Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Premium Beautiful Promotion!


Hari ni bersiaran dari rumah.
It has been 5 days im a working at home mom, or what other people called wahm. Im loving it! So very much.

Okay, as promised, I'd like to announce a very HOT PROMOTION for Premium Beautiful Corset.
premium beautiful promotion

With purchase of one whole set tomorrow, you are entitled to received discount up to RM700!

*t&c applies.

Book ur date with airin 017-6511966 now.

Offer may extend to 5th May 2014. 


Monday, April 28, 2014

Kebaikan Mineral Coffee

Mineral Coffee has created a wave from office, to college, to university, to house and even to school.

What's so good about Mineral Coffee?

Keistimewaan Mineral Coffee:
  • Kopi yang paling unik di dunia (kopi dengan garam!)
  • Aroma istimewa dan sedap
  • Kaya dengan mineral dan elemen surih** sekurang-kurangnya 76 jenis,kaya dengan Potassium dan Magnesium
  • Sesuai untuk pesakit diabetis
  • Tiada kandungan gula, kolesterol dan bahan pengawet
Kebaikan Mineral Coffee :
  • Menghilangkan keletihan
  • Melegakan tekanan
  • Membantu dalam pembuangan toksin tubuh badan
  • Menguatkan sistem keimunan
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Rich in minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium.
  • Revitalises tired mind and body.
  • Eases tension.

kelebihan magnesium
Memang sangat sesuai untuk yang ade diabetes (kencing manis) dan darah tinggi

Kalau tengah period, sangat sesuai minum, boleh hilangkan PMS syptoms
Dan of course la paling penting, untuk KURUS!! hehe

Anyone yang ada darah rendah, selalu pitam, memang sesuai minum mineral coffee

kelebihan potassium
Boleh kurangkan risiko kena stroke!
Okay, now you know all the benefits from Mineral coffee, right?
So where to get it?

Contact me NOW 017-6511966
I have special promotion for the first 10 customers.
BUY 3 boxes, you are entitled to get FREE POSTAGE!

Retail price at RM30 for 20 sachets.

**Ask for Trial Pack.


Friday, April 25, 2014

It is time to say Good Bye


It is now time to say good bye to Proton.
It has been ups and downs.
Been working with Proton for more than 8 years now.
My first job, where i gain a lot of experience, since I was in my 23 years old. Now dah 32 years old. the number, so irony ;)
Dari bujang, anak dara, kanak-kanak riang, til now dah kawin and ada anak dua dah..
Tempat i found my jodoh.
Tempat belajar erti hidup.
Masa Proton launched Satria Neo til now Preve.
Lama jugak bila dikenang.

Anyway, let me refresh a bit in 2005. Just graduated from Purdue University, US, I got back home with passion to work. Applied Proton through the I didnt realize it was for a trainee program until i went for interview. That interviewer siap tanya lagi, are you okay with the starting salary of RM1k? I was shocked, tapi buat-buat okay je. 
Then bila dapat tahu i got the job, without any driving license and no skill of driving, pening kepala masa tu pikey cane nak pegi keje. 
So kalut apply driving school. postpone masuk Proton right after raya. Blaja driving and test kereta masa bulan puasa, and within 2 weeks! memang kagum with myself la. dari penakut nak drive, dari tak tau ape2, terus tere.cewah! that's where when you terdesak, when uve got no choice, memang you can do it!

ok then i report duty on 15th November 2005. Masa tu datang straight to Proton's Main plant. HR. they briefed us a bit on proton, then they started assigning us to the department.
and to my surprised, i was the last one.
macam terkejut jugak, when instead of showing me where the department is, they gave me a map!
rupanya, tercampak dekat one of the department at Glenmarie! masa tu dengan tak tau jalan, baru 2nd time drive kot, terus kalut. map lukis tangan je tau! dah la hujan renyai2. can you imagine how!!
drive kancil manual hokay! tere tak i? hehe

then dah sampai at Proton Casting Plant, the only factory in Malaysia which manufactured engine from scratch!!
From raw material, besi buruk tu, melted dalam furnace up to 1400 degree Celcius, then tuang dalam mold, sampai keras jadi engine block. so dari tak kenal apa itu engine block, crankshaft, camshaft, brake disc, knuckles, bearing cap, terus kenal dan lebih mesra gitu! lol! 
so bermula la episode bergelumang dengan kotor, panas, terik dalam kilang. but what i do remember most is the friendship that bonded over there. When i first report duty at Proton Casting, i was the only female engineer kat situ. so bayangkan how i face all those guys yg skeptical about woman and kilang panas.
but it was fun there. sangat-sangat seronok. mula-mula memang la blur kan. tak tau langsung about casting, foundry, but bila dah tau, memang fun. it was different from other place.
If i was bored or stress buat report, i boleh turun line and mingle with the people. memang baik hati. senang nak bekerjasama dengan casting people.
After 1 year sorang2 perempuan kat situ, then masuk 2 other female engineers. Saniah and Dayang. These two lah yang paling bermakna dalam hidup. and even until now i treasure the relationship. 
Then after 6 years in Casting, it was time for me to berhijrah to another department. get a new environment.
It is the Technical Procurement Department.
Doing totally a new and different things. but i definitely enjoy the 2 years in GTP.

