Thursday, March 29, 2012

A New Thing

I just started this new thing
It's a business which i do for part time income
I need it
WE need it!
InsyaAllah it'll be going well for me
I'll tell you once i become expert in the field
Need to try the product first, feel it and experience it before i can tell the performance to others
A good quality product should provide good effect and result
Plus it comes with a thick monthly income and bonus ;)

I found a website on 1st step in business (this website was a childbirth profession, totally not related to the one im into. However the content can definitely applied to any business) , we need to begin with a vision. Those vision should cover these criteria :
1. Clients — Who do you see as the clients you will serve?  Where do your clients live?
2. Energy — What type of energy will your business project to others? Receive from others?
3. Space — Will your business need a physical space?
4. Business Operations – What is the routine of your business, how will it operate day-to-day?
5. Profit — What type of profits will your business have?
When you have vision you see success.  Vision will make you business soar.
A persistent and tenacious spirit are equally important to your success. The obstacles of life come easy and squelch vision, but when you possess the attitude that won’t give up, then amazing things happen.
Pray for me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to Thailand (Part 2)

After pending so many months, this entry should be back dated to December 2011.. you can get the intro entry in the earlier post here.
As i mentioned earlier, i went there for a business trip. We stayed a few nights at Pattaya, Amari Orchid Hotel and one night stay at Bangkok. It was interesting to have to see other countries and their culture.
Mr hubby at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
Though i can say, we might not go there again for leisure. However, overall the food were very very nice, especially the seafood. Almost everyday we ate Tom Yam Kung (prawn's tom yam)!
For two nights at Pattaya.. some of the nights' pictures
The Seafood buffet!
The Pattaya Amari Orchid Hotel - The Ocean Tower
Along side Pattaya road at night and the Pattaya beach
Lissa and Hanie attracted the thais and also japanese (green shirt)
Us, at the Pattaya's hectic road - while at the opposite restaurant, some "girls" were doing the strip dance - so not suitable for a family trip :)
Pattaya & Rayong during the day
Kakak had fun at the swimming pool while adik watched from pool side
Kakak and Abah - inside a very very cold water
She did had fun
At last, berbungkus sbb sgt sejuk. yeah i tell you, pattaya has a very nice and windy
Balik bilik, demand another fun inside the bathtub. and of course lama compared to the pool since warm water - and while watching tv!
Later, we traveled to Bangkok city. Nice view of the buildings, but has a very heavy traffic.
Again, we stayed at Amari Hotel chain. This time at Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
The shopping was a decent one. Not a great experience though.
We didnt have a chance to visit any special places since we were there for only 1 night.
After all the trip was a pleasant one. Pattaya has a great cool weather, but a lot of not-for-family activities. Bangkok was a great shopping place for imitation branded product, but the weather was hot and humid, exactly like KL.
If somehow we wanna go there again, we might visit the Elephant's farm or the floating market. Yeah, the one featured in Bangkok Dangerous movie :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

From Hanie's Diary : I am now 11 months old!

Hello mommies!
I am so happy cause i am now an 11 months old baby. By next month, i'll be entering one year old checkpoint.
Up to now, i can say, i speak a lot of words, but my mom said, only a few can be understood. My mom told me, she refers to this entry on a general guideline of what communication might look like between us:

  • 6-12 months – Your baby will start to babble and attempt to make their first sounds. Mama or Dada might slip out a time or two, this is a melt your heart moment ahhhhh
  • 12-18 months – This is when inflection will begin, such as a raised tone when asking a question. Such as “Eat?”
  • 18 months – Though your baby might only speak a few words they know about 50, amazing huh?
  • 18 – 24 months – Your child might be saying around 50-70 words and understand around 200 words. Also around this time they will start to learn two word strings, such as “Mommy nose”
  • 25-36 months – Your child’s vocabulary will grow to over 300 words. Nouns and pronouns will come together to form simple sentences.

