Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's google about Google

What is it with google? It is now even a word! When people ask u stuff, or talked about things u dont know or never heard of, u'll quickly pull out ur smartphone and start googling! Let's google about this, or about that.. is google all about search engine?

Definitely Google isnt limited as a search engine. Now google has a lot to offer.
Lets say u got lost, yeah, u have Google Map. If you got lost in translation..aha, u have Google Translate. If u want to find image..yes, i was one of those, okay..u can google it in Google Image.
If you want to know the latest news, you'll go to Google News.
Google even has platform for those who wants to advertise ur business online through
Or if u wanna have a good picture of our earth..or where does Puerto Rico located at..u will go to Google Earth
You can get connected with ur community or ur old schoolmates in the Google Group
The most famous google now of course our emails through Gmail
And you have the webmaster tools, the Google Toolbar, the google chrome, Google CodeGoogle Finance to monitor current stocks, Google Walletand many more..the list goes on and on..
Why do i write about google? Because i'm watching the Glee series and they said a lot about googling.. so, lets google about Google..hehe
Notes: Im still learning and exploring the Webmaster tools :-)

Lissa and Makcik

The title makcik wasnt refering to any of her aunties, okay. so Mak Ngah, Mak Teh and Mak Su can relax. jgn perasan..hehe

I dont know where she learned this, but lately she keeps on saying "Makcik" in every words.
Saying to Hanie : "Eh, jangan macam tu lah Makcik"
Saying to me : "Kakak nak susu lah, makcik"
Saying to her Abah : "Makcik! tanaklah!"
I know those words uttered by her as a way of her joking about it.. but lately it was too much, til one day i make my point to her not to say any "makcik" word.
and she agreed.
Now she changes "makcik" to...."nenek"!

Mode : Geraaammm!
tunjuk muka comel plak
kanak2 kegembiraan dapat baloon sorang satu

Lissa : mcm ni lah Hanie, makcik!

Masing2 pura2 baik dlm kereta

Click this and here and there and all over!

Premium Beautiful: A cancer detector

Is it true that by wearing this Premium Beautiful modern corset can detect a cancer? what is the relation as in wearing something to prevent cancer?

It is true. Believe it or not. Women should take note on wearing lingerie, especially without the correct size does effect our breast. Without we realizing it, we wore a wrong size bra. By wearing a bra cup with a wire can decrease the oxygen supply from blood to our breast. and cancer cell can become active when the part of our body is lack of oxygen and fatty.
A study done by a Malaysian doctor claimed that among all races in Malaysia, Malay, Chinese, Indian and the native orang Asli, the lowest percentage people having breast cancer is Orang Asli. Why? Because most of them doesn't wear bra. But, is that the best prevention method? Though we can prevent the cancer, but the earth gravity won! heee.. that's not the option, right?

From Carif
So the only option left is to wear a good quality bra. A Superbrand Lingerie complete with Far Infra Red (FIR) which proven scientifically can make water molecules moves and bergetar. This getaran can creates heat and causes our blood vessels increased in size. When our blood vessels increased, definitely our blood circulation improves. And Oxygen supply increased, especially to our breast and the area.

Is it a Guarantee that by wearing Premium Beautiful we are cancer free?

It is not a guarantee. But there were many testimonies out there are proven. At least we take a preventive actions. Prevent is better than cure, right?
There was testimony showed that when she wore Premium Beautiful, one day her nipple secreted a yellowish discharged. She was not pregnant or breastfeeding. When refering to a specialist, they detected an early stage breast cancer.
Another testimony on cervic cancer. The Premium Beautiful wearer washed the corset and the water turned red. When checked, she was diagnosed with the 1st stage cervice cancer.
Thank God that this corset gives us warning ahead.

This is a sharing thoughts. It wasn't all about the money. but sharing based on the benefits for women's health. The option to wear Premium Beautiful is on your hand. But just remember, we, women are not like cars. Cars have spareparts, but we dont.
Sharing is caring :)

Some info for Premium Beautiful wearers out there

After wearing Premium Beautiful, please perform a selfcheck on your breast. As early as 2 weeks after wearing, monitors these signs and changes:

1. Skin Texture on breast
The longer you wear Premium Beautiful, your skin will become more smooth (mulus dan halus).
Rough skin texture -> will become smoother. skin pores decreased.
Stretch mark -> lessen
Skin tone -> more even

2. The firmness
Your breast will be more firmed. To those who had babies, the breast will be firmer when you wear premium beautiful. those who had so called lembik breast, will become pejal and keras ;)
3. The cleavage
It will show! trust me.

