Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Cliché? hiks.
(Read Last year entry : Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015)
My 2014 recap : Free Trip to Gold coast
Goodbye 2015.
You have been good to me and my family.
Tho you were a bit challenging, you have thought me a lot.

Let's recap my 2015 year

1. Business Achievements : My New Sales Managers

Alhamdulillah, This year we celebrated three of my new Sales Manager with RM20,000 sales.
Three of them were from different backgrounds.

From left, June from Sungai Petani Kedah was a student when she started; in the middle Sue Hamsanah was a housewife before and now owns her own store; and on the right a young and ambitious Aimie Atiqah is from Perak.
I am glad that they have chosen me and be part of my team. Thank you for trusting me as your leader. (terharu) Three of them are such a true fighter. Am proud to have them as business partners.
Read the entry here : My New Sales Managers

2. Business Achievements : My New Senior Sales Manager
My lovely business partner for achieving RM60,000 Sales. InsyaAllah early 2016 naik pentas
Read Here

3. Business Achievements : Free 4th trip to Ho Chi Minh

The trip which was supposed to be to Bangkok was diverted to Ho Chi Minh City instead due to the bombing at Bangkok City. (read the entry here) But Allah has better plan. Alhamdulillah.

The trip to Ho Chi Minh was superb!! shopping and shopping and shopping til kaki lenguh. Alhamdulillah company fully sponsored the trip, and we only have to bring money for shopping; which was also from the bonus :D best kan!

I know I know, I owe lots of updates from the trip! will definitely share soon!

Read the entry here : Vietnam Glamjourney

4. Business Achievements : Premium Beautiful Expert Photoshoot
Done Premium Beautiful Expert shooting. Kind of fun to gather all together as a The Diamond Circle Leaders.
Read the entry here : Premium Beautiful Expert Shooting

5. Business Achievements : Introducing my Premium Beautiful Experts for whole Malaysia

Yeah, got a chance to introduce my experts throughout Malaysia! Now you can reach them anywhere, from KL central, southern, northern and East Malaysia.

Get the experts location here

6. Fun Activities : Majalah Pa & Ma Shooting

Thanks to Majalah Pa & Ma for the opportunity for me to be featured in Supermama section.
Glad to meet up the rest of supermama and we have been friends since.
Read the entry here : Majalah Pa & Ma Shooting

7. Fun Activities : Ashraff Zainal Fashion Show
Got an invitation to a fashion show by my favorite fashion designer, Ashraff Zainal to his launching of White Love Bridal
Read the entry here : White Love Bridal Show by Ashraff Zainal

8. Fun Activities : TV Program Shooting

 Got an opportunity to participate in a family tv program for RTM with Tribution Studio.
Such an opportunity and this time so-called reality tv show betul. tak tipu berlakon; ie Hanie si drama queen terserlah!!
Cant wait for the airing soon 2016 :)

9. Fun Activities : Appointed model for Emerald On Monday
Been appointed as a model for Emerald On Monday fashion line. Love it cause the fashion and material really suits me :)

Read Here for my Modeling Job Review

10. Fun Activities : Cameron Highlands visit (again & again)

I lost count of frequency we visit Cameron Highlands. Yes, it is our favorite place!!
And the throwback visit from 2012 :) Read HERE
11. New Chapter : A mom with schooling kid
Yeah, next 2016 Lissa starts her formal education as Standard One student.
The preparation? was hectic!! I never thought baju sekolah darjah satu was expensive! of course kena beli berpasang2; ie min of 5 pieces, 1 each day.
During the orientation. Lissa' school was one of the earliest school for orientation in November 2015. Other school scheduled late Dec 15.
After this, no more bercuti in the middle of the week. cannot ponteng school dah.. hiks
Read Here for the School Preparation Story
12. Love Life : Our 7th Year together
Alhamdulillah our 7th year together.. lots of tears and laughter. I love you yang. looking forward for many many years together
13. New Transformation : From a-bit-chubby me to a-better-figure me
Who said ive never been gemuks?
Tak percaya? take a look at this :
I rest my case :D
Looking back 2015, lots happening. Alhamdulillah.. Thanks to Allah for blessing me with all these sweet memories of 2015.
I am soo looking forward to a better year in 2016. More on career advancement, more on business achievements and more on motherhood and parenting.
To this, I'd say : Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Have a great year ahead and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Want to burn off 900 calories in One Hour?

By jogging, you'll only burn off 350 calories per half an hour. but by wearing Premium Beautiful, you'll burn off 900 calories per hour!

