Monday, November 28, 2016

Sakit Tulang Belakang? Cubalah Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper

Hye All

Berapa ramai antara kita yang bekerja 8-5 di office? duduk menghadap laptop/pc most of the time?

Tahu tak berapa beban yang terpaksa tulang belakang kita tanggung semasa kita duduk? and usually bila duduk mesti slodge kan?? Nak-nak plak kalau sleepy kan...

So, now airin nak recommend pemakaian Premium Beautiful Waist Nipper terutama sekali untuk mereka2 yang bekerja di office, duduk lama depan PC.
waist nipper premium beautiful

Let's watch my video :

Sesuai sangat untuk yang ada masalah tulang belakang or slip disc or nak protect postur badan. so no more bongkok okay!

Dengan adanya 7 pcs tetulang memori pada Waist Nipper Premium Beautiful, boleh bantu sokong badan kita.
slip disc sakit tulang belakang

Oh, tidak lupa testimony hebat dari The Diamond Circle partner lagi, Kak Azza Amri yang hampir lumpuh akibat kemalangan di office. Alhamdulillah, after cuba pakai Premium Beautiful consistently, now dah jadi normal.
slip disc sakit tulang belakang

Selain dari itu, of course lah boleh mengempiskan perut, merampingkan lagi pinggang kita.

So, tunggu apa lagi? Sementara ade discount and rebate hebat ni, boleh cepat2 contact airin. Nanti i guide you how to get your own size and how to wear it properly okay


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Diamond Circle Annual Dinner : TDC Rock N Roll 2016

Morning all!

We are all super excited for our upcoming event of TDC Annual Dinner this Saturday.

Last year we had Masquerade dinner as the theme. This time around it is : ROCK N ROLL!

Alhamdulillah, this time around our dinner has been sponsored by the famous renowned wedding planner : KL WEDDING MINISTRY

and now.. Wut to wear? Matilanak! I just dont know how to match with the rockers theme.. Last2 nanti jadi gadis melayu terakhir jugak. Lol!

So stay tuned for the live updates for the event. Do follow our dinner updates via #tdcdinner #thediamondcircle


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trip to Krabi 2016 : 7 Tips To Travel in Krabi and Aonang

Hye All

I have shared with you the itinerary when we went for a holiday in Krabi. You may visit this link to read more :

Itinerary to Krabi

Now, let me share with you some useful tips when you visit Krabi.

1. Book package earlier to save time

You can book the packages or plan where to go when you arrived. There are lots of agents and packages available in Aonang/Krabi. However, if you were going for a 4-day trip, it'll be better to book earlier in order to maximize your time. Unless if you have a week or more, then you can explore, and have the time; can plan accordingly.

If you ask me, I will highly recommend the agent who arranged our trip. She's a muslim and can speak Malay! Under the company names Muslim Krabi Travel, she will arrange for halal food especially for the packages; ie Island Hopping usually includes Lunch.

She assisted us to arrange for airport transfer to hotel (return trip), Emerald pool & Hot Spring (travel time up to 50 mins drive, includes the park entrance fees) , Island Hopping (includes lunch), Krabi Night Market (Ao Nang to Krabi town took about 30 mins drive) and elephant ride. Very comfortable ride in a big van.

Price Range? During our visit for 4 days was less than RM250 per person. Very affordable!
Salma in purple scarf with us in Hot Spring, Krabi

2. Choose Hotel which is located in Ao Nang Beach, Not Krabi Town.

Do remember that Krabi town was not near to the beaches. It was about 30 minutes drive from krabi town to the beach, mainly Ao Nang beach. So dont be fooled to choose cheaper hotels by selecting Krabi town.

I've stayed in few hotels during my visits (three times already by now). I booked it through Do check out their offer regularly. Those hotels have the pros and cons.

Here are few hotels which I've stayed before :-

(i) The Small Hotel (My First Visit in 2013)

Pros : Very near to the beach, about 3-5 minutes walk, near to the street, easy access to the food. Very convenient!
Cons : However, since it is a 4-star hotel, be ready to have thicker pocket ;)

(ii) Aonang Terrace Hotel (My Second Visit in May 2016)

Pros : Large room! Has a massage center right below the hotel. So it is very convenient to wear ur pyjamas, and get ready to the massage center and later back to the room and sleep right away!
Cons : Since it is a budget hotel of 2-3 stars, what more can you expect, right? The location a bit far from the main street and beach, within approximately 15 to 20 minutes walk. Tho i dont mind walking, some of you might prefer riding a tuk tuk instead. They also dont have swimming pool.

(iii) Royal Nakara Hotel (My Third Visit in Nov 2016)

Pros : Have swimming pools. The room was super spacious. Has very friendly staff and can serve Halal food for breakfast according to order. The room and hotel also very clean.

Cons : This hotel located right beside Aonang Terrace Hotel. So walking will be approximately 20 minutes to the main street.

3. Food - Halal Food everywhere!

You can either choose street food or Restaurants. Get ready with thicker pocket as restaurant's charges might varies accordingly.
Do not forget to try these food/drink:-
- Thai pan cake
- Thai Ice Tea
- Green Thai Ice Tea
- Fried Fish
- Takoyaki (can be found in Krabi Night Market)
- Sotong bakar (fresh!)