4. The breast size
Compared first time wearing it, your breast will be fuller (ade ke ayat tu?) in the cup.

*penuh tapi lembik----> penuh , terletak & semakin pejal
*1/2cup--->semakin masuk dan menjadi full cup
(kes ni terjadi kepada mereka yang ingin mengecilkan breast tapi sepadan dengan badan..cth E---> D cup. Pakai D cup, memang penuh dan sedikit keluar isi-isinya, tapi lama kelamaan isi masuk cantik, terletak dan firm dalam cup)

*kurang penuh----> semakin penuh dan breast wow terbentuk!
(kes ni terjadi kepada mereka yang ingin membesarkan breast tapi sepadan dengan badan..cth A---> B cup. Pakai B cup, memang tampak kosong sikit dan hampir tidak kelihatan isi breast, tapi lama kelamaan isi semakin ada seumpama tumbuh jadi breast, ya payudara terbentuk) - masa pakai memang kene tarik betul sempurna lemak dari belakang, bawah ketiak dan bawah lengan. Kalau tidak berapa faham sila hubungi saya :)

* Jika sediakala breast cantik ----> lagilah semakin pejal, terletak dan uplift. (masih nampak perbezaan tau)

5. The nipple
*Tak bermaya (hitam, gelap, layu)--> seperti hidup semula kemerah2an
*warna bertukar (kehitaman/gelap)---> semakin pink2 /cerah beza dari warna sebelumnya
*Warna gelap circle keliling nipple juga sama---> akan semakin cerah dan semangat warnanya seperti hidup semula
* puting keras---> semakin lembut
*Puting tunduk dan layu---> akan semakin tegang menaik(up-lift)
6. To Breastfeeding moms *Less milk supply -> milk supply increased.
*To those who has stopped breastfeeding -> There'll be signs around your nipple, whitish liquids.
7. To those who has breast lumps
It will lessen and diminished, InsyaAllah..

How do you spent your Hari Raya Haji holiday?

How do i spent my Hari Raya Haji holiday? 
We went back to my husband's hometown. But since this year my in-laws celebrated raya haji at my hubby's brother's at Kluang, ape lagi, we zoom zoom straight to Kluang, Johor.
I immediately booked a room for one night at Kluang. So me, as pembooking tegar (i got a lot of , as usual, login and cepat2 look for a room. And since Kluang isnt a big city, the choice of hotels...erm..not that many. You can either go for an expensive one, an affordable one or the cheapest. I found a hotel named Imperial Hotel. Tried to surf for the hotel's website but couldnt find any.
The room i chose was a Deluxe King. It was spacious for the four of us; 2 adults and 2 kiddos. The location was strategic. If you look outside, you'll find McDonald and Domino's. If you go downstairs, you'll find a 7-eleven store, a bakery and also a burger stall parked in front of the hotel. So convenience! Then you'll have a special parking spot as hotel guest. there was even a people who'll look after your car.. feel safe.

The Imperial Hotel

The receptionist desk

The Lobby

The Lobby from different angle.
You can see that uncle, he was incharged to look after our car at parking lot.
While waiting for check in
Hanie tried to do the "peace" remark

Lissa slept all the way
Hanie while killing time waiting for Abah to get our bags
The painting on the wall. Love it!

The flat screen tv, though some Astro would be better. They only have normal channel tv, yeah some of it from Singapore and Indonesia

The nice bathroom, with nice shower. Lissa who usually doesnt take bath in shower, enjoyed herself like mandi hujan, she said

Hanie posed next to her kakak


Overall review for this stay, i'll give 3.5 stars. Appreciate if we can have breakfast and a babycot :) but anyway, it was a pleasant stay. Will definitely stay here again if we visit Kluang.
Note : When I get the chance to have a getaway, love to take my family along. Now, since I'm in a business, money is no longer an issue. Great to have this opportunity. Alhamdulillah..

