Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Shining Stars 2014


I had an amazing weekend!

Team Aces under CDM Sha Khalid and The Diamond Circle under CDM Shaliza Aziz held a great seminar for new managers in the team. 

As all know, Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, or GLAM, has a very strong record of group sales months after months in the company. How we do it? Yes, of course through KNOWLEDGE.

This workshop has been one of the first held this year. and Alhamdulillah I was one of the AJK appointed to take part in the event. The seminar for the new entrepreneurs was named Shining Stars 2014.

It was held on 25th January 2014 at Kota Permai Golf and Country Club, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.

The environment was so serene. An exact timing for a day getaway after one whole stressful week in office. fuuh!!

Lets enjoy the pix.
We wore a formal attire for the seminar.
and this is my husband doing ye. snap celah-celah daun, gitu!

Me and husband, a very supportive husband i have here. Not only that he supports what im doing, he helps me and now becomes my Senior Sales Manager and soon to be my Diamond Sales Manager.

Us again in different angle.
Me and partial of partners

Of course with the ambitious CDM Sha Khalid. Lovely her today.
Can you see the dangling Chanel brooch? LOVELY!!
Let me tell you a bit about her.
She was an engineer at IBM. Having to stay back hours during projects, this mom of two decided to pursue being a full time mompreneur.
She earned a car fund within 4 months in her business and within 7 months, she transformed her Perodua Viva to a C-Class Mercedes.
Now earning a 5 figures income, she has more than she could ever ask for.

My business partners, some came from Utara, Sungai Petani, arrived Pudu after Subuh. some came all the way from Kulai, Johor last night. So amazed with their spirit and energy!!

My two dedicated leaders, CDM Sha Kalid and CDM Shaliza Aziz

Im ready for the workshop. Tho i was one of the committee members, the course was definitely a refresh one to me.
The official pen for the event

we started the workshop with Takwim 2014 by...

CDM Sha Khalid.
She was an engineer at IBM. decided to fulfill her dreams to become a fulltime mompreneur.

So now we know the plans. the schedule. and we can work for it!!
Let's plan to success!

Yes, if there is no struggle, there is no progress

The next slot by DDM Zaer Ali.
He is the key person, the expert when it comes to Social Media.
He was an engineer at Mesiniaga, but resigned and focus fulltime in the business.

Very dedicated person and appreciate the very informative presentation

Close to 100 participants all over Malaysia, and a representative from Thailand.


Off for lunch. Very Very delicious food.

Mushroom soup

Partners enjoying the lunch

Me, my business partners and partial of The Diamond Circle

Since there's no photographer around, i decided to take pictures of my precious business partners

Another so called Americon Next Top Models.hehe
Oh, bumped into CDM Sha Khalid, so of course grab the chance to snap pix with her

and more!

while we were taking pictures, hubby grab a chance to driving range, sabar je la
mmg kemaruk tul

The session after lunch was from our favourite CDM, CDM Shaliza Aziz.
Let me tell you what i'm impressed of this CDM.
She was a banker and resigned 24 hours her fulltime job to become a glamprenuer within less than a year in the business.
She drives a 3-series BMW after 11 months in business.
Earned a 5 figures income after 4 months in business.
Impressive, right?
This mom on one never fail to stop or slow down her effort in business. Now focusing on her business partners all over Malaysia, she enjoys every moment guiding her partners, witnessing partners get what she's gotten before.

Very powerful ones.
Very step by step for our new business partners.

And here comes our founder for GLAM. Since CDM Hanis Haizi wasnt feeling well, her husband, CDM Razali Zain is more than enough to present the motivation slots as if CDM Hanis was there.
We even played her video to increase the spirit.
He offered 3 RM50 to the participants with a very tactful way!!
And we learned a lot from there.

A very energetic one.

Me with Ain, part of the committee members. We were in the same high school at MRSM Jasin.

Some cenderahati for both our CDMs.

Oh we love the photography session!!!
My team with CDM Shaliza and her husband, soon-to-be DDM Duan

Pictures were snapped from the official camera

The official pictures from all participants

The not so formal pictures of us

Selfie with my next diamond, bakal DSM Afizah and my CDM Sha Khalid

Special thanks to this lovely couple, CDM Shaliza and husband for bringing me into this business and never let go of my hands since day 1 in business.
and Alhamdulillah now reaching half way to CDM, the highest level.

With this aspiring couple, CDM Sha Khalid and DDM Zaer Ali.
Thank you for the guidance and inspiration.
Even tho i was not her direct leg, but she never fail to motivate me personally.

Thank you to my lovely business partners for the commitment.
Always appreciate your effort and support.
This is another committee member, Suehaiza. We work closely as the AJK and the event went very well.
Oh, i love her skin complexion, sangat flawless!!

My husband in action

Selfie with partners

With Ms Emcee yang sangat lawak and bersahaja. Yong from Kedah. Boleh jemput untuk majlis2 as emcee ;)
Oh, beware of the Utara loghat. sangat pekat, okay.hehe cute!

Mr hubby, the audio and PA system man
Awww Dream Bag!! the Chanel.

Right after the workshop, we went to AEON Bukit Tinggi for Sushi time!
and this is the after picture.
Sangat pelahap masing2.hahaha

After makan, haruslah ada goal setting. with my business partners, Elis and Eda.
Oh, pardon my husband. sangat penat la tu. hehe

Our first trial for selfie, my husband terperosok kat blakang tu

Then, Iezah plak lelap mata

Another snap, Eda pulak!

And this last shot, Elis pulak!!
We had a BIG laughs!!
Susah betul nak dapat a great and perfect pix. LOL!

Before we go home, a must have drink from Chatime.
Overall the event went very well.
I was very satisfied.
I was thankful to have dedicated leaders and committed partners.

Partners, this is a beginning of your first bukti in this business.

Thanks to :

Eda Edros for having to trouble yourself to come all the way from Sungai Petani.

Baizura Azman, just joined this business this month, for having to sacrifice your precious time and rode bus for the first time alone from Johor.

Elis for holding yourself and fight throughout the morning sickness you're having.

Iezah for having to drive all the way from Tampin to Shah Alam.

Miza and Dilla for driving all the way from Bangi, leaving your comfort weekend to pursue much bigger rewards.

Afizah for never failed to commit in every event and you will very very soon become my Diamond.

Thanks to all for the sacrifice you've made.
What you sacrifice now will pay off tomorrow.

Partners, now time to turn on your Turbo Engine and Let's speed up to SHANGHAI!!!

Til we meet again.



Zara Nurhaidah said...

Food pict. Tu jg xble blaahh.. nyum2. . ^^

Airin Diana Anuar said...

kan zara?
mmg sampai sekarang tgk balik, aduyai.. sedapnyeee

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