Friday, April 16, 2010

Swimming Time!!

Finally, I managed to take Lissa to the pool at our apt! itupun after my lovely-and-not-gemuk friend invited me (yes mommy nadia, u r not that gemuk. u're one of the hot mama i've ever known~wink!)
We went around 6:30 pm, and Mommy Nadia arrived at almost 7.After berendam for almost 30 mins, I have to take Lissa out, as her fingers are all kecut and turning purple..hehe.. sorry Lissa, mcm kena dera pulak.
Me, Lissa and my 2nd youngest sis
Me, Lissa and my youngest sis.
Lissa, move ur leg, don't look at the camera!
Ha, there you go!!
Balut Lissa with a towel and a blanket.
After a very nice warm bath, she was all smiling and laughing out loud with her abah.

To mommy nadia, yes, we should do this again! (not implying that u need all the calories burnt!)

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