Friday, April 30, 2010

updates and updates

Wow! It has been quite some time since my last updates.. so many things happened yet so little time to update.
A good news early morning : my trip to china has been canceled!!
you know why i'm so relieved?
1. No bm stock for Lissa - I havent stocking up even after the news for the bus trip to china - pumping like crazy, but Lissa finished up any milk left
2. Will not be apart with my hubby - yes, sounds lame, rite? but truthfully (i realize this after my husband told me so the other day) we never been apart for more than 24 hours...!! funny, yet true...hehehe
3. I dont have my passport - weird? yes, i couldn't find it!! i've been looking and searching for the passport for almost 3 days in a row, and our apt wasnt that big. yet, i couldnt find it... i couldnt even remember when is the last time i have it in my hand.. what i remember is, we were moving out from Brunsfield Apt to Indahria, and I was thinking that the passport is very important that i should put it in a very safe place, which up til now, i dont know where.. so safe that noboday could find it including me!! one of the petanda that i wont be going to china..hehehe
4. the main reason why im so relieved - will not be apart with my baby.. never slept at nite without her. i couldnt imagine how would my life be without her....

So, now that i'm all relieved.. i can concentrate on my life :)

Last 2 weekends (17th Apr), we went to one of the most fun bowling game that my husband had to attend.
The game was called FB & Celebrities Bowling Game. It was featured in the Harian Metro last week. The event was organized by Sharifah Shahora and her husband. A few famous actors and not so famous actresses came to join the game held at Berjaya Times Square.
There, my husband made his throw, right next to Eizlan Yusoff
Us, posed before the game start.
Lissa started to be cranky, me and my sis had to find baby room to feed her.
Lissa slept after the feed. So we went back to the bowling center.(happily)
Lissa was partially awake after a 30-min nap.
Again, she was cranky, all the noise and need to sleep, she asked for more feed. Feeling so tired to go to the baby room, which was 20-min walk, i publicly bf her behind the locker room inside the bowling center.
Lissa-Refused to sleep.
My husband - having some bowling discussion with Eizlan. (yup, he's friendly and not acting like top famous actor type.)
my sis took a chance - taking pix with her fav actor - ako mustafa - whom is also very friendly.
and the winner goes to : my fav team - (from left : mr azman, mr rosman, mr shafie & mr fathillah)
they got the fifth place, but everyone in the team received quite an awesome hampers.
and of course, the choc belongs to me and my sis..haha!

The next morning (18th Apr), my husband played one of the important game : Proton's Bowling InterDepartment 2010, rep for our Department - Casting, held at Sunway Pyramid.
We went there with my ofcemate/friend, Miss Saniah.

the champion for single category

Congrates, dear! i was so impressed with his score!!
The scores went like this :
First game 201 (wow!)
Second game 158 (zaman merudum)
Third game 185
Forth Game 199 (i was so impressed!!)
Of course he got the first place in the single category.
On the individual scoring, the overall game, he was the 6th ranking. He went for the individual high score master selection. the tension and pressure were high since he had to play one player per lane..
To my surprise, 2 games, total score was 404 (194 + 210)!
He was the second highest, and received RM50 as a token ;)
We went for burger king later that day - i was starving (though already had nasi lemak for breakfast). but considering that i did a public bf twice, okay! at the bowling's office and one more time right in the bowling's cafe!

Lissa bored @ Burger King - asking for a burger, i guess? no-no!not now, hon.
Lissa waving - saying goodbye - at the parking, while waiting for her abah to get the car
Lunch for Lissa - mashed potato - and she loves it!
I'm full, mama! Thank you!
And, dinner for us! Sweet Sour Ikan Siakap-no, that's not coming from the stall - it was from my kitchen-home made, ok?
fried baby kailan
and of course, jantung pisang to boost up my supply!


rosman said...

bukan rm50 la yang...rm70...wat banje burger king bab syg tgu abg main bowling tanpa jemu..n tahun ni b tk sempat nk coaching abg..hahaha

airin diana said...

oh sorry, yang. terlupa plak. sbb dah masuk dlm perut..nyum nyum..
Yup, thn ni tak dpt nak coaching secara exclusive.. ade yg lain minta "coaching exclusively", every 2 hours. but my support will always be with u!


wah terrer nye Man main bowling..siap pergi bnyk tournement nih..huhuhu..bestnye jumpe Ako ;)

neway, lupa nak tny Airin..
so kira jadiklah nih g hows ur stock progress?
risau kan..nadia mase start keje, bos suruh g teambuilding kat PD..haha,Nadia bawak semua family g boleh lah BF Adam..
luckly semua sporting,tak kisah pun asyik hilang g BF..hehehe

airin diana said...

my entry must be too long! mesti nadia tak perasan ayat awal2 tu.. trip to china cancel! yeay!!

mmg tak bleh nak wat stock tau. hari2 nyer stock pun abih licin.. hari ni pam cover utk esok. eish.. susah kan. nadia untung g teambuilding angkut sumer org.hehe.. mmg best kalau mcm tu.. caner la kalau airin kena gi travel. for the time being, any travelling, postponed la.. but heard some suggestion from bosses pergi sweeden this coming august. i might be going, and of course to do all the reporting for them. hopefully, boss2 je la yg bleh gi. kitorg kuli2 ni dok la ngadap report kat glenmarie..(lucky for me, x yah berpisah dgn Lissa..hehe)


haha,boleh plak tak perasan..
actullly dh bace last week, airni br sempat comment..
btw,ok lah..mmg best boleh g buss trip,semua bila dah beranak..n plus BF..malas kan!

Lissa satu hari consume brp oz?
Airin pump daily bp?

airin diana said...

tepat skali! kalau dah beranak pinak ni, mmg la malas nak gi mana2..hehe

Lissa skrg daily consume up to 20 oz + makan more than 3x per day.. mlm sib baik bangun 2x je (3 & 5:30 am).. pam pun 3x dpt la around 16-17 oz, pam lagi kat umah nak cukupkan bekal esoknye.. dahsyat tul la.. kalau airin mcm nadia, xpela. skali pam, ha..dpt 20 oz..wuuu.. best tul

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