Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lissa (the delayed entry)

*This entry is dedicated to my beloved daughter, Nur Adriana Lissa Maisarah bt Rosman on her 2nd birthday, 2nd October 2011

Dear Lissa,

Today you are a 2 year-old toddler.
You are now being called Kakak.
I should've said a very protective and loving Kakak.
Mama, Abah and Adik love you very much.
Happy Birthday, sayang.
May Allah blessed you, dear.
May you be solehah girl.
May you'll be blessed with health, wealth and happy life.

Early this morning, I sang you a birthday song, while you were in your bath tub.
It was funny, yes, i know my voice sounded very very pitchy, especially in our bathroom
and your abah and adik were very deep in their sleep and pretty much didnt realize my "beautiful singing voice"
And you laughed and laughed

Then after everyone ready, including Abah who took so long to get ready (aha, longer than mama), we headed off to KLCC
I know you love very much fish, or you called phiisshh
So we planned to bring you to Aquaria
But first we had brunch at Secret Recipe, but you rather played with sugar and creamer.
and hanie rather played with her hands
We went to Aquaria after had our delicious brunch
and you were amazed
 and more amazed!
even at one point, mama and abah were so tired running after you
while adik had a very nice long sleep
After a long visit at Aquaria, you finished it off with a very peaceful sleep
I really hope we had a great birthday.. and i'm looking forward for more birthdays with you

Love you always,
Your mama


mommyNadia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lissa..

Sweetnye Lissa face dah besar ni,and the bam bam Hanie mmg geram betul...

Siti Mas Hidayu said...

terharunye bila lissa baca ni satu hari nanti...

Happy Birthday Lissa...^_~..

airin diana said...

Auntie Nadia:
Thank you berry muchh
Next week birthday abg adam plak kan
Adik mmg bam bam. asek minum susu pastu tido. mmg la bagai dipam-pam!

airin diana said...

Harap2 Lissa boleh access lagi la blog ni tahun 2020 nanti..hehe

Nadine said...

Happy Belated Birthday sweet Lissa!

Aunty doakan lissa berjaya dlm hidup, jadi anak yg solehah, membesar dgn cantiknya!

ameen! :)

airin diana said...

Tq auntie for the wish! InsyaAllah, Lissa besar nanti jadi anak solehah..

nurul azida ahmad said...

Ha ah, terharu jugak, mesti Lisa touching masa baca ni akan dtg..:)

HAppy Birthday Lissa, cepatnye Kak Lissa kita dah 2tahun...Haish cepatnyer cepatnyer...

Peluk cium ketat-ketat untuk Lissa..Mmmuah mmmuah!

airin diana said...

aunty zieda.tq very much for the wish.lissa mmg dh besar skrg.kurus tinggi.bdn cekeding bak kata abah.ihihihi

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