Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A week to Thailand

Hello all

Been weeks since my last updates.
Still have not enuff time to update a lot.
Just to share a week trip to thailand last 2 weeks ago.

I got an assignment to audit a vendor at Rayong, Thailand
since my mom has to take care of my sis in her confinement month, i've got no one to take care of my baby. plus with her being a full time breastmilk consumer (consumer?? haha funny word), i've got to take her along. not that im not trusting my husband to take care of her. it's just that when he was asleep (in deeep sleep) at night, i supposed, even a bomb burst out wont wake him up..hehehe..sorry sayang.. truth hurts.hehe..So, i trust him to babysit Hanie during the day (with a full awake state).

So, here we were.. the whole family at Thailand!

We arrived at Bangkok International airport, travel another hour to Pattaya, where we stayed..which was a very very nice hotel, especially for honeymooners!

aha! bathtub in the room!!
facing pattaya ocean

okay for now. i'll get back with the whole story tomorrow....if possible..hehe
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