Then now it's time to say good bye.

Time for berhijrah ke dunia baru :)

I wish all my friends and colleague a very best of luck.

Til we meet again


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bukit Bintang Mendap

bukit bintang

Received text messages yesterday from a friend telling that Bukit Bintang mendap!

That's scary!!!


They said it was because of the MRT construction going on right now.

Hopefully it's going to be okay soon since Bukit Bintang is one of the hot spot for tourist and even ourselves to visit. It is part of Kuala Lumpur's 'Golden Triangle' shopping district. 

As alternatives, people from Bukit Bintang to Jalan Tun Razak can take Jalan Imbi at Chulan Square and take left to Jalan Inai down to Jalan Kampung.

Have a safe drive everyone!

Start your own beauty center

Hi all!

Today i'd like to share a new beauty center program with Cozuma.

With only RM300 as a start, you can own a beauty center and starts your beauty empire from there.
beauty center

We have a perfect plan for you.
Formulation from Itali, the Eye Pallet
HOT selling Cozuma Lipsticks

Do let me know if you;re interested. PM me 017-6511966


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lipstick and ladies

Hi all!

Today i'd like to share about the new Cozuma Lipstick from Hai-O Marketing.

I've tried it and i loooove it so much!

Since my lips are quite sensitive to some chemicals in the lipstick (yes, i cant even wear Estee Lauder lipstick) which will make my lips crack and started to dry off, I am a bit skeptical to try any new lipsticks in the market.
However since i tried this cozuma lipstick, i am falling in love with it!

Bought 1 stick first, the Berry Me and i believe it suits me well.
Just look at how the lipstick has chapped marks. dah guna banyak kali :)

promo lipstick
If it is clear ;) wearing berry me this morning to office

This is another lipstick, Lolly Pink.
Pinkish and sweet color.
What's so special about this Cozuma Lipstick?

  • It has Papaya fruit extract and collagen spheres for plumping up lips
  • Safflower Seed Oil and cottonseed oil for superior glide and satin finish
  • Vitamin C and E for lip protection from harsh environment
  • Squalane for a smooth, lightweight feeling

There you go!
More reasons to own this lipstick now.

Now you want to know how much?
The retail price RM35 each.

I have special promo now.
with every 2 sticks, you're entitled to get RM5 discounts!
Just mention #beautywithairin and i'll reward you with the discounts.

Hurry up!


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gold Coast, Here We Come : Day 2 Gala Dinner Outrigger Surfers Paradise

Hi all!

Continuation on Day 2 trip to SeaWorld (read here for flashback)

Once we bought the beach hat for the Hawaian theme of the Gala Dinner, we rushed to the hotel to get ready.
My beach hat

This is the shop where we bought our hats. borong terus!

Couple selfie from the hotel's room

Okay, selfie again dalam lift plak

My partner ready for the dinner.

The event was held on the second floor of the Outrigger Surfers Paradise Hotel.
Okay, muka lapar!!haha

The delicious food


lauk banyak!

Couple picture
Some presentation from the other group
All glampreneurs later on were invited in front to dance our signature dance, Goyang Duyu. We had so much fun!!!
Partners in ups and downs.

Yeay!! we won!
There have a few games and some lucky draw.

Mula nyanyi2

Aksi gedik!
The couples. we were having such a blast Free Honeymoon to Gold Coast!!

It is all from our husband's support.

Bertiga ni kalau dah sama2, memang macam2!

Right after the dinner, i changed my pants to jeans (more comfortable) and we planned to go to the beach

Aktiviti wajib bergambar dengan celebrity teacher, Farouk Harun and the famous and fun blogger, Rawlin Haiqal

Ok, now we r preparing for another star jump under the Surfers Paradise Beach moon

Test 1

Test 2

Percubaan menggantikan 4U2C. haha

And under the moon, about 11 pm that night..
singing songs together, sambil ditemani angin pantai sepoi sepoi bahasa. memang cool!

We had our heart to heart session
Alhamdulillah. Since this trip, we have become so close together. Cry and laugh together.
May our relationship be blessed by Allah.

Stay tuned for our Day 3 at Gold Coast in the next entry.
It's gonna be fun. Movie World!!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Motherhood : Hanie Myazara Birthday and Olaf by Frozen

Hi all!

This month is the month for Hanie Myazara.
She'll turn 3 years old by 21st April 2014.

And you know what?
She already planned to get an Olaf birthday cake this time.
Oh My, kids nowadays.

Sangat cute birthday cake like this!
This movie and the Let It Go song are haunting me!!!
How time flies!! Still remember the day I delivered Hanie. (click here for Throwback entry). Rasa kejap betul 3 tahun.. dari baby, kaki sebesar tapak tangan, now dah boleh berlari and sing songs and also recite du'a makan and alfatihah..

21st April 2011
1 year old passport picture
No teeth 6 months old baby, right before the botak chin mode


1 year old Hanie at Bandung, enjoying pisang cheese
approaching 2 and half year old
Very recent photo of her last month

Going to school

Ikut je apa yang kakak buat.
A 3 year old joining the 4 year old class
2014 January's visit to Singapore

And si penyibuk during mama and abah's selfie time

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