Wow! That's a really good thing for us.

How it does that?

Far Infra-Red rays will react towards water molecules inside our body through vibrations. While vibrating, energy will generate thus created heat which will improves blood circulation inside our body. Then the cells will be getting more active and increased the metabolism rate.

Who should wear Premium Beautiful?

1. Those who want to slim down the body, or reshape it, without extra dieting. Premium Beautiful will definitely control the quantity of what you eat.

2. Those who want to conceive. It is true, insyaAllah, Premium Beautiful will balance off the hormones and position our uterus back. InsyaAllah, kita hanya berusaha, everything else will be decided by Allah.

3. Those who just delivered baby and wants back their body shape. During confinement, we dont have to wear those bengkung lilit or bengkung jawa. just wear PB, and in short time we'll get back our body shape, and also improve blood circulation which means increase our breast milk supply.

4. Those who breastfeed her baby. A lot of testimonies showed that they have abundant supply of breastmilk while wearing PB.

5. Those who has backbone problem, yes, including guys. Definitely wear only the waist nipper for guys.

6. Those who has migraine. PB improves blood circulation, increase oxygen level and ensure it arrives our brain.

7. Those who wants to loose all the stretch mark.

8. Those who has gout.
A lot of testimonies been received throughout these years.

Definitely Premium Beautiful has proven that it works effectively. Perhaps it has lifetime warranty.

Too expensive? Not if you think as a lifetime body investment. Just calculate how much you spent for a beauty product, slimming product just to get back your shape. but using Premium Beautiful, you can use it throughout your life..

1st baby, 2nd baby...many babies to go ;)

I can be reached at or 017-6511966.

Cameron Highlands and us

Let's declare, Our favorite holiday spot ever : Cameron Highlands

Gonna do some Throwback on the same spot we took in several years.

Year 2012
Year 2013

Year 2015
Just look at the kids and their characters.. priceless kan? hikss

So what will 2016 look like?

**Hint to mr hubby**

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bio~Ever Plus Video

Bio~Ever Plus

The Age-Reversing Cream with all natural ingredients

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bio~Ever Plus, The New Anti-Aging Cream

Woot woot! Good News to women out there!

A new revolutionary anti-aging cream is here.. and it works immediately.

Introducing the Bio~Ever Plus, an anti-aging cream.

What are the functions? a lot!!
#1 : Anti-aging
It removes the fine lines, naikkan your skin especially on the face. Immediate effect tau!

#2 : Runcingkan dagu
Nak buang lelemak bawah dagu? runcingkan lagi dagu bila sapu this cream.

#3 : Firm Breast
Say no more to mushy breast. Firming your breast at that instant. People say, lebih mantap ;)

#4 : Firmer thigh
No More lembik-lembik on your thigh

#5 : Kurangkan Bengkak susu
Yes, for breastfeeding mommies, no more rasa bengkak susu. Flow susu lebih smooth. tak la rasa sakit lagi kan?

Those were few of the benefits. I'll definitely gonna share more soon :)

On introductory price now for 50 gram a bottle, can last many months depends on usage

Text me 0176511966 to order. limited stock available now


Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Mr Husband

Hye dearie
18th December 2015

Happy birthday to you

Although now our age gap is 14 years old, but you always look younger than the undisclosed age; both to my eyes and heart.

May you be granted with health and happiness.

Love always,
ur wifey

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tips Kurus Selepas Bersalin

Hi mommies!

Ramai yang excited baca topic ni kan? Tips untuk kurus selepas bersalin. Mommies ramai yang mengadu kenapa lebih kahwin and lebih-lebih lagi lepas bersalin, mesti badan bagai dipam-pam. nak turun balik, nak dapatkan ideal weight macam before kahwin, susah sangat.
Picture courtesy of
Alhamdulillah, I am now at the most ideal weight I ever wanted; my weight before married :) Previously after delivery of my second baby, my weight has gone yo-yo between 56 to 58 kg which was quite alarming for me. Although at height of 170 cm, my ideal weight with normal bmi would be 60kg, i aimed for a weight which was before married. I am now at 54 kg with bmi of 18.7.
My very recent picture last week with my two lovely daughters :)
So now I'd like to share some tips untuk kurus selepas bersalin, which I've been practicing now and then.

