Monday, February 27, 2012

Lissa's First Day of School

"Salam. Lissa did so great today at skool..but terkucil loo :) Later pls return back d cloth ye.she's using her friend... t.aqilah"
That was the exact word of sms from Lissa's principal that I received today. Yes, today marked the First day of school (4 year old Preschool) for Lissa. (she has just turned 28 months)
She has been raving about going to skool since the day i went to survey the kindie. At first, i was just surveying for her next year kindie. but after talking to the principal, she said most of the 2 yo kids at the nursery have been potty train. and also it will  be a good exposure for Lissa to mix around with small people her age. There are also a few 2 yo+ joining the 4 yo preschool. So, last week I went back for registration and while i was filling up the registration form, she asked her Abah to change her cloth to her new kindie cloth.
Terjenguk2 the 6 yo class
The colorful yellow painting

Adik pun tumpang senyum
Notice that she already changed her cloth. This is her principal, Teacher Aqilah
Adik pun nak join gi skool?haha
Last night, I prepared her cloths and her toiletries (since she will be going to a daycare next to her kindie), she was more than helping. 
The Kindie Communication Book & The What to Bring list

The Yearly Time Table from her school *the interesting part is in April - visit to Bird Park!

Her Daily Time Table

I cant describe how excited and happy she was. You can just imagine, she wasnt a good eater. every time when i want to feed her, she'll be running around the house. but this time around i found the key yes, i just say something like,"do u wanna go to skool?" "kalau kakak tanak makan, mama xnak hantar gi skool". to my surprise, she ate all the way, more than usual. and keep on asking for more bcoz she said she want to go to skool. funny, how kids nowadays.
This morning, she woke up early. usually, sampai rumah opah pun tido lagi..semangat punya pasal. Then, once arrived in front of the daycare (at 6:40 am! yeap, i hv to go early to avoid the traffic), she just walked inside, without turning back until her Abah called her,"Lissa, salam dulu la". After salam, hugs and kisses, she went inside. no tears, at all. Later in the afternoon, i went to send her tudung for her Iqra' class. Her teacher said she was having class upstairs in a 4 yo classroom. i didnt want to bother her, so i just drop the tudung with the caretaker. Her teacher told me she was so excited going to school. Because she arrived too early, earlier than other friends, she kept on asking, "bile kita nak pegi skool".so cute! 
It suddenly hit me, once this baby, now a kindie preschooler. how time flies...
Too excited wearing the sport's attire, posed with  Adik.
Yes, I'm ready!
Hopefully, everything will turn out fine. We as a parents always hope for the best..InsyaAllah..


Anonymous said...

salam airin,
airin anta lissa kat preschool mana?

Yan @ Raihan

airin diana said...

hi yan!
Airin hantar kat subang impian.Little Impian Playhouse. quite good so far with Oxford Learning System based. tp from time to time kena monitor jugakkan.

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