Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy 11th month Birthday, Lissa!!

To my baby girl

today you are 11th month
another month, you'll be leaving your baby stage and moves to toddler
how fast time flies
i still can recall your crying in the labor room
still can recall our first session together
how i missed those days
but looking forward, you are almost a big girl now
May Allah blessed you with health and wealth
May you be a solehah girl
Next month, we'll celebrate together your 1st birthday..insyaAllah..

mama & abah


nurul azida ahmad said...

nanti nak dtg jumpe lisa. hikhik. raya nanti yer~

airin diana said...

ha tu la bile nak jumpa lissa.. dah besar tau! thn ni lissa raya kat batu pahat, tp by raya ke-4 kot dah ade kt nilai :)

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