Monday, February 15, 2016

Reunion Puteri Class of 95-99

Hye All

We had the reunion of Sekolah Menengah Puteri Seremban batch 95-99 last December. Hope the cerita is not yet basi ;)
All girls school - now all mak-mak already ;)

It goes wayyy back in 1995. I attended the secondary school in Seremban, Sekolah Menengah Puteri (SMP) from Form one to Form three. We were actually the first batch of the school since Convent Seremban was "removed", relocated and replaced with a new school. It was a really sad event for us, witnessing the school went down. I went to Convent Seremban since Standard one. But anyway, we got a new building for the school, and it was less hectic outskirt of Seremban town.

The reunion started when one of the SMPians (that's what we called ourselves), Tasya or chacha (nama manja katanye) started collecting our phone numbers and created a whatsapp group, then FB group, came out with an idea to have a gathering. It was more than 17 years since we last met. I left school in 1997 to further study in MRSM for Form 4 & 5. Most of us left the school back in 1997. of course it was an emotional one for us to meet up with the friends. Those tomboys were all mommies! Some with more than 4 kids already!! hahaha. Ok let's just enjoy the photos. we took lotsss of selfie, wefie and pictures together. memang fun!

The theme was White and Jeans. and I was looking high and low for the white shirt I had, but couldn't find. So, another reason to go shopping, right? Konon nak look like Che Ta.. hmm let's see
Deduct the cutie pie Aisyah
Went to H & M and found one white blouse. Muka gembira tu.

On the day :) okay la memang x sama dgn Che Ta. she has the boots, the body and the look. (nangis!)

The Mastermind behind the reunion! Thanks Tasya for making it happened.
Dulu kenal Tasya, she was like all tomboy and ganas. I even so-called afraid of her sebab garang sangat. with the short hair and jalan ala gangster ;) now dah all lady-like, mak-mak sangat. so motherly.
The deco of the hall was all by the AJK. Memang salute la
I went to the reunion along with Yat. She is now expecting baby no 4.
Yat antara kawan2 yang muka sama je dari sekolah dulu. hehe and being me, bad with memory face matching thingy, having a look yang tak berubah, really help me remember & recall :D
Register je, terus dapat name tag. Awww KLMJ sangat
*KLMJ : Kenangan Lalu Mengusik Jiwa*
See? Mak buyung ni ;)Altho macam sarat, tapi still active. Kagum sungguh
and thanks to the sponsor. all the lucky draw were fully sponsored by the SMPians.
The candy booth, sweet tooth sangat
Our photo booth.
This is Wahida, among others that I can remember off. Wahida ni dari dulu memang comel je. I remember dulu penah nak match-make her with my cousin. haha
this is one of the girls yang dah totally berubah make-over gitu. Makin cantek seriously. I cant remember who she was! Sampai Liyana tunjuk pix dulu2, then I recalled. now dah sangat cantek
See? Cantek kan?

With Wewe. Memang all crazy this girl. Havoc selalu
Photobooth with Yat, Eton and Shikin
This was one of the orang kuar. Shikin aka chi la kan?
Pipa memang kelakar. dari dulu pun suka je mengusik

Our Ratu Kek! Najibiah. Since before memang suka tengok najib. lemah lembut je orang nya.
Oh anyway, she's still single uols! and pandai buat kek. bley visit her ig @ratukek
My longest known friend ever!!!
She was the first girl who talked to me and said hi in Standard one!
Azreena (aka Maya Karin) memang happy go lucky dari dulu lagi. If any of our friends couldn't recall me, she's the one who'll do the explanation.hahaha. Thanks Azreena! our friendship memang precious.
Oh, yeah, this is paling paling longest ever friend. we go wayyy back in kindie!!
So kenal Ross Diana since umur 6 years. now dah 34 years. cuba kira berapa lama kenal?
and yeah, cerita kindergarten pun boleh ingat lagi sampai sekarang (aka abg Ross Diana yg naughty masatu)
Christine, long lost friend.

Another cikgu in our circle ;) Hi Cikgu Yati
The event started with the opening speech from our Miss Mastermind
Sangeetha, before this dalam FB je contact2. now meet in person
The event started with celebrating birthday for December babies (babies la sangat kan? hehe)
Eton, your daughter memang comel sangat!
Our meja yg gila2
Yes, another cikgu! Cikgu Mai mengajar jauh kat Sarawak tau
ni bakal pengantin baru ni ;) Fara, cant wait to see you in baju pengantin

one of acara yg best. Karaoke! yg bestnya, nyanyi lagu KRU Oh La La tu.
Masing2 still boleh ingat.heheheh
Areen, now tokey tudung yg Berjaya. Wish you all the best on your tudung business.
Kelakar masa emcee nak announce utk lucky draw, semua doa tak dapat lagi. sebab semua dapat hadiah and lagi lambat dipanggil, lagi besar hadiahnya. but Nampak sangat iols lucky, sebab awal2 lagi nama dah panggil. hehe
Sesi menyempit atas pentas
sambil nyanyi, sambil wefie
Hye you two, my longest known friends ever!
Yatt ni baru je discharge, terus datang ke reunion! anak pun x jumpa lagi, katanya. lol!
With Shikin (second from left and Balqis (Center).
Untung shikin now dah kawin dgn org brunei ;)
And the Grand prize for the lucky draw. Syok kan dapat TV!
Banyakkan selfie and wefie? sampai tak larat update. lol!

Anyway, we had such a great event! please please please buat lagi cha.

Thanks to all AJK yang bertungkus-lumus to ensure the event was a successful one.

SMP forever!!


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