Monday, January 20, 2014

Movie World Theme Park Gold Coast

I Love Roller Coasters so much!!

During my studies in the States from 2001-2005, I went to most of the roller coaster theme parks:

Six Flags in Chicago 
This is the Superman Rides. Memang fun!!!!
Universal Studios both in Orlando and LA;
I remember that this was the dragon rides in Orlando Park. You may choose you want to ride the red or the blue dragon.
This was the Hulk ride also in Orlando park. i still can recall i was sitting next to this big american guy, but he did scream like a lil girl during the ride. sooo hilarious!

 Disneyworld Hollywood Studios 
This is the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith
It was one of the fastest ride ive ever been into.
but the queue was about an hour!
lenguh kaki berdiri, but it was worth it
And now, i am about to experience the fun again during my trip to Gold Coast.
The theme park is the Movie World, Hollywood on The Gold Coast!
There'll be 3 types of rides and attraction; Thrills (where the extreme roller coasters will be), Kids fun (erm, kanak-kanak riang je!) and Family Entertainment (mostly the shows)
We're gonna be there for one whole day! so definitely im gonna ride all rides especially the roller coasters!
and the not so good part of it, my husband told me earlier that he's not gonna be "killing" himself by riding the roller coaster rides. luckily im going there with partners, got my partner for roller coasters and we're gonna ROCK it!

Let the excitement begins. Count down starts now.

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