Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Lissa's Diary : My First Playclass at Kizsports Gym

Hello mommies!
Last week, momma and abah brought me to Kizsports Gym at Empire Subang for my first playclass. The class started at 11 am but we arrived there 5 minutes after 11.
Luckily they haven't started yet. My classmates were all doing some warmup activity, which I started off with doing puzzle.
Right after i finished off the puzzle, yes, of course with help from my mom, I was instructed to jump and run and many more activities, which actually made me (and my mom) out of breath!
Some of the activities made me feel awkward to join, such as running around and rolling which of course i didnt join. I think i need to get used to the environment (and not to think so much about the balls and sliding at the playland!)
Later we did some singing where I saw my teacher jumping up and down (while i sat on my mom's lap instead of dancing together..hehe)
Special thanks to Abah and Hanie, whom throughout the class, they were supporting me by sitting in the class.
I did enjoy going to the playclass, especially when afterwards I can play with balls, jump into pools of balls for like, forever! 
I'm looking forward for my next class this Sunday, and this time around hopefully i can mingle more with my classmates.
Oh, by the way, my parents have decided to enroll me in one of the kindie by next month. I believe the decision has been made because I haven't learnt one lesson yet. Momma said it is called :The Potty-train. I'm not sure why it is so important. I did told them when i'm going to pee..but of course after i peed inside the diaper.
I guess that's it for now. Now, enjoy this pix :
Aha, i admit, i was the one who stick the sticker on her cheek!
Lots of Love,

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