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eat Out : Windmill Restaurant

Last weekend we headed out to one of the restaurant in my wish-to-go list, Windmill. You can surf their menu here.
The restaurant located inside the Shah Alam Mall, Section 9. The setting inside the restaurant was amazing, great for a fine dine experience, but, not very suitable for us, which include these two lil rascals!
Hanie : wuuuuu
Lissa : budget Malaysian next top Model
Hanie : still with her "wuuu"
Kakak : tak dok diam dah

Hanie : eh, tak abih lagi wuuu

Silalah lihat tahap keaktifan kanak-kanak ini..Anda dinasihatkan untuk menjauhkan diri anda untuk mengelakkan sebarang kejadian yang tidak diingini

Ok, now a lil bit behave
Opps.. layan kanak-kanak ribena ni, sampai terlupa nak upload gambar food ye.. ok, ni kawan2, my food is the Tiger prawn with butter cheese sauce and fish fillet with blackpepper sauce and salad and fries.. (byk tak "and"?) ..and.. this dish was a dinner set, so i got the appetizer of soup, along with tea/coffee and to complete it, an ice-cream which made these two girls more and more energetic!!
Mr hubby? Of course with a Malaysian's choice, a seafood tomyam, which tasted quite delicious and also spicy! His definitely fav food. (opps.. dah habis dish, baru teringat nak amik gambar)
My recommendation : Yes, you can plan to have some quiet evening, nice dinner with your loved one (adult ye), but not really suitable if you have kids trying to get off their baby chairs and trying to run around like in a playground.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Why I decided to do this business?

1. A strong and stable company
-Established since 1992
-BSKL Main Board since 1996 til now
-Multiple Awards received throughout years:
i) Forbes Asia award "Best Under a Billion" - for 4 consecutive years (2007 - 2010)
ii) KPDN-KK Award from 2008 to 2011
iii) MeCD Award in 2009 - Usahawan Bumiputera (by our mandat perdana menteri, Tun Abdullah)
iv) CSR Perdana Award in 2009 - The Empowerment of Women
v) Anugerah Kecemerlangan Perniagaan Beretika 2010/2011
..and many more
2. Big Bonus monthly
-from 4 to 6 digits salary
-minimal timeline, within 1 year can achieve 5 figure income!

3. Superbrand Product
-High demand product
-Good quality product
-Easy to sell (from my own experience, within 3 months my own stock finished)

4. Dream Car
-Qualify to drive a dream car, bmw, mercedes, Nissa Fairlady..u name it!

5. Dream Vacation
-FREE oversea trips three times yearly
-5 stars treatment :)

6. Great leaders and mentors to guide step by step
-In this business, we will do in group
-No one will be left alone

7. More FREE time with the love ones
-What more can you asked for?

If you are interested to be in our group, come contact me at:
whatsapp and FB Airin Diana

Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is Lactolite?

Hello All!
Another GREAT product for those who want to have a healthy stomach and great body.

Apakah Nurich Lacto-Lite

Lacto-Lite menggabungkan serbuk yogurt dan dengan kultur hidup, insulin dan ramuan-ramuan lain. Inulin adalah prebiotik. Ia membantu menambahkan bifidobakteria dalam usus dan membantu memastikan keadaan usus yang baik.

Ramuan Lacto-Lite

Inulin, serbuk yogurt dengan kultur hidup, serbuk konjak, oligo-fruktosa, maltodekstrin, serbuk vanila dan silikon dioksida dan kondisionaer makanan (agen antipengerakan) yang dibenarkan.

Bagaimana hendak minum Lacto-Lite?

Campur 1 bungkus Lactolite ke dalam 200ml air, kacau and minum terus. Elakkan penggunaan air panas. Jangan lupa minum 800ml air untuk lihat kesan lebih ketara. Penggunaan Lacto-Lite nie untuk proses detoxification, so, it's really important for us to drink lots and lots of plain water...:)

Halal ker tak?

Yes. Dont worry. It is HALAL. So, jangan risau yer...

Lacto-Lite nie sesuai untuk siapa yer?

Sesuai untuk semua jenis kaum manusia kat atas muka bumi. Seriously. Especially, yang ader masalah susah sangat nak buang air besar. Means, kalau dapat membuang pon, macam tak lawas, and tak puas. Lacto-Lite nie memang sangat sesuai untuk breastfeeding mothers, sebab ramuan nyer takkan sesekali mengurangkan susu badan. Yes, a few of my customers have tried dan takder effect kat susu badan.

