Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trip to Thailand (Part 2)

After pending so many months, this entry should be back dated to December 2011.. you can get the intro entry in the earlier post here.
As i mentioned earlier, i went there for a business trip. We stayed a few nights at Pattaya, Amari Orchid Hotel and one night stay at Bangkok. It was interesting to have to see other countries and their culture.
Mr hubby at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok
Though i can say, we might not go there again for leisure. However, overall the food were very very nice, especially the seafood. Almost everyday we ate Tom Yam Kung (prawn's tom yam)!
For two nights at Pattaya.. some of the nights' pictures
The Seafood buffet!
The Pattaya Amari Orchid Hotel - The Ocean Tower
Along side Pattaya road at night and the Pattaya beach
Lissa and Hanie attracted the thais and also japanese (green shirt)
Us, at the Pattaya's hectic road - while at the opposite restaurant, some "girls" were doing the strip dance - so not suitable for a family trip :)
Pattaya & Rayong during the day
Kakak had fun at the swimming pool while adik watched from pool side
Kakak and Abah - inside a very very cold water
She did had fun
At last, berbungkus sbb sgt sejuk. yeah i tell you, pattaya has a very nice weather..cool and windy
Balik bilik, demand another fun inside the bathtub. and of course lama compared to the pool since warm water - and while watching tv!
Later, we traveled to Bangkok city. Nice view of the buildings, but has a very heavy traffic.
Again, we stayed at Amari Hotel chain. This time at Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok
The shopping was a decent one. Not a great experience though.
We didnt have a chance to visit any special places since we were there for only 1 night.
After all the trip was a pleasant one. Pattaya has a great cool weather, but a lot of not-for-family activities. Bangkok was a great shopping place for imitation branded product, but the weather was hot and humid, exactly like KL.
If somehow we wanna go there again, we might visit the Elephant's farm or the floating market. Yeah, the one featured in Bangkok Dangerous movie :)

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