almost flat..
Just imagine, he sent me an email yesterday morning, asking me to do some paper work, and gave a dateline by this Friday (which is quite reasonable to me). and out of sudden, he came to me after lunch break and announced that he want the job to be done by that day! luckily, i managed to find some time in the morning, focussing on the paper, and i got it done exactly before 4 pm. i was waiting for him for his signature of 'Checked by', when suddenly (yes, i use many of the "sudden" word) my manager, who is the boss of my boss came to me and asked for the paper. As always, born lucky (perasan sket..hehe) i handed over the paper and he signed it on the 'Approved by' side. So funny that i went to my boss, and asked him to sign at the 'Checked by' area only after the approved by my manager. agak-agak mcm dah langkah bendul la plak kan.. hehe.. but anyway, my hectic working life quite affect my milk production. couldnt find enough time to pump and high stress level made my stock, as what we can call now, JIT = just-in-time.~sigh~
I prayed to God that i could still provide milk to my baby til she's 2 years old..aminn...
Oh, btw, i am still preparing some stuff for my year 2009 closing, but couldnt manage to post it yet. probably wait til the hectic and chaotic life settles down first..
P/S : Feeling a bit jealous reading Mommy Nadia's post on her catch! uhuk.. wish i had it too :(  

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Management Course + Facebook

Today's gonna be our last day after 4 days of Project management Course. Quite interesting. basically this course focussed on how we manage our project based on schedule, duration, resources and of course cost. all of us have been given a laptop. and the most interesting part is that the laptop has internet connection!
Yup, the food = satisfactory. different selection everyday. first day was all malaysian's. second and third day western. not to mention about the breakfast and the tea time. very very heavy!i was full everyday going back home.
The best thing is that i could go back home early for 3 days in a row. hopefully today i could go home earlier than yesterday..hehe

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Kenduri + Shopping Day!

I already wrote this on 21st Dec 09, but didn’t have time to load it to my blog. So here it is..
Monday 21st Dec 09 :
We went back to my mom’s at KL. Dah rindu sangat kat Lissa kot.. everyday they called, asked when r we going back.. so to fulfill their wish, we went back. It was totally different – the way they welcomed us. SO different that I was a bit jealous of Lissa (tho it was unreasonable..hehe).
On Saturday, we (My mom, my lil sisters –nani & aby, Lissa and I) went to a wedding reception at Rembau. It was my lil brother’s girlfriend’s elder sister (confused? Try read slowly. U’ll get it.hehe) Lissa was so happy first time she got the invitation that she slept all the way :D.
As everybody knows : Plus highway + Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday + Raining = Traffic Jem!!!
My back was aching from the moving and stopping and braking all the way for 2 hours! We were supposed to arrive Rembau by 2 pm (2 hours from KL) but at 2, we’d just reached Seremban. Hate Traffic jem!! Thank God, by the time we reached Senawang, the road was soo clear that we could speed up and arrived Rembau around 2:30pm. Lissa was pouting and frowning since the music was too loud. Luckily she didn’t cry. She was so overwhelmed by people around her that she kept turning her head left and right looking for people. Afterwards, we went back to kampung at Kota (took us only 15 min). My grandpa (or he called himself Nyang-nyang to Lissa – soo cute!!) was extremely happy to see his great grand daughter. We spent there until dinner. Lissa’s auntie (called her Mak Echok – Shortform for Bechok coz she was talking all the time) gave Lissa her cute hairband. Look at her, soo cute with that thing on. We arrived KL around 11 pm – all tired including Lissa.
The Next Day – Sunday –an off day for my husband. We took a chance to go shopping!! YES plus the bonus = YEAY!! We left lissa with her grandmom along with bottles of susu in case she was hungry tho I didn’t go that long (12.30 to 5.30 – tak lama kan? Hehe) 12:30 pm – Mid valley, here we go! (Me + My husband + My youngest sis – aby)
At last, we get to borong baju for Lissa. Most of her 0-3months old shirt were getting tight. We bought most of 6-12 months shirt and pyjamas. At least I don’t need to garu-garu kepala what to pack for her nursery (lately, she keeps wearing the same shirt all over again). Penuh la satu basket. But then it was satisfying since the shirts were all on sale, especially Pigeon. Normal price around RM29~35 per piece, we get around RM8~18 per piece. Wut a bargain, rite? Surprisingly My husband told me “Nanti kalau sale je, kita gi borong baju Lissa, k?” due to the fact that he hates to shop especially at crowded area (Midvalley is always no 1).
I bought set of bodyshop for my husband for his birthday – didn’t get time to get him something. It was a rasberry set – Bodyscrub + Bodyshower- he loves it! Thank God 
We had a break after a long walk at Krispy Kream. I used to have this donut back at the States and I like it. But the donut tastes differently here. They definitely have to improve the taste. My husband was craaazyy at that time, that he wore the Krispy Kream cap, or kopiah like my sis called. So funny. We even asked him to wear that during Solat Jumaat..hehehe. we got back around 6 pm. We went back to shah alam around 9 pm that day.

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