Friday, January 13, 2012

Calorie Needs While Breastfeeding & Birthday Celebration

During bloghopping, at farah's blog, i found this link to a very informative page on calorie needs as a fulltime bf mom, like me!
wahh... now i can eat even more!! hehehe
oh, the hurtful moment was typing in a 3 series number to the age..
yeah, 30 years + 2 days old...
hate the sound of "3"!

anyway, thanks to mr hubbby, for the lunch treat yesterday special for my birthday
since we didnt have enuff time together this week, he sacrifices his sleeping time during day (he's on night shift this week)..
and of course to my fav restaurant
and luckily today is FRIDAY!
My All-time Fav : Sirloin Steak with Wild Mushroom Sauce

His First Try : Rib Steak

The love of my life ;)


mommyNadia said...

Obviously I shud eat lesser since I'm shorter, hohoho!!

neway happy belated birthday!!
Enjoy the 3series world ;)

owh owh congrats for the great news too..

airin diana said...

ahaha nadia.funny. u already look slimmer than last time la. and im serious! even abg m pun cakap mcm tu.maybe stress sbb campaign kot.hehe.nxt time minta puan buat that type of event la..hint utk cepat kurus. lalala

oh..tq2. dnt mention that 3 series ye...warghhh!!! tua rsnye

gud news..insyaAllah nxt mnth effective.but ape2pn hv to wait til get replacement.thanx for the wish

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