Lacto-Lite nie akan membersihkan usus kiter, so, after minum nie, akan kerap membuang air besar. Tapi, takder la sampai sakit perut. Lepas tue badan akan terasa lebih ringan...:) Kalau pengambilan Lacto-Lite secara consistent, lamer-lamer not only usus kiter bersih, tapi, kulit muker pon jadik gebus dan mulus, sebab toksin dah takder dalam badan kiter...:)

Bagaimana Lacto-Lite dapat membantu anda?

* Menyingkirkan toksin badan
* Menggalakkan metabolism
* Mengurangkan beban badan
* Menggalakkan pertumbuhan bakteria baik
* Membantu dalam penghadaman
* Membantu melegakan sembelit
* Membantu sintesis vitamin

Percaya atau tidak, our leader yang terulung, CDM Kak Ana berjaya mengurangkan berat badan from 98kg hingga 55kg dengan minum Lacto-Lite dan pemakaian Premium Beautiful secara consistent. So, Lacto-Lite nie memang sangat sesuai for those yang ader weight issue and memang akan melengkapkan Premium Beautiful dengan lebih sempurna...:)

Jangan takut untuk minum Lacto-Lite nie yer sebab, Lacto-Lite langsung tak mengandungi herba atau kimia yg bersifat Laksatif (julap). So, takkan buat kiter sakit perut atau cirit birit...:)

So, aper lagi you all? Sesiapa yang berbadan besar, gempal, weight issue is bukan satu issue lagi. This is your chance nak tampil cantik dan sihat dengan lebih berkeyakinan...:)

Harga Lacto-Lite

Ada 25 sachets dalam satu kotak. Satu kotak hanya RM158.00.

Promotion for this month! 
Discount 10% on first purchase
RM 142.00

For more info, do call me at :-
mobile: 017-6511966

Friday, October 19, 2012

What is it with Maharani?

Today I would like to introduce a product which has received multiple testimonies.
It focused on women, the care of our productive system and women health issues.
Let's have a read..

Apakah Maharani?
Herba Maharani – Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan adalah pil herba tradisional Cina. Ia boleh dikatakan sebagai herba wanita sebab dirumus khas untuk kesihatan dan kesuburan wanita.
Antara khazanah perubatan dan amalan kesihatan tertua khusus untuk wanita. Ramuannya telah menyerlahkan kehebatan dan ketrampilan wanita sehingga kini. Herba Maharani tetap menjadi pilihan utama dalam penjagaan kesihatan dan kecantikan wanita di seluruh dunia. Amalan berterusan akan memanfaatkan kesihatan keseluruhan.

Di mana asalnya tercipta herba ini?
Herba tradisional Cina ni sebenarnya sangat terkenal di zaman Dinasti Ming sebagai ilmu & rahsia kecantikan awet muda & kesihatan lebih 3000 tahun yang lalu.
Masa tu Herba Maharani ni hanya digunakan secara ekslusif oleh keluarga Maharaja sebagai herba penyubur, kecantikan, awet muda & kesihatan.
Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan dinamakan herba Maharani sempena nama Maharani Te Zhi, antara maharani yang mengamalkan herba ini. 
Kalau seorang Maharaja pilih kasih dan sayang Maharani Te Zhi ni lebih dari perempuan-perempuan lain mestilah sebab dia cantik, kulit licin dan gebu, melahirkan anak lelaki sebagai waris dan sudah semestinya pandai melayan Maharaja dibilik tidur.
Apakah kehebatan Herba Maharani?
Menggabungkan 16 jenis ramuan bernilai dengan pati ayam hitam sebagai ramuan utama. Produk keluaran Beijing Tong Ren Tang. Tong Ren Tang merupakan tanda perniagaan yang bersejarah melebihi 300 tahun. Merupakan pembekal tunggal ubat-ubatan kepada Maharaja semasa Dinasti Qing. Tong Ren Tang, Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan diperakui sebagai produk terkenal di China pada tahun 1994. Diiktiraf sebagai spesis Ubat Herba yang terpelihara pada tahun 1998.
Ayam hitam ni memang digunakan sebagai amalan perubatan tradisional orang Melayu, Indonesia dan Cina. Banyak khasiatnya ayam hitam atau ayam selasih ni untuk wanita terutama yang telah berkahwin dan melahirkan anak.

