Thursday, March 15, 2012

Story of a Toddler

Yesterday i took one day off just to be with Lissa
Because lately she has been behaving very badly, especially whenever her sister's around. She would suddenly knock her sister's head or push her sister, who wasnt very stable standing up, tergolek dok la kawan tuh.. kesian sungguh tengok Hanie.
I realized may be i havent been around enough for her. plus with Hanie became so clingy lately..I guess Lissa just needed some attention. and off we go to B-D (as what Lissa called McD).
Once we arrived at McD Subang Parade, we took a seat after we bought meals for lunch. and sure..a Happy Meal for Lissa, with a spongebob which she hold most of the time.
Lissa's Happy Meal
Out of sudden, I heard a funny sound, to be exact, a sound of someone passing gas! yeah, quite loud! and Lissa suddenly scream : "OIT! Kentut!" while covering her nose.
I was so embarrassed and i bet the person who passed the gas would be much much embarrassed!
So funny, at these stage, a toddler will be very honest and direct.
The same incident had happened previously while we were in the elevator. everyone knows once we got into the elevator, people would just keep their mouth shut, which i dont know why. then we heard that sound..Lissa didnt scream, but just whisper, "toot..ehehehe" while covering her nose and shrug her shoulder. funny funny!
Hanie being bullied by Kakak. Last skali, Hanie layan je lentok kepala..
Now, it's time for Adek to bully kakak.
Anyway, yesterday's outing with Lissa didnt end up well. She was crying and screaming for almost everything. I even bought her a Barney cd (she called Bar-ne) to keep her quiet.. tak dapek nak shopping lebih.. So a 3-hour outing ended up with her screaming and crying til i noticed why..It was her Nap time when she was at her Daycare.. no wonder...
Now, with her joining the 4-year-old kindy class, for 2 weeks, i can say i am surprised and impressed with the teachers. She is now able to :
1. Sing a number song (until no 6, then jump to 10!haha) with a special moving-head dance
2. Recognize A to D
3. Say out loud A-Ba-Ta-Tha (she joins the Iqra' class too)
4. Tell me when she wants to pee-pee or do number 2 (though most of time she would just pee inside her diaper)
5. Wear her shoe and take it off by her self - and to my surprise, picks her shoes and arrange on the shoe rack!
6. Follow instructions, especially the magic word "Cleanup"
7. Sing and follow the gestures (which i believe she also learns this during her weekend playclass at Kizsport)
That's what i can remember. Looking forward for more and more development from Lissa.

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