Friday, January 24, 2014

Testimony Premium Beautiful Corset

Hello readers

I gather all testimonies for Premium Beautiful Corset I had throughout my journey in business. Glad that I could make my clients feel healthier and gain back their confidence.

Let pictures do the talking.
This is my cousin. She was one of my first customers in the business.
Her weight before was more than 100 kg. now after consistently wears Premium Beautiful Corset daily, she reaches 70+ kg.
Alhamdulillah. you can notice the difference on her face. She looks much younger (in fact she is younger than me) and more confident.
Thank you Nurul for being a loyal customer.

This one is really a FRESH from oven testimony. We had a fitting session on last Wednesday, 22nd January 2014.
She is a mom of two, fully breastfed her baby.
Right after she wore the corset, her body showed an obvious curve. She even told me that her husband "jeling-jeling" her throughout the day. hehe.
Her supportive husband sponsored the corset for her. Lucky her!!
This is my new business partner all the way from Kulai, Johor, Baizura Azman.
Before picture was taken on the 2nd of January 2014, right after new year.
The after picture was taken on the 13th of January 2014, the second day she wore the corset.
This is an example of people called "Gemuk Air". She sweats heavily once wearing it.
Great Zura, more to come after this :)

This is my customer, was a student last year. This picture actually posted by her on Facebook showing how happy she is with her own figure now. Alhamdulillah, I am so glad to help others feeling good about yourself healthily.
Premium Beautiful Corset is sooo suitable for those in confinement. Why? No more bengkung lilit which wasnt comfortable, panas and sweaty.
Right after 4 months delivery, she earn back her own shape!! what a great achievement.
This is one of Glamprenuers in our team, The Diamond Circle, Farah.
She now owns a curvalicious body after consistently wears the corset.
Premium Beautiful INSTANT shaping once wear it. This is also a FRESH from oven testimony. picture taken on wednesday 22nd Jan 2014.
Our team member, within 4 months, she get back her shape and looks younger.

Another INSTANT result of shaping!!
Before was during pregnancy, After in confinement.

Another testimony of great reduction of weight and body shaping

Our business partner, get her body once after confinement. On the right was after delivery.
By wearing one piece, the fat distribution cant be well distributed.
Premium Beautiful has 3 piece for full set. It will maintain your figure while reshaping it.

Pregnant by Wearing Premium Beautiful?
Yes, we have received a lot testimonies regarding this.
This corset placed back your uterus and balance the hormone. This will increase the chances to conceive.

Yes, without diet pills, surgery; you can get your great body and be healthy!
70% focus on Health and 30% on Beauty.

Your Perfect lingerie
Grab your own set NOW.
Contact me for Discounts, Rebates and also Flexible Payment.

FREE Fitting also available.

Your consultant,


Zara Nurhaidah said...

Waooohhh !!!! Seerioussly ???

Airin Diana Anuar said...

yes dearie. ni mmg my clients mostly. so mmg depan mata nampak difference. happy sgt for them :)

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