Apa kelebihan Herba Maharani ni?

1. Ia akan menyelesaikan masalah haid tidak teratur.
2. Menyelesaikan masalah senggugut, keputihan dan kekuningan.
3. Anti bakteria (sekitar faraj)
4. Melegakan sakit pinggang, sendi dan lutut.
5. Melegakan migrain dan angin dalam badan.
6. Menguatkan hati dan buah pinggang.
7. Melegakan asma.
8. Menghilangkan bau mulut (terutama waktu pagi)
9. Baik untuk pesakit diabetes (untuk kencing manis)
10. Menyelesaikan masalah buasir.
11. Merangsang hormon estrogen, progesterone & androgen (hormone seks)
12. Memberi kebahagiaan kepada pasangan.
13. Kesuburan dan awet muda.
14. Mencantik, menegang dan melicinkan kulit.
15. Menaikkan seri muka.
16. Menegangkan payudara.
17. Menghilangkan kelesuan dan muka pucat.
18. Melambatkan proses menopous.
19. Menguatkan antibodi/imunisasi.
20. Melancarkan peredaran darah.
21. Menghilangkan perpeluhan pada waktu malam.
22. Amalan semasa berpantang.
23. Menambah darah semasa bersalin.
24. Menguatkan otot-otot rahim dan peranakan.
25. Memperbanyakkan pengeluaran susu badan selepas bersalin.
26. Menghilangkan urat timbul.
27. Mengimbangi tekanan darah.
28. Meningkatkan kecerdasan minda.
Maharani penting untuk siapa?
1. Untuk mereka yang mempunyai Haid tidak teratur
2. Untuk mereka yang mempunyai rahim yang lemah
3. Untuk mereka yang baru sahaja bersalin
4. Untuk mereka yang baru keguguran 
5. Untuk mereka yang mahukan kesegaran tubuh badan

Tindakbalas Sementara Yang Mungkin Berlaku?
Gejala ~ Punca ~ Penyelesaian :

1. Pening kepala, pipi, badan dan telinga rasa panas, demam, belakang tengkuk dan sendi terasa sakit.
• Gangguan peredaran darah, asid amat tinggi dalam badan, tekanan darah tinggi @ rendah.
* Teruskan seperti biasa. Banyakkan minum air beralkali.

2. Mengantuk, letih, tekak kering, dahaga.
• Kandungan gula dalam darah tinggi sedikit. Kolestrol dan asid tinggi.
* Tukar cara makan. Makan waktu malam sebelum tidur. Banyakkan minum air

3. Tidak mahu tidur.
• Kekurangan kalsium.
* Makan pagi sahaja dan kurangkan dos. (10 biji setiap pagi). Banyakkan minum
air beralkali.

4. Sakit pinggang dan lemah bahagian badan.
• Peredaran darah dari buah pinggang tidak teratur (kotor) atau banyak toksid.
* Kurangkan dos (10 biji). Banyakkan minum air beralkali.

5. Kerap buang air besar/berdarah.
• Usus besar dan sistem penghadaman lemah/kuran gberfungsi.
* Kurangkan dos (10biji). Banyakkan minum air beralkali dan air kosong.

6. Panas dan berpeluh-peluh.
• Kekurangan klorofil dalam badan. Kolestrol agak tinggi. Asid dan toksid agak tinggi.
* Kurangkan dos (10biji). Banyakkan minum air beralkali dan air kosong.

7. Kerap kencing.
• Masalah pada pundi kencing. Gangguan peredaran darah. Asid tinggi.
* Kurangkan dos (10biji). Banyakkan minum air beralkali dan air kosong.

8. Terasa sengal-sengal badan.
• Masalah sistem saraf. Hormon tidak seimbang.
* Kurangkan dos (10biji). Banyakkan minum air beralkali dan air kosong.

9. Kitaran haid berubah (lewat @ banyak)
• Hormon tidak seimbang. Kelemahan sistem ovari.
* Teruskan seperti biasa. Amalkan Chlorella dan miautan.