- Fruits (Mango, pineapple, coconut, papaya) You have to try their mango and pineapple!!

4. Mode of Land Transportation

- Van or car for airport transfer, night market, emerald pool and hot spring.

- Tuk tuk for Ao Nang beach visit

- Most of the time we prefer walking along the beach and the ao nang town.Walk save money and healthier! hiks. btw, most of the ride in tuktuk charged about 30 ThaiBaht per person. You can bargain if you have many people, or if you're arranging for return trip. Do not forget to get their phone number. Calling them would be easier if you cant find any tuktuk nearby. 

5. Prepare your swimming attire & waterproof bags

Get ready from the beginning for Island Hopping!

6. Getting connected

Most of the hotels have wifi, however if you want to be connected all the time, do buy the sim card in the airport once arrived. The price range was less than RM40 for usage up to 7 days depends on the package. very very cheap, right? and it is unlimited internet data plan! Even tengah2 island pun boleh update Instagram. very very laju.

7. Do enjoy your trip!!
Krabi is a place where you relax and enjoy. Dont be too stressed out or packed with activities that you tire yourself and your travel companion.

You can just drop me an email at or text me at +6017-6511966 if you need further info :)

Thank you for Reading

PS : Do follow my journey in Instagram or Facebook at #whenairintravel


Friday, November 11, 2016

Min Kaffe Special Promotion!

Hye All!

Special Promotion this month for Min Kaffe, or previously known as Mineral Coffee

Only RM100 for 3 boxes! and also Postage is already included. Special sangat right??

Do text me to order 017-6511966

Ps : If you would like to become an agent, you are more than welcomed! You'll be given a set of promotional packages for social media and guidelines for FREE once you registered under Airin Diana Protege. No worries, no minimum capital! 


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trip to Krabi 2016 : Itinerary - Interesting places to visit in Krabi, Thailand

Hye All!

Just came back from Krabi and of course... im still on HOLIDAY BLUES!!
Anyway, this is my second time to Krabi this year ;) Earlier this year, i went with friends, and this time around, i have to bring along my small family and both of my parents.

Alhamdullillah, it went so well. Now, many of you were asking me on the tips and itinerary for Krabi.

Let me share with you guys our itinerary and few tips during travelling to Krabi.

We went there for 4 Days and 3 Nights. 

Day 1 : Emerald Pool and Hot Spring

It will be easier and save time if you just arrived in the Krabi Airport and directly go to the Emerald Pool. Travelling time from airport to this pool (some called it Crystal Pool) will be approximately 40 to 50 minutes.
What's interesting here?? Of course the clear water, the serene environment and fresh air! I will blog in details about this emerald pool and blue pool.
Arriving in the emerald pool
It has a very huge area. Be prepare to walk  more than 1 km.

The clear green pool. SOOO Cantek!

You can even take a clear picture underwater!

This is called Blue Pool, which only opens from October to April if im not mistaken. So make sure you prepare to not missed the timing

Here is the Hot Spring waterfall which located about 2 km from the Emerald Pool

Warm and soothing soak in the hot spring.
 Day 2 : Island Hopping

There will be many packages for the island hopping. It can be either 4-Island Package (travel to 4 islands in 1 package), Phi-Phi Island Package or Hong Island. You can then opt for Long Tail boat or Speed Boat. and Of course  there'll be difference in terms of the rates. Long tail will be a lot cheaper than the speed boat. Out of the packages, 4-Island is the most affordable one. Hiks. 
The packages will be going to different islands accordingly.

For this time around i picked 4-Island package. We gathered starting from 8 am and the whole trip took up to 3-4 pm to arrive back.

We registered here before we were transferred to the long tail boat

Ready to go!

Arrived at the first Island : Tup Island

At that time, i was lucky to have lots of fishes around

At one of the island, after Chicken Island, the boat will stop for about 40-50 minutes for  us to snorkle

Nice view, clear water, lots of corals. 

We had lunch in Poda Island - lunch usually included in the package
What's not included in the package would be the marine ticket park, Thai Baht 400 per person (ie approx RM40/pax)

Day 3 : Elephant Riding

Is a must when you visit Krabi!! 
Registering before we start the journey

The Elephant riding

 Day 3 (Night) : Big Crab & Night Market

We went to snap picture at Big Crab and Eagle after our elephant ride.

Right after that, we went to the Night Market. Do plan your visit properly, as night market only held during Friday night and Weekend nights only. 
You'll get a bargaining power especially for t-shirts and souvenir at Krabi Night Market
 Day 4 : Free and Easy at Ao Nang Beach

I dont have any packages for Day 4 as it was a free and easy day. We walked along the Ao Nang small town to buy more souvenir  and also to spend time in the ao nang beach

It wasn't a crystal clear beach as compared to those islands.

Do not forget to take picture here!

It was so beautiful here

Welcome to Aonang!
 Day 4 : Green Tea, Thai Tea and Tomyam Paste Hunting

Do Not forget to grab green tea, thai tea and tomyam paste in Krabi!
You can either get it from Macro

or Tesco Lotus in Krabi town
That's about it!

I will blog more on each of the places we went, cost and hotel in Krabi.

Stay Tuned!

Ps: Do follow our journey in instagram or Facebook with #whenairintravel and #LissaHanieTravel

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