Monday, December 17, 2007

The man of my life..

Here is a story of the man who has been in my heart..

We’ve been thru a rough path.. we’ve been thru a grueling experience..
But until now, we’re still going on.. even stronger..
He’s still the one that I love..
And that’s what I hope will be forever..

No words could ever describe how lucky I am to be his girl..

He is a man of tolerance, of patience, of serenity..
He is the one who won’t give up on me no matter wut..
He is the one who would cross a river to get to me..
He is the one who would swim an ocean for me..

He is the person who would get to work late just to accompany me to dinner
He is the man who would bring me to the clinic whenever I’m sick
He is the guy who would put his exhaustion aside to fulfill my need to get to midvalley for shopping..
That’s how he spoilt me..
Love me every beats
Caress me every breath
And that’s why I love him
And will always be..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Celebrity Look Alike

See me morph into Song Hye-kyo!


me and natalie portman


Morph of me and Bonnie Pink


Morph of me and Namie Amuro

Got pretty bored.. so i've tried this celebrity look alike in heritage.. and kinda funny when they matched me up with quite some numbers of japanese celeb. now, i guess, im gonna believe my boyfriend, that i look like japanese..
Here it is.. enjoy!!
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