Monday, February 27, 2012

Lissa's First Day of School

"Salam. Lissa did so great today at skool..but terkucil loo :) Later pls return back d cloth ye.she's using her friend... t.aqilah"
That was the exact word of sms from Lissa's principal that I received today. Yes, today marked the First day of school (4 year old Preschool) for Lissa. (she has just turned 28 months)
She has been raving about going to skool since the day i went to survey the kindie. At first, i was just surveying for her next year kindie. but after talking to the principal, she said most of the 2 yo kids at the nursery have been potty train. and also it will  be a good exposure for Lissa to mix around with small people her age. There are also a few 2 yo+ joining the 4 yo preschool. So, last week I went back for registration and while i was filling up the registration form, she asked her Abah to change her cloth to her new kindie cloth.
Terjenguk2 the 6 yo class
The colorful yellow painting

Adik pun tumpang senyum
Notice that she already changed her cloth. This is her principal, Teacher Aqilah
Adik pun nak join gi skool?haha
Last night, I prepared her cloths and her toiletries (since she will be going to a daycare next to her kindie), she was more than helping. 
The Kindie Communication Book & The What to Bring list

The Yearly Time Table from her school *the interesting part is in April - visit to Bird Park!

Her Daily Time Table

I cant describe how excited and happy she was. You can just imagine, she wasnt a good eater. every time when i want to feed her, she'll be running around the house. but this time around i found the key yes, i just say something like,"do u wanna go to skool?" "kalau kakak tanak makan, mama xnak hantar gi skool". to my surprise, she ate all the way, more than usual. and keep on asking for more bcoz she said she want to go to skool. funny, how kids nowadays.
This morning, she woke up early. usually, sampai rumah opah pun tido lagi..semangat punya pasal. Then, once arrived in front of the daycare (at 6:40 am! yeap, i hv to go early to avoid the traffic), she just walked inside, without turning back until her Abah called her,"Lissa, salam dulu la". After salam, hugs and kisses, she went inside. no tears, at all. Later in the afternoon, i went to send her tudung for her Iqra' class. Her teacher said she was having class upstairs in a 4 yo classroom. i didnt want to bother her, so i just drop the tudung with the caretaker. Her teacher told me she was so excited going to school. Because she arrived too early, earlier than other friends, she kept on asking, "bile kita nak pegi skool".so cute! 
It suddenly hit me, once this baby, now a kindie preschooler. how time flies...
Too excited wearing the sport's attire, posed with  Adik.
Yes, I'm ready!
Hopefully, everything will turn out fine. We as a parents always hope for the best..InsyaAllah..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can a half-boiled egg be fed to a baby less than a year?

Can a half-boiled egg be fed to a baby less than a year?
I got the answer through my own experience myself.
The other day (2 months back), without doing so much thinking, when my hubby asked can he feed our 8-month-old baby Hanie a soft-boiled egg while we were in a restaurant, i said "i guess so" which was a very very wrong answer.
Couple hours after that, hanie was throwing up so bad, almost like an adult throwed up, made me wonder where those liquids coming from..i'd say, a lot! how could a very tiny stomach can contain that amount of liquid. It was a multiple series, almost 7 times. i had to change her clothes (so did mine) again and again...10 to 15 minutes apart. after the seventh series, she looked so tired and slept right after she throwed up. i felt so bad.. this is one of the moments where i felt like i failed as a mother.. :(
An article i found regarding eggs and allergy :
Introducing Eggs - When Can I Give My Baby Eggs?
An egg allergy occurs when your baby's immune system overreacts to the protein found in eggs. To be more precise, it's the protein found in the egg white.