10. Batuk keluar darah.
• Sistem paru-paru rosak. Ada darah beku dalam salur darah terutama pada paru-paru.
* Kurangkan dos (10biji). Banyakkan minum air beralkali dan air kosong.

11. Keluar jerawat.
• Darah kotor, Banyak toksid dan asid.
* Teruskan seperti biasa. Amalkan Chlorella dan miautan.

Mengapa ada tindakbalas?
Kerana berlaku pemulihan dan peningkatan dalam tubuh badan kesan daripada :-
• Cara pemakanan yang tidak seimbang dan fast food.
• Suasana tempat kerja yang tidak banyak pergerakan.
• Kawasan kediaman yang terdedah kepada pencemaran, asap perkilangan dan lain-lain lagi.
Apa yang kita perlukan…BERSABAR…ia hanyalah sementara..Tidak semua wanita yang mengamalkan herba maharani mempunyai tindakbalas yang sama. Ianya bergantung kepada masalah kesihatan dan kelemahan organ seseorang.

Halal ke Herba Maharani?

Sebab Herba Maharani ni produk keluaran Beijing Tong Ren Tan dari negara China mestilah ada rasa ragu tentang status halalnya. Jangan risau dan ragu lagi sebab Herba Maharani adalah confirm halal. Sila lihat di bawah:

Usah diragui....

Herba ini mendapat pengiktirafan Halal oleh 
Pertubuhan China Islamic Association
(Badan Islam diluar negara yang diiktiraf JAKIM)

Ketiadaan LOGO HALAL pada produk hanyalah disebabkan PRODUK ini dari LUAR NEGARA (China) dan JAKIM tidak boleh meletakkan logo HALAL disitu.

Juga diluluskan 

Harga untuk 1 kotak (6 bola x 5gm – mengandung 50 pil kecil ) hanyalah RM65.00


Testimony showed that those who wears Premium Beautiful and consumes Maharani will has a perfect combo of perfect body inside out.

Jangan risau tentang bayaran. I have multiple option for payments. FREE TRIAL also offered.
Contact me at 017-6511966

Happy Friday, people! More Good News.

Yeah, very excited that today is Friday! in other words : Thank God It's Friday, yeay! tiba2 plak nak g TGIF..sedapnye New York Strip Steak.........eish..eish.....back to work, airin!
The reasons why I am so happy and excited today are:
1. It is the end of the week, babeh! Tomorrow boleh bgn lambat...unless.....those lil kids bangun dulu and buat kecoh...

2. Me and my team are going to join the GLAM class today. And the speaker of the day is our mentor Sha Khalid. Can't wait to hear the tips how to be successful like her. 

If you want to know, GLAM is for Green Leader Academy Malaysia which has been founded in July this year by our top leader, Hanis Haizi (a 3-years-ago housewife, now a millionaire at 28 years old). We have became stronger each day. The class will be held FREE for those who join our team. The top leaders will lead and show us the way. 
Two full flights from our team FREE trip to Guangzhou 2012
Previous year ,2 busses to Hong Kong
Who is Sha Khalid? another top leader mentored by Hanis Haizi. Now after almost 3 years already gain income 5 to 6 digits income! From Viva car to Mercedes Benz.
That's the great thing about this business. The more you focus, the more you get. Not only income starting from RM4500 up to 6 digits monthly ; you'll get Car Allowance ; you'll get to travel oversea 3 times yearly ; rewards from stokis ; rewards from leader. and all within a year! Great!

3. Received another great news from member in our team. Another beemer in da house! Congrates to Adibah for making it a dream comes true (after one year)
Read her entry during her visit to the BMW. click here

4. My business partner is getting more excited and eager as a lot of her friends asking around about Premium Beautiful. Our office has became a tailor for us to measure people :)
Fun bile kite buat bisnes sama2 dgn kawan2. network pun makin besar. kenalan pun makin ramai. great!
Me and another eager biz partner, Afizah
 5. Today, my cravings will be fulfilled! Going for a sushi day during lunch break. yeay!

