Friday, September 3, 2010

Fasting Month.pictureless entry.

Little that we notice, Ramadhan almost over. This year was the shortest ramadhan feeling i ever felt. Today we are already in 24th Ramadhan. Another 6 days, we'll be celebrating Eid.
The thing that excites me this month is up to now, i am able to fast, never miss even 1 day.  That's one of my azam this Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, God fulfill my wish. Hopefully until eid. I believe this is due to my fully breastfeeding status.
Lately I didnt cook at home. Not only i have little time, but also because the cooking gas already finished. Funny story, i was cooking sahur for my husband, udang masak lemak cili api. I just poured coconut milk when suddenly the fire shuts off. Feeling nervous, i tried to switch it on, but failed. and it was 12 am, i bet no shop open that late. My husband approached me and said : Guna la rice cooker. What a brilliant idea that i never thought off that minute! So there i was, cooking udang for almost 2 hours...such a long time! but finally lauk for sahur is ready to be eaten.
Well enough of my mumbling about nothing. just like to wish everyone "semoga berjaya memenuhkan puasa anda" May we manage to gather our strength to fulfill our responsibility as a muslim/muslimah.. amin..

Note: Cant wait for berbuka today. Will berbuka together with my 2 sis.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 11th month Birthday, Lissa!!

To my baby girl

today you are 11th month
another month, you'll be leaving your baby stage and moves to toddler
how fast time flies
i still can recall your crying in the labor room
still can recall our first session together
how i missed those days
but looking forward, you are almost a big girl now
May Allah blessed you with health and wealth
May you be a solehah girl
Next month, we'll celebrate together your 1st birthday..insyaAllah..

mama & abah

Updates updates..

Last week was the week of fulfilling invitation for berbuka puasa.
and another session of meeting new contractor for quotation for house renovation, kitchen cabinet and grill.
it was tiring, with the hot weather and puasa.
but stuff that needs to be done, has to be done.
This is one of the house that has completed their grill
(can u see?)
choices of color for the kitchen cabinet
not yet decide which one, most likely will choose with the darker shade

On Tuesday night, we went to break fast with my bestfriend, shahida (if u still recall the entry about my bestfriend i made previously here)
We went to section 9 shah alam. we were supposed to eat at one of the cafe, but unfortunately that night they were closed. we chose to eat at Nasi King Restaurant. The food was one of the best nasi beriani gam i ever had, but the service...oh my... we got our drink after 7:40 pm (which was way passed our berbuka time), we got our nasi around 8 pm..
Afterwards, we went to Sha's condo nearby. Since my husband went off to work and sha's husband went for terawih, we spent lepak2 at her condo. it was nice catching up.. her daughter, aira (whom is 3 days younger than Lissa) now has 4 teeth and able to step by herself. i was impressed. Lissa doesnt have any tooth, and isnt able to stand by herself. never mind lissa, you'll catch up later, k?
Top view (Lissa playing by herself)

Muahs muahhsss
Let's wrestle!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We were excited watching them, forgot to take pictures..
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