Start with Egg Yolks
What this means is that you can introduce an egg yolk before an egg white, beginning at around 6 months of age. They're quite nutritious, too. A 2002 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that egg yolks can increase iron levels in babies 6-12 months of age and that eggs fortified with Omega-3 fatty acids also help increase DHA levels in the same age range. Both of these findings are a bonus for babies who are starting to lose their own iron stores or who might have to be weaned from breast milk at this age.
While you can separate the yolk from the white before cooking, this can sometimes leave bits of egg white behind. Even a little bit of the the protein can cause a reaction. The best way to separate the egg is to cook it first by hard boiling. Then you can carefully peel off the egg white (use it in your own tuna salad or other salad) and mash the yolk with a fork. To get a smoother consistency, add breast milk, formula or water a little at a time while you mash.
Introduce Egg Whites Later
For families that have no history of allergies or related illnesses like eczema or asthma, egg whites can be introduced starting at 1 year of age. For families with a history of these illnesses, The American Academy of Pediatrics says it's best to wait to introduce eggs until your child is 2 years of age.
Whether or not you have a history, the first time you introduce eggs, be sure to watch for the signs of an allergic reaction (hives, difficulty breathing or asthma symptoms, swelling of the mouth or throat, vomiting or diarrhea and loss of consciousness), know how to respond and be ready to call 9-1-1 immediately.
please note that : hard boiled egg (not soft-boiled egg, like i gave to hanie. no wonder she throwed up badly. it wasnt a fully cooked meal!)
Alhamdulillah, she recovered fast. After the last session of throwing up (8th times in a middle of sleep), she felt asleep..very weakly. after 10 minutes or so, i woke her up and fed her. Luckily she accepted it and fell asleep after feeling full. I was afraid that she dehydrated. But Thank God, everything went okay the next day.
The experience really made me be extra extra cautious when it comes to food.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Lissa's Diary : My First Playclass at Kizsports Gym

Hello mommies!
Last week, momma and abah brought me to Kizsports Gym at Empire Subang for my first playclass. The class started at 11 am but we arrived there 5 minutes after 11.
Luckily they haven't started yet. My classmates were all doing some warmup activity, which I started off with doing puzzle.
Right after i finished off the puzzle, yes, of course with help from my mom, I was instructed to jump and run and many more activities, which actually made me (and my mom) out of breath!
Some of the activities made me feel awkward to join, such as running around and rolling which of course i didnt join. I think i need to get used to the environment (and not to think so much about the balls and sliding at the playland!)
Later we did some singing where I saw my teacher jumping up and down (while i sat on my mom's lap instead of dancing together..hehe)
Special thanks to Abah and Hanie, whom throughout the class, they were supporting me by sitting in the class.
I did enjoy going to the playclass, especially when afterwards I can play with balls, jump into pools of balls for like, forever! 
I'm looking forward for my next class this Sunday, and this time around hopefully i can mingle more with my classmates.
Oh, by the way, my parents have decided to enroll me in one of the kindie by next month. I believe the decision has been made because I haven't learnt one lesson yet. Momma said it is called :The Potty-train. I'm not sure why it is so important. I did told them when i'm going to pee..but of course after i peed inside the diaper.
I guess that's it for now. Now, enjoy this pix :
Aha, i admit, i was the one who stick the sticker on her cheek!
Lots of Love,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time for School?

Muka budak dah ready pergi skool tapi tak mandi lagi.. eishh!
This morning Lissa got up from bed and started picking up her Barney bag and walked downstairs looking for me.
Lissa : Mama, mama, kakak akai bag. g skool.
Me : Kakak nak g skool ke?
Lissa : Aah. Bai bai bai. Lek lok! (translate : bye. elok2.)
Lissa turned away..and suddenly turned back.
Lissa : Eh, mama, Alam! Kish! Hug! (translate : salam, kiss, hug)
Me : Hmm.. anak mama ni dah pandai nak pergi sekolah plak..
Telatah knk2 ribena ni..pot pet pot pet
*opps sila abaikan tilam yg sungguh kemas itu!
It's an indicator for me to speed up the process of looking for a preschool for her. Since i just sign her up for a playclass which will be held during Sunday, i need to start looking further.
Last week, talking with Mommy Nadia on this preschool high tuition fees, at this moment, 2 kids are enuff for us. Talking about family planning! hehe! The monthly fees went up to as high as RM700 per month, not including the overtime etc.. makan ape je la budak2 kecik sampai fees utk makan RM300?
Eh, Hanie pun nak pegi skool jugak!
Huarghh! Ngantuk la plak, mama
Anyway, talking about Lissa's playschool, we went to Empire last week (thanks to Mommy Nadia for the recommendation) and sign her up for a program called Little Rompers from Early Fitness Academy at Kizsports & Gym. Her first class will be this Sunday. The class will be more on creativity and to develop self-confidence plus social skill thru sharing toys & cooperating with other children while playing, which are my main aim for her. Well, we see how the class goes..and how Lissa behaves..
After we signed her up for the playclass, Lissa enjoyed her playtime at the playland. Luckily many parents hanging out there. if not, i'll be joining Lissa. jumping inside the pool ball! hahaha *perasan muda la tuh*
Earlier the day, i finally managed to use the pool that i bought last month. Since now we live at a landed property (no more rumah atas langit, with very limited outdoor space) and also no real swimming pool, i substituted it with olok2 swimming pool..hehehe. and of course la cannot swim inside the pool. only babies allowed, ye. mak budak & bapak budak dok tepi kolam ye
Erm.. quite a long entry this time. Really have a lot of pending entries to be made.
Will look forward extra free time to blog about our weekend trip to Cameron Highland last week, a family dinner at Gold Coast and more on recipe for Hanie's homemade food.
So...till then..Hanie says:

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Weekend Gateaway

Cant wait for our weekend getaway tomorrow!
A 2-day-and-1-night getaway to... (its a wknd trip only bcoz i dont hv enuff annual leave to take)
Love this place!!
Boh Sungai Palas Tea Center
and of course we are going to revisit this place..officially declared as one of our best spot to visit..and to reminisce our love ;) wink!
and this girl is definitely ready to go!
*Sweater baru beli semalam..pokai abah..haha*
Ok. got to go!
Have a nice weekend everyone!


The Botak Chin Mode : Lissa or Hanie?

Can you spot the difference between both of them?
 yeah, yeah.. the one with the special "muncung" definitely is Lissa!
But what if both of them smile? 
Yup, u can just refer to my previous entry, then u know which one is Hanie.

Monday, February 6, 2012

From Hanie's Diary: The Makeover

Hello everyone!
This is my first time writing in momma's blog. I'll name it "From Hanie's Diary".
Today I'm going to talk about my first makeover.
Above picture is my smiling face, right before the makeover. I was excited - yet very nervous since momma said i'm gonna look very very different. Hmm.. what's it gonna be?Momma told me that before Kakak went through this experience.. 
Abah started off with cutting all my existing hair.. i mean all is ALL! I was screaming my heart out, but i wasnt sure becoz of the hair cutting session or becoz i was too sleepy and felt disturbed by the sound of the scissors. hehe
Later momma put me inside the bathtub and made me busy playing inside the warm water. while abah was busy .. busy shaving off my head!
And the result :
How do i look?
This is my cousin. Makngah's baby : Hana Eryna. Makngah is my momma's sister. She also was having a bad day, without hair! Same as me, though i was pretty cool about it..until.. suddenly i realized...
All my hair is GONE!!

Keep my cool....keep my cool... kept on telling myself that...
Wait til i grow back my hair. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playclass anyone?

I've been doing some research to enroll Lissa in a playclass..
Since I sent Lissa over her babysitter,whom she called Opah, whom has been so good and great with her..i mean, manja terlebih, i'm really afraid of her social skill. She was the only child this akak took care off, for almost a year before this one baby (friend of mine's) came, now one year-old, and later her sister. 
So i think she has turned out to be this very manja kid, who can get anything she wants. And since she's the"senior" in the house, she acted like she rules! haha.. how funny that word "senior" came up. (i still remember my time at boarding school, coping up with senior really sucked!)
The other day she was playing her bike outside of her house, she looked at those "kawan" as she called some of the lil kids in our taman, and suddenly Lissa left her bike, approached those girls' bikes and kind of "stole" it from them. 
Another incident was she practically snatched an iphone from this "kawan" and made it her own!!
i was surprised to see how she behaved. For her, everything that she wants, she'll get it in any way she wants it.
So, i made some calls to a few playclasses. and this one class looks interesting!
If any moms out there who have experience with this playclass, please let me know.
Mr hubby asked me, additional to those playclasses, music and art clases, why dont sign her up also for quran class. and Yes, of course i have plans for that..
but this class can be enroll once she's 4 yo. and i have plan for her to go to 
InsyaAllah, by January next year, she'll join this class.. and becomes a solehah girl. amin!
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