Have a GREAT weekend everybody!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Lissa's Diary : My Birthday Bash

First of all, I would like to say a big thanks to all who made it to my birthday bash. It has been held last Saturday, 13th October 2012 (11 days passed my actual birthday). I am three years old this year. My mama told me that the birthday party was held combined with aqiqah for both me and hanie.
The day before the party, my mama took quite some time to clean up the house and make some preparation to decorate our house. My mak Teh also was a big helper for the whole event. Her jobscope ranges from blowing the balloons to making drinks for guests.
The banner. Mama said it was a recycled banner from Abah's surprise party last time..hehe
Kambing golek been set up
The orang kuat, Che Sa & Pakngah
I was super excited when i woke up as early as 8:00 am in the morning. I overheard my mama said that she bought princess gowns for me and Hanie. Another excited thing for me. I love princess, okay.
I am Princess Lissa!
This is my birthday party
And Hanie also tidak mahu ketinggalan to be a princess
I am Princess Hanie
I love my princess dress
Although it was a bit rainy that day, Alhamdulillah, it wasn't heavy. The weather became super cool and misty. Nyaman, gitu ;)
Maksu also didn't want to miss a chance to take photo with Princess Lissa.
While waiting for people to arrive, we had a great time playing at our "indoor playground"
Makngah, my cousin lil Hana and Pankngah
The theme for my party as mentioned by mama, was a Princess Theme.
Everything will be based on princess and pink. From my dress, to Hanie' the pink canopy..
To the birthday cake..
The princess picture birthday cake
The chocolate indulgence cake
And 50 Pink and baby blue flower cup cakes
Everyone said the cake was delicious. Thanks to Auntie Ros from My Creative Shoppe who has made the most delicious cake and cupcakes. It tasted like an ice cream cake!
And about 3:30 pm, we had our cake cutting session, where my friends and family were singing out loud Happy Birthday song. I was surprised!
See, my muncung trademark showed!
Hanie's watching, holding her intention to grab the cake!
There were many friends attended my party. My mama's friends from office and a few closest friends were also there. My Abah's friends who were mostly came from our "kampung" also came with lots of presents for me. Even our neighbour, Elyana the singer also came with her sweet cute daughter, Cinta along with her husband. We didnt missed the chance to take photograph with her.
The friendly Elyana, Hanie and my mama.
Auntie Elyana, her baby girl, Cinta, me and my mama
Of course, my Makngah didnt want to miss the opportunity
I had so much fun during the party.
I can't hold it anymore. I opened up the door gift my mama prepared for the kids. Barbie food with stickers, a few chocolates and jelly and the great thing was the bubble!
(Even my tissue boxes were princess!)
Bubble Time!!
Look, Hanie's sucking her thumb.. penat and sleepy being the second princess
My mama's aunties and My Atok
Didnt miss to read (tunjuk rajin sket..eceehh)
Later on the evening, another happy time for me. why? It was a present opening session! Thanks to all who have given me the presents. I was super duper happy and couldnt decide which one to play first. i know my mama hide most of the toy now. only let me play with 3-4 toys only. Hello!! i received more than 50 toys, okay!
Oh Oh! Ni sumer kakak punye ye!
Tapi yang mana satu nak bukak dulu nie?
Card from my neighbout next door. Thank you Auntie and "kawan2"
Tak sabar dah nak terus baca buku
Ape tu?
See! Princess wrapper! I love it!
My mama gave me this princess dresses and gowns along with baby. Mama said, i have to share with Hanie. Do i have to? hmm..
See? Hanie already showed the baby!
One of the biggest hadiah ever!
The tired Abah after the post party
Maksu showed me how
Thank you all for the presents! I can't get enough words to convey my gratitude to all of you who came and  made my day.
Special thanks to :

  • My mama and abah for making my princess dream comes true
  • My big happy family, Nenek, Atok, Makteh, makngah, Maksu, Pakngah and Hana
  • My Friends whose names couldnt be mentioned here.. so many of you, lovely girls and boys
  • Auntie Ros for the delicious cake, My Tasty Cake Shoppe House of Continental Cake
  • The caterer for the event, Kambing Goat Fresh, catered for the kambing golek and kambing kuzi, butter rice, mushroom soup, salads and bread (mama who usually didnt like kambing, said this was delicious)
  • My Tok ketua kampung who sponsored the kuih muih
  • Most of you who've made the event merrier


Mama's Note : No picture of food. totally forgot.. :D
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