Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A message from Baby Hanie

Momma supposed to update this blog with a new recipe today
but she told me that she couldnt find enuff time
hopefully all of you readers, aunties could patiently wait for the next entry on the new recipe for me, baby hanie, which momma made last weekend.
What Baby Hanie can say now : Tunggguuuuuuuuuuuu!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabulous Motherhood Mommy Nadia's Giveaway

i love giveaways! 
and the most i love is mommynadia's fabulous motherhood giveaways
want to know why?
because the first time i participated, i won! hehe..dont jealous k ;)
now, she did it the 3rd time (i missed the 2nd time.. babab to my IE at office and my samsung for failure to upload the blog..aish tension tul)
this time it is 2nd anniversary of giveaway for her blog
(wah.. dah second year dah nadia berblogging.. and makin glamer mommy nadia ni.. keep on writing babe, we love it!)

it is so easy to participate..
just type in :
Nickname  : airindiana
Email     : airindiana@gmail.com
Blog link : http://airinaiman.blogspot.com/
I'm ...existing fabulous motherhood followers

Have a look on her entry to join!
dont miss it like i did last time..

Goodbye 2011. . Welcome 2012!

Goodbye 2011
You've been very nice to me and family..
All the memories will be sealed safely in my heart

2011 full of events and episodes..
To giving birth to our second daughter

To finally meet another nur.. Nur Aireena Hanie Myazara

To witness these two kids bonded up - Priceless!

Watching Lissa grew up..
Having her listen to her mom singing a Happy Birthday song early in the morning for her 2nd birthday

Brought her to her fav place, phissh! aquaria KLCC

 To finally find a home for our lil family

To go through a very tough process - yes,it was tough : selecting curtain!
Having a painting experience - with the expert, Miss Lissa
 To experience another round of breastfeeding experience..
Finally getting 8 oz per pumping session

Keep adding up stocks during pantang
Having very very good friends around me (thanks guys for the love!)

And finally, a three happy years together with this gentleman..my chenta hati :)

InsyaAllah, 2012 will be better for all of us..
wishing for more happiness
wishing for better health
wishing for a better motherhood (and more organized!)
and of course..
wishing for a better career path ahead..amiiin!
Might be my last day on top of roof at Casting Plant (habis kotor baju panjat tangga!)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Calorie Needs While Breastfeeding & Birthday Celebration

During bloghopping, at farah's blog, i found this link to a very informative page on calorie needs as a fulltime bf mom, like me!
wahh... now i can eat even more!! hehehe
oh, the hurtful moment was typing in a 3 series number to the age..
yeah, 30 years + 2 days old...
hate the sound of "3"!

anyway, thanks to mr hubbby, for the lunch treat yesterday special for my birthday
since we didnt have enuff time together this week, he sacrifices his sleeping time during day (he's on night shift this week)..
and of course to my fav restaurant
and luckily today is FRIDAY!
My All-time Fav : Sirloin Steak with Wild Mushroom Sauce

His First Try : Rib Steak

The love of my life ;)
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