Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday Lissa!

Mama and Abah pray for your happiness, health and wealth..
Mama will always give u my best, will try the best to feed u my milk til u 2 years old..
Abah will always give u his unconditional love, prepare the best equipments/facilites/comfort for u..

We celebrated her half birthday with : Homemade Rice flour with Mama's milk

First, I fried the rice flour without oil on slow fire until it turned brownish.
Then, I stored the rice flour in an airtight container. This is to ensure freshness of the flour. we can kept it in the container for quite some time.
Then, i scooped out a few and put in a bowl.
Then, i poured some of warmed breastmilk inside and stirred it.
the food is ready for Lissa.
and tell u what, the smell was so nice! try it yourself ;) (i bet it taste weird..hehehe)
Before she ate, we gave her bm using the sippy cup, and she loves it!

Yup, She loves it! very much...!!

and the result : moustache and beard all over!!

After this, i have to try some of recipe, especially suggested by chef Mommy Nadia ;)



Happy Birthday Lissa cayang :)
commey with cap tu..

pndai Lissa minum pakai spout ek..Adam besar2 br nak..:)
Happy Weaning dear ..

p/s: best betol dpt gelaran chef..terharu ni hikhikhik...
lepas ni Airin pulak share recipe..I know u lagi terrer :)

airin diana said...

Thank you auntie Nadia!

Chef terhormat tau ;) hehe
tere? huhuhu masakan orang dewasa, may be la kan.. masakan orang kecik, haruslah belajar dr chef senior2..hehehe

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