Tips #1 : Breastfeed
By breastfeeding your baby, you will get rid of your "baby fat" sooner that you ever thought of! Setiap hari menyusu badan, a mom will burn off about 500 calorie, sama dengan berlari 2 kali pusingan padang tau. untung tak bf moms? selain dapat provide susu yang berkhasiat untuk babies, boleh jugak dapat turunkan berat badan and also dapat pahala! double triple reward kan?

Tips #2 : Minum Air Secukupnya
Tahu kan bila minum air (air kosong tau, bukan air manis), boleh bantu menurunkan berat badan

Tips #3 : Berpantang dengan betul
Ye, ramai ibu2 moden zaman sekarang tak berapa nak hiraukan petua2 orang2 dulu. Jaga makan, jaga itu, jaga ini, berstokin, berbengkung.. etc etc. sebenarnya memang boleh bantu kita turunkan berat badan tau!

Tips #4 : Exercise!
Tak kisahlah pergi gym ke, berlari turun naik tangga (rumah + office) ke, buat plank sambil tgk tv ke (bukan sambil munch2 junk food ye), mesti nak cuba spend a bit time here and there to burn off your calorie. especially those yang kerja kat office, ngadap depan laptop je, memang boleh membesarkan bon-bon. opps!
Uols boleh checkout tips untuk exercise from googling. This is one of good website to refer to :

Tips #5 : Pakailah Premium Beautiful corset
Banyak dah testimonies yang kita dapat from mommies yang pakai Premium Beautiful corset. memang betul2 berkesan.
Antara yang pakai Premium Beautiful corset waktu pantang

Dah back to normal kan? mcm before pregnant

Lagi kurus dari before pregnant!
Bila pakai premium beautiful corset, automatic food intake pun tercontrol. tak boleh makan lebih2 dah

Ha tips untuk kempiskan perut, waist nipper premium beautiful ada!

Untuk kecikkan peha plak, ade long girdle premium beautiful. confirm kecik and firm
And the best thing, premium beautiful corset has been chosen a winner of Reader's choice Awards as the best body shaping lingerie!

So, tunggu apa lagi? dah ade 5 tips untuk kurus selepas bersalin kan? jangan tunggu lama2. waktu selepas bersalin, badan masih lembut untuk dibentuk. if tunggu sampai dah bertahun2, erk? jenuh sket nanti nak turunkan lemak2 degil.

Oh, lagi satu, now last month untuk promotion of Cash Rebate and discount up to RM600 per set! so, grab cepat2 ye. Contact me as your premium beautiful expert 017-6511966.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Modelling Job : Emerald On Monday

Hye All

I was a bit excited and honored when been offered to model for Emerald On Monday, one of the best quality RTW muslimah clothing last month.
You can follow their instagram here
It was one of the best experience working with the Emerald on Monday team; the founder Shaliza Aziz & Ain Zulkarnaind and the talented photographer Hafiz Atan. Featuring the models; me, Olyn and Ain.
The studio in setup

There are lots of gorgeous blouses for you to choose from

Me and Olyn in action. (notice that I was wearing a 6" heels?)

But it was so weird that we are having pizza instead. Ade ke model makan pizza? haha

It wasn't easy to give a pose. but luckily we've got the expert, Mr Hafiz Atan

We are mom of two!
Do checkout the ig and you'll be rambang mata!
It was a great experience.
Looking forward to work with Emerald on Monday soon. Ive got the news about the long lifetime contract as their model. hahaha


Monday, December 7, 2015

Premium Beautiful Corset, Perfect for Moms

Hello All

Last time i did explain how you can grab Premium Beautiful Corset either by cash or installment.
You may catch-up my previous entry here : Cara Pembayaran Premium Beautiful Corset

Anyway, since the entry, quite numbers of you contacted me to own a premium beautiful corset.
Thank you customers for trusting me as your Premium Beautiful Expert.

Let me tell you how important this corset been to me personally. As most of you knows, I am a mother of two. After giving birth to two cuties, my body wasn't as what I expected it to be. Thank God I found Premium Beautiful corset and it has been my bestfriend since!

All of us are mothers of two kids. Slim? healthy? Of course!
By wearing Premium Beautiful Corset, it helps to shrink our waist. And proudly present the Reader's choice Awards 2015 as the Best Body Shaping Lingerie!!
Apart from slimming factor, it protects our back, those who have back pain, do grab this corset as it helps you to get a good posture
Also suitable for Scoliosis
Grab Premium Beautiful today as I am having a special offer for you
Yeah, one of it, through AEON Credit

Limited offer for NOW.
Do contact me for details and special promotion 017-6511966

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