By this time, i can perfectly cry out loud "momma" or "abah" or sometimes "nyeek" which means nenek (oh, that applies to anytime whenever i saw my grandma). I can also say "maaam" means eat, "urrrmmm" means yummy, "ayeeer" means water for drink.
On gestures, i can easily show my mom how jealous i was with my frown. This happened every time i saw my mom holding other babies, especially my cousin. I was extra jealous when my grandma held her instead of me. My grandpa said, i showed an "angry bird" face. I dont think i look like that, though..later, i'll ask my mom to capture my face when i did that.
On problem solving..urm.. i'm not really good in that subject up to now. though sometimes i managed to solve it by myself, i tended to get frustrated ealier, before i did solve it myself.
Just look at what i got myself into? After crying for a minute or two, i managed to get myself out of it without anyone's help! Dont laugh at was another learning process i went through, which is.. never ever crawl into any small spaces..yes, i got it now!
My mom told me, I am approaching one year as a fully-breastfed baby.Alhamdulillah. I'm very happy to get all the nutritious from my mom's milk. Even though lately i lost a few grams due to my "active lifestyle", i am thankful that Allah allows me and my mom to enjoy the journey. I pray that God will give us another year of this experience.
Talking about my sister, Kakak Lissa, there were a few ups and downs. There'll be times where she was very caring towards me.. and sometimes, she really either wants to test my patience or hates me..i'm not sure yet. Like the other day..  
I was eyeing Kakak while she was eating a biscuit, which looked really yummy
I did make sound like "uurmmm" (refer to above for translation) and Kakak didnt seem to care
And also, i did a begging position like pleasee..but kakak still ignored me and kept on watching Barney
To my surprise, out of sudden, she gave me a bite of her biscuit!
What can you tell from the story? Did she love me or hate me? Let me think for a while..
I better go to sleep first.. 
I'll tell you when i find the answer in my dreams :D 
Till then!
~~Baby Hanie~~

Friday, March 23, 2012

The untitled entry

Found this picture, taken long time ago.
Suddenly i missed the old baby Lissa
Lissa : The toothless smile
Hanie : The toothless smile version 2
And this is Hanie. the old bambam picture. now, no more bambam..kalau bukak baju tu, nampak cekeding jeik..aduyai.. only lately she has the appetites to eat. Jeles la plak tengok this one boy..
Ryan : The macho look ;)
Ape Mommy Nadia masak, sumer Ryan makan.. Share the tips, nadia.
Lately i have no idea on what to write. I'm patiently waiting to be transferred to a new Department (i'm requesting it since it offers better position, which means better "kaching!"). So, most of my works in current Department almost over. Just waiting for my replacement whom will report duty by next month..really can't wait..ok, enuff about work. next entry, i'll try to finish off my writing on our trip early this year, bangkok.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Once Upon A Time : Our Family Outing Story

Once upon a time (takla lama pun, last weekend jeik..gempak sket..hehe)
We went out for an outing to Sunway Pyramid
No more words, layan je these pictures. People say, picture speaks more than a thousand words..

In the beginning, everyone was happy!
Kakak with her signature smile
Again, signature smile = senget smile
Adik was busy with her cream crackers
Makan lagi...
Happy sungguh

someone dropped the french fries...!
Yes, one whole basket!
Then.. there were no more pictures..
Abah marah, kakak muncung..
eish eishh...

Notes : This is an entry without an objective.. Just to kill time! Bila la nak ding dong balik rumah ni.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friso Growing Up Together Day

After reading posts made by mommies blogger (Mommy Nadia & Mommy Nadine) on Friso Growing Up Together Days, I felt so tempted to bring Lissa to enjoy the day. We went to the one made at Sunway Pyramid last week*. (*last 2-wk ye..this is another pending entry)
At first Lissa wasn't in a mood to participate in anything (still in lalaland). She slept very late the prev night, and having to wake up as early as 9:30 am and took a bath..hmm.. still sleepy, i guess.
The Crooked Smile!
Waiting before getting into the virtual room
In the virtual room where Lissa should jump while the fish and tadpole and turtle swimming around us, she refused to jump. I was the one who kept on jumping. funny!
Then catch the butterfly activity, Lissa took quite a few minutes before knowing how the game is all about. She finally tapped on the screen to make the butterflies colorful and grow bigger.
Participated in making the batch.
I was more excited than she was
Virtual painting for the 2nd time, this time with Abah.
Since in the first round with mama was a warm up session time, Lissa asked for another round with her Abah. and to my surprise, her abah said, she was really active during the jumping session (yela, dah preview awal2 dgn Mama). And for the Virtual painting, she was the one who sibuk2 draw. but, of course, her abah being a very tidy person, erased most of her conteng2..adui kesian kakak, penat lukis.hehe. so here are the outcomes (already stick with Cameron Highland's magnets on our fridge) :
1st round with Mama (The writing "Lissa" hasil jari Lissa, ok?tak erase pun tau. of coz with mama's guidance) 
This time with Abah.
The pictures right next to Lissa's first art. Chantek tak?
We are looking forward for more activities like these. We love it very much. Plus next time around, Hanie also can join :)
Boring tunggu kakak 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Story of a Toddler

Yesterday i took one day off just to be with Lissa
Because lately she has been behaving very badly, especially whenever her sister's around. She would suddenly knock her sister's head or push her sister, who wasnt very stable standing up, tergolek dok la kawan tuh.. kesian sungguh tengok Hanie.
I realized may be i havent been around enough for her. plus with Hanie became so clingy lately..I guess Lissa just needed some attention. and off we go to B-D (as what Lissa called McD).
Once we arrived at McD Subang Parade, we took a seat after we bought meals for lunch. and sure..a Happy Meal for Lissa, with a spongebob which she hold most of the time.
Lissa's Happy Meal
Out of sudden, I heard a funny sound, to be exact, a sound of someone passing gas! yeah, quite loud! and Lissa suddenly scream : "OIT! Kentut!" while covering her nose.
I was so embarrassed and i bet the person who passed the gas would be much much embarrassed!
So funny, at these stage, a toddler will be very honest and direct.
The same incident had happened previously while we were in the elevator. everyone knows once we got into the elevator, people would just keep their mouth shut, which i dont know why. then we heard that sound..Lissa didnt scream, but just whisper, "toot..ehehehe" while covering her nose and shrug her shoulder. funny funny!
Hanie being bullied by Kakak. Last skali, Hanie layan je lentok kepala..
Now, it's time for Adek to bully kakak.
Anyway, yesterday's outing with Lissa didnt end up well. She was crying and screaming for almost everything. I even bought her a Barney cd (she called Bar-ne) to keep her quiet.. tak dapek nak shopping lebih.. So a 3-hour outing ended up with her screaming and crying til i noticed why..It was her Nap time when she was at her Daycare.. no wonder...
Now, with her joining the 4-year-old kindy class, for 2 weeks, i can say i am surprised and impressed with the teachers. She is now able to :
1. Sing a number song (until no 6, then jump to 10!haha) with a special moving-head dance
2. Recognize A to D
3. Say out loud A-Ba-Ta-Tha (she joins the Iqra' class too)
4. Tell me when she wants to pee-pee or do number 2 (though most of time she would just pee inside her diaper)
5. Wear her shoe and take it off by her self - and to my surprise, picks her shoes and arrange on the shoe rack!
6. Follow instructions, especially the magic word "Cleanup"
7. Sing and follow the gestures (which i believe she also learns this during her weekend playclass at Kizsport)
That's what i can remember. Looking forward for more and more development from Lissa.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apartment for Sale at Shah Alam

I took quite some time to decide. Finally, having to close one of my mortgage and sell my apartment is one of the biggest decision i've ever made. Though the rental monthly paid on time (sometimes in advance!Thanks to the tenant) and i dont have to pay extra to bank and maintenance, i was thinking to have extra money for better future investment.
The Apartment : Indahria Apartment at Batu Tiga Shah Alam 
Details of the apartment:
-Have 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
-Built up area 1008 sq.f
Living Room facing balcony
-On the 13th floor, facing Federal Highway (nice view during day and night)
Pictures i took during the massive traffic congestion from KL to Klang at Federal Highway last year
The swimming pool
15 minute walk to KTM Batu Tiga
- Easy access to Tesco, Giant, Stadium Shah Alam(very convenient-i missed it very much!)
- Nearby to MSU & PTPL College
* 1 Carpark
* Lights & Fans (all rooms & living hall)
* Curtain Railings (all rooms & living hall)
* Door & Window Grill
- Available by December 2012 (tenancy agreement will end by Dec 12)

I couldnt find proper picture of this apartment. Maybe later once I want to make an ad about this.
But it definitely holds a bunch of sweet memories of us. This was actually the first property i bought since i started work. I was one of the first to purchase it that time and the fifth to move in. I moved in with my husband during the first year of our marriage, when i was 4 month preggy with Lissa. We raised Lissa together til i had Hanie. We moved out to Nusarhu when Hanie was almost 6 month old.
Lissa made use of the apartment, being a "mechanic" for her push car, running around while bumped into me or her abah..Those were memories that we'll cherish.
The thing that I love with this apartment is it is so near to almost everything. I can just drive for about 5 mins and reach Tesco Extra, or Giant. and of course the apt is near to my office in Glenmarie. I can get up to work right before 7 am (subuh gajah je slalu..eish...tak baik) and start driving some time at 7:20 am and reach my ofce at 7:40 am. I just have to note that after 7:35 am at the junction will be congested.

So, if any of you interested to have a look or to make an offer, feel free to contact me :
Ok. Do not hesitate to make an offer. It